Fausto Xavier Aguilera

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Retired Army (1949)

Relationship Timeline Of Fausto Xavier Aguilera

Ex-wife : Shelly Loraine Kearns
Fausto Xavier Aguilera married Shelly Loraine Kearns in 1980 and divorced in 1987.

Some people are lucky enough to be famous due to their children's names and fame. In the same way, Fausto Xavier Aguilera gained popularity from his daughter, Christina Aguilera, who is famous as a grammy winning singer and songwriter with an impressive vocal range. As a celebrity father, Fausto's relationships are quite a hot topic.

Fausto was born on 4 November 1949 in the lovely country of Ecuador and boasts of Latin heritage. He comes from a Christian background and belongs to a Catholic faction. Having a military background, he immigrated to America and worked in the army. By all accounts, his relationship with his two children is quite strained and pretty much nonexistent.

Fausto Xavier Aguilera Is A Divorced Man

Regarding his relationship status, he is a man who has been through a divorce. He married Shelly Loraine in 1980 and they have two daughters together. 

The relationship ended due to his alleged domestic violence similar to Sephora Coman and Kingsley Conman. Reportedly, he hurt his minor daughters for 'making noise.' This might be due to PTSD suffered by the army man.

Fausto Augilera's ex-wife at daughter Rachel Augilera 's wedding.
Fausto Aguilera's ex-wife, Shelly Kearns at daughter Rachel Aguilera's wedding. Source: Twitter @wowchristina

Fausto and Shelly divorced in 1987 with Shelly gaining custody of children Rachel and Christina. He reportedly had no involvement with his kids till they were adults.

Public Controversy Surrounding Fausto Xavier Aguilera's Family

Due to the nature of Fausto Xavier Aguilera's daughter Christina Aguilera's job, the press is very interested in the family. The speculation was even more intense when Christina called out her father for being 'physically and mentally abusive' towards his daughters and his then-wife.

A 2010 picture of Fausto Xavier Aguilera with grandson, Max Liron Bratman
A 2010 picture of Fausto Xavier Aguilera with grandson, Max Liron Bratman. Source: X17 Online 

The members of the Aguilera family have denied these claims and even accused her of lying. Fausto's brother Johann Aguilera even accused her mother of brainwashing her daughters. 

But some sources claim that Fausto had asked his daughters for forgiveness and repented. Previously in 2002, he had claimed that he had never hit his children and was apologetic for hitting his wife.

In one of Christina's songs, the music video shows an army father yelling at his family. Later, in the same house, Christina Aguilera is seen as an adult burning it down. This was seen as another public calling out of her father for the abuse.

How Is The Relationship Between Christina Aguilera And Father Fausto Xavier Aguilera?

Christina Aguilera has mentioned her father, Fausto Xavier Aguilera, and her relationship with him in various interviews. The singer has discussed her childhood, her parent's divorce, and the impact it had on her in interviews with publications such as Rolling Stone, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle, among others. 

Fausto Xavier Aguilera daughter Christina Aguilera posted pictures from Vietnam on her birthday. Source: Instagram

Additionally, the American singer Christina has referenced her father and her childhood experiences in some of her music. Songs like "Oh Mother" and "I'm OK" touched on her feelings on the topic.

In these interviews and songs, she has been open and honest about her experiences, introducing topics that were considered very 'hush-hush.'

According to reports, Fausto Xavier Aguilera was quite abusive to his former wife and children. Christina has been very vocal about the domestic violence present in her early life and how it shaped her life. She chose not to invite her father to her first wedding in 2005 and walked down the aisle alone.

But there have been attempts at reconciliation. Fausto Aguilera and his daughter Christina did have a relationship of sorts around 2010. He was even friendly with her son, Max Liron Bratman. 

The relationship is pretty unclear now as in 2012, her uncle publicly called her out for not having any relationship with her paternal family and her ill grandparents.

Net Worth Of Fausto Xavier Aguilera

Fausto Xavier Aguilera is reported to be worth about $100,000. As retired military personnel, he is entitled to a yearly pension of $70,000. Furthermore, his parents were well-off and owned a house in Staten Island, New York after immigrating to America.

Fausto Xavier Aguilera's daughter, Christina Aguilera.
Fausto Xavier Aguilera's daughter, Christina Aguilera. Source: Instagram @xtina

On the other hand, Fausto's famous daughter, Christina Aguilera is reported to be worth about $160 million. Given Aguilera's long career in the music industry, it comes as no surprise she holds millions as her net worth.

Fausto's child has a vast collection of luxury cars! Christina owns automobiles such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and Mercedes. Her multi-million dollar house in Beverly Hills is quite grand.

Fausto Xavier Aguilera: Family Details 

Fausto Xavier Aguilera was a member of an Ecuadorian household and grew up in the portal city of Guayaquil. His parents were Fausto Aguilera and Edna Maria Aguilera

By all accounts, they were loving parents and a traditional couple. The family was stationed at the main portal city of Ecuador for his father's naval career.

Fausto has two siblings, a brother named Johann Aguilera and a sister named Yvonne Stack. His loving parents passed away in 2015 months after each other. 

The family can speak Spanish and enjoys their Latin heritage. They moved to the United States to live close to one another.

Fausto Xavier Aguilera: Career Highlights

Fausto Xavier Aguilera worked as a non-commissioned officer in the US Army after being recruited. He went on to have a military career and was often stationed in areas like Japan, New Jersey, Texas, and New York to name a few. He was later stationed in Pittsburgh where he got divorced.

Old picture of Fausto Xavier Aguilera with his daughter Christina Aguilera.
Old picture of Fausto Xavier Aguilera with his daughter Christina Aguilera. (Source: Musicholics)

Not much is public about Fausto's educational background but he is a literate person and has completed his high school education. His military career was quite active. Currently, he is retired and has a pension. He was an army sergeant.

About Fausto Xavier Aguilera's Children

Fausto Aguilera is the father of Christina and Rachel Aguilera. His daughters were born after his marriage to musician Shelly Loraine. They have Latin, German, Irish, Welsh, and Dutch ancestry. They are estranged from him similar to the relationship between Larry Bird and daughter Corrie Bird.

Fausto's daughters Rachel Augilera (middle) and Christina Aguilera (right).
Fausto Aguilera's daughters Rachel Aguilera (middle) and Christina Aguilera (right). Source: Twitter @xtina

Christina is a famous soprano voice singer who has worked for the likes of NBC and Disney. The global sensation has won multiple music awards including Grammys similar to Grammy award-winning songwriter, Saeed Renaud

On the other hand, Rachel is a private person, and little is known about her. Reportedly, the girls do not speak Spanish.

Fausto Xavier Aguilera Is Named After His Father

Fausto Xavier Aguilera is named after his father Fausto Aguilera Sr. Fausto's father has a great career as an Ecuadorian naval captain. 

Christina Aguilera's grandfather had previously studied in California at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. But Fausto Sr. went back to his home country of Ecuador to become a commander of the naval base in Salinas. 

Senior later became a naval instructor but decided to immigrate to America to join his children. In America, Fausto Sr. lived in Rosebank of Staten Island with his wife. 

The singer's grandad worked in the Grancolombiana Steamship Company in Brooklyn and later was a maritime consultant for a law firm. He had a passion for history, particularly in the area of maritime chronicles. He was a good dancer who passed away in August 2015.

Fausto Xavier Aguilera's Mother Was A Homemaker

Fausto Xavier Aguilera's mother, Edna Maria Aguilera was born Edna Maria Monge Verduga in Manabi of Ecuador. By all accounts, she was a selfless and loyal person, who was remembered as the matriarch of a three-generation family and a great friend.

Edna moved to Rosebank with her husband in 1972 and lived there till her death on 5th January 2015 at eighty-five years of age. She was reported to be in ill health since 2012. 

Fausto's mother, Edna, was a vibrant member of the Latin community on Staten Island. Likewise, she loved sharing her Ecuadorian cuisine. She also loved dancing and classical music.

Social Media Presence 

Fausto Xavier Aguilera prefers to maintain a low profile. As a result, he does not have any social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

Fausto's famous daughter, Christina Aguilera, is active on social media and has a significant following. She has over 8.6 million followers on Instagram under the username @xtina and over 26 million followers on Facebook under Christina Aguilera

Christina has over 16.6 million followers on Twitter under the handle @xtina. She also has 5.49 million subscribers on her Youtube channel @ChristinaAguilera which has about 4 billion views.

On the other hand, Fausto's ex-wife, Shelly is active on Twitter under the handle @ShelIyKearns. She remarried a man named Jim Kearns in 1991.


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