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Thu Dec 15 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of FaZe Blaziken

Ex-girlfriend : Carrington Brooke Durham
Faze Blaziken was in an intimate relationship with a famous actress, Carrington Brooke Durham for overall five years.
Ex-girlfriend : Sheena
Faze Blaziken had a romantic encounter with a beautiful girl named Sheena five years ago.

FaZe Blaziken is an Austrian blogger and vlogger, who leads eSports Call of Duty group, Faze Clan. He influences young aspirant gamers with his interesting gaming videos through the medium of Twitch or YouTube. 

FaZe Blaze likes to travel while capturing the beauty of nature and wild life. Beside, he is a fabulous singer, who released his first song, Woah Kemosabe featuring musical artist, RSK six years ago. Currently, his music video gained 5.9 million views with positive response from his fans.

FaZe Blaze's Break Up with Carrington Brooke Durham

24-years-old, FaZe first publicly announced his girlfriend is Carrington Brooke Durham, an actress via YouTube on 20th August 2019. Furthermore, they collaborated in many TikToks, while enjoying their couple goals.

When many fans believed that the duo's love and affection is out of this world, it came out to be not true as it seemed to be. However, Blaze stated that they split up with his longtime girlfriend through YouTube on 17th February 2021.

On the right side, FaZe with a flower on-ear upside, and on the left side, Carrington is giving a pose for a photo.
FaZe and Carrington is giving a pose for a photo
Source: Instagram @blazifyy

In the YouTube video, Faze revealed that his girlfriend was dating an X Factor Australia contestant, Jai Waetford secretly for more than two years. He also said that they had been going through a rough patch. 

Faze still remember the day when he broke up with his girlfriend, Carrington send him a message to talk about their relationship immediately. Furthermore, he drove over to her house not expecting to break up.

On the left side of the photo, FaZe (Wearing a pink hoodie), and On the left side, Carrington is giving a pose for a photo.
FaZe and Carrington is giving a pose for a photo.
Source: Instagram @blazifyy

When Faze walked into her room, he saw her sobbing and crying uncontrollably. Moreover, he confronted her and the first thing that he said to her was, 

"is it over baby, are we done with?" and at that moment, we both knew that it was over, it was done.”

Faze heartbreakingly described how sad he was at the time of his break up with Carrington, adding; 

“When it first happened, I was down astronomically. I’m talking fetal position crying in the shower three in the morning, down bad. I’d be hitting her up every single day like begging her to take me back and see if we can try and work things out.”

Faze frankly revealed that at first, they fell “hard and fast” in love with her and had enough time to put lots of effort into each other. He still wanted to take a step back and concentrate on his career as they were dating. 

"It was mostly my fault. It got to a point for her where she just needed to move forward with her life.
I was not making her fully happy and living up to her expectations.” - Faze said.

Furthermore, Blaze requested his fans not to send any hate comments towards his ex-girlfriend, Carrington. After the breakup, he moved to Las Vegas with his close friend, Nick along and some other FaZe Clan members. As of now, he lives a single life while focusing on his YouTube career.

Prior to dating Carrington, Faze had a romantic encounter with a beautiful girl named Sheena in 2018. However, things did not work out, but he still cherish lot of memories that they made together. He also dedicated a love song, Playing Game for her.

What Happened to Faze Blaziken?

Carrington Brooke Durham's ex-boyfriend, Blaziken used to live in the FaZe mansion worth $30 Million based in New York with his team members, Apex, Rain, Temperrr, Adapt, and Teeqo. But, he left out to pursue his YouTube career just like FaZe Rug

Blaziken initially created a YouTube channel, Faze Blaziken in May 2017. Nonetheless, he re-named his last name from "Blaziken" to "Blaze" because there were some copyrights from Pokémon's character. As of now, his YouTube channel has 3.49 subscribers with total views upto 540,220,092.

How Rich is FaZe Blaziken?

Anyone with the ability to see future will surely tell Faze Blaziken has the potential to be a millionaire one day. His extraordinary courage and creativity separate him from other gamers. He currently lives in a lavish house and drives expensive brand of cars.

FaZe Blaziken bought an expensive car, Tesla Model 3 recently. See all the details about Blaziken's earnings and net worth as of 2021!
FaZe Blaziken posing with his new and expensive car, Tesla Model 3 
Source: Instagram @blazifyy

Blaziken's annual expected earnings from YouTube varies from $1,200 to $19,700. He also earns $196 per video for live gaming stream on Twitch and his current estimated media value is $75,347. So, he secures $500,000 of net worth, which is less than Aja Dang's total net value. 

How was FaZe Blaziken's Early Life?

FaZe Blaziken was born as Lucas Mosing on 19th August 1996, in Vienna, Austria. He is the oldest child of Mr. Kristoff Mosing and Mrs. Hemma Kristoff. He grew up with his younger sister, Mia Mosing aka Faze Mia, who also runs a YouTube channel with her best friend, Helene.

At an early age, Faze and his family moved to Mountain View, California, USA due to his father's clerical job. Furthermore, they relocated to Palo Alto, California. Because of Austrian accent, his dad admitted him in a German International School in CA.

Childhood picture of Faze Blaziken hugging his mom, Hemma Mosing near Golden Bridge. How old is Blaziken as of now?
FaZe Blaziken hugging his beloved mother, Hemma Mosing when he was a child
Source: Instagram @blazifyy

Faze did not show much attention in social media and games through the ensuing years. But, he was a passionate soccer player with the purpose of playing for the national team one day.

Faze went to school regularly at the German International School until 8th grade. He later completed his high school graduation at St. Francis High School based in Mountain View. However, his friends at school used to poke him and make him uncomfortable and he ultimately felt lonely.

Faze Blaziken having a quality time with his beautiful sister, Faze Mia. Who are Blaziken's parents?
FaZe Blaziken is talking to his younger sister, Faze Mia virtually
Source: Instagram @blazifyy

Although Blaziken appeared to be loner, his parents decided to move back to Austria. At that time, he was a bit suspicious about how he was going to learn, and write in his native language. He faced some minor problems at first, but became used to his mother tongue.

Blaziken travelled back to USA to study at the University of California at Santa Cruz in 2015. But, he dropped out of college because of his poor grades. Likewise, Carnival Cruise owner, Mickey Arison is a college drop-out.

Four years later, he joined The Wharton School in 2019. He is now pursuing Associate's Degree in Business Administration and General Management until 2025




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