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Sun Jan 12 2020
By   Bishal

Today's market is all filled with the products and with some more new products. So, it has been very confusing to the consumer which product to buy or not. 

If you're interested in buying a good deal product and quality product, then this next personality, Gianna, aka G, might not surprise you. She runs the blog spot named Nouveau Cheap. Check out the fresh stuff regarding her.

The reason behind the title name Nouveau Cheap

Gianna has been one of the beauties passionate from an early age. She is a regular consumer of beauty products with over three decades of beauty craze under her belt. The word Nouveau is derived from the French word, which means modern or up to date.

G from Nouveau Cheap shopping for cosmetic products
Image: Granna from Nouveau shopping 
Source: Instagram @nouveaucheap

So, according to her, she wanted a unique name that also bears the idea that you don't have to sacrifice your beauty just because you're on a budget. Additionally, Nouveau Cheap is a play on the phrase "nouveau chic."

Is Nouveau Cheap married?

It is still unknown whether Nouveau is married or not and has any kids or not. As of matter of fact, she has a very conservative privacy concern and hasn't revealed any personal detail anywhere in the media.

As per some online reports, she is in a long term relationship with a guy named Mr. G. Besides that; there are hardly any details regarding the identity of the love of her life. Some of the media has revealed that she has a degree in BA in primary English. Furthermore, the inspiring personality surely has a tremendous personal lifestyle without a doubt.

The passionate beauty tipper is currently in her early 50s. Born on December 13, 1970, she has a birth sign of Sagittarius. She was born and raised in San Diego, CA, by working-class parents. 

Nouveau Cheap is social media influencer 

The passionate beautician has been one of the massive social site influencers. She started Nouveau Cheap in February of 2009. Her each and every post has been viewed by her millions of fans. She is followed by 15700 people in her Twitter account. Regarding her Instagram, she has 65700 followers. 

Nouveau Cheap's fan displaying the beauty products on the YouTube
Image: Nouveau Cheap's fan showing product recruited by her 
Source: Youtube

Each and every post are seen and liked by thousands of her followers. Additionally, her blog stats as of October 2015 seems great. Her page has 9.5 Million global visitors as of now. As per stats, there are 67 Million page views, 1 Million monthly page views, and 250,000 monthly unique visitors on her blog.  

Well, it seems like the beauty queen has been influencing many people day by day. Thanks to her creativity and love for the products. Promise Phan is also one of the renowned beauty tippers and has a remarkable influence on the people. 

Is Nouveau Cheap is taking a break from the Blogging zone?

As of now, the beauty tipper has been lost away from the limelight. On Tuesday, June 6, 2017, she has updated her blog spot by mentioning the reason for taking a break. Before she left, she had said that her mother is very ill and needs deep care. 

Since then, she hasn't still returned, and many of her fans are always worried about her mother's and her health. It has been now more than two years, and her supporters are already missing her and wished for her early return and wellness. 


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