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Wed Oct 09 2019
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A man with many professions, Steve Kornacki is currently serving as a national political correspondent for NBC News. Kornacki is a numbers wizard and for his election analysis, viewers call him the G.O.A.T of late-night coverage.

Did you know? Steve is of Lithuanian and Polish descent but his nationality is American as he was born in Groton, Massachusetts. To know more facts on his life, keep reading the article which serves with an answer.

The King of Political Analysis is Openly Gay

Through an American online website Salon.com, Steve openly came out as gay. In the magazine article, the difficulties he faced when admitting his sexuality.

Kornacki took interest in different things than most gay men which he assumed they separated from sports. It also made it difficult for him to accept the fact of being gay himself as he loves sports. Steve never got into liking all the hedonism around him. Kornacki loves sports and he even had crushes on girls during his school days. The political analyst never fits in the category of gay men as he recalls.

Steve Kornacki with a friend
Image: Steve Kornacki going out on biking with his friend.
 Source: Instagram (@steve01450)

Steve searched for loopholes and tried to fight his urges. Eventually, the journalist acknowledges them and on November 16, 2011, he admitted being gay. But unlike most people, he does not come out and become the voice for many people like him. 

Steve goes on to do the job at NBC and he is one of the faces of Election Day now on the network. That also says a lot about him as to how strong he is.

His Journey in becoming the Top Face for NBC

After graduating from Boston University, Steve started to work for PoliticsNJ.com. He gained experience there for four years and co-hosted series like News 12 New Jersey. 

Besides hosting a show, Steve is a prolific writer and has published his works in magazines like The Wall Street Journal, New York Observer, The Boston Globe, and many more. With works here and there, Steve really took the network by storm on March 19, 2013, after he hosted a program on MSNBC.

Steve Kornacki before the Election Day
Picture: Steve Kornacki breaks down the U.S. House election before the actual day. 
Source: Axios.com

After four years, he shifted more towards franchise reporting in NBC News. He joined NBC alongside other correspondents like Anne Thompson, Katy Tur, Katy Blakey, and many more. On May 8, 2017, he received the title of National Political Correspondent for NBC News Group.

What's his Relationship Status?

At the age of 55, Steve is still not married. Not just that, there are also no reports on any of his past relationships. As he recalls in his article in 2011, he went out with a girl at the age of 17 on prom night.

Kornacki's mom thought the girl he went out will be his future wife. But that never happened as she came out as LGBT after the date. Steve himself openly admitted on being gay in 2011 which cancels all the possibility of him being with a woman.

Scrolling through his Instagram and Twitter as well, we could not find him being in love with other people rather than his parents. So' yes as of now he is still single in his personal life but an absolute rockstar in his professional life.

Steve Kornacki's parents holding an old record label in their house in Connecticut
Frame: Steve Kornacki's Parents at their house. 
Source: Instagram (@steve01450)

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