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Fri Jul 22 2022
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Flynn Christopher Bloom is the American celebrity kid who is known as the son of two popular stars Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. Bloom's father is an English actor who made his breakthrough in film series The Lord of the Rings as the character Legolas. Though his mother is an Australian model who was the first Secret model of Australia's Victoria.

He was born on January 6, 2011, in  Los Angeles, California. Likewise, Flynn named after his mother high school sweetheart who tragically passed away after a car accident as a teenager. Further, he has two half-siblings from his mother's side named Myles Spiegel, 6 months, and Hart Spiegel,1.

Is he Dating Anyone?

The 9-year-old Christopher is still too young to be engaged in some kind of romance. That he would be really charming and cute no doubt. In the coming days, he will get a lot of proposals for sure. For now, he may focus on his studies or spend quality time with his family.

Flynn Christopher Bloom is the Single Child of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr
Image: Flynn Christopher Bloom with his parents
Source: E!

On the other hand, his parents were together for six years. The British actor, 43, and Aussie supermodel, 37, started dating eachother in late 2007. After two years of a love affair, they had their engagement in June 2010.

Following the same month, the lovebirds tied the knot on July 22, 2010, at a private function. Similarly, on 6 January 2011 in Los Angeles, they gave birth to their first-born child, whose name is Flynn. All between them had gone fine until 2013.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Got Divorced After Six Years of Marriage
Image: Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr at their Wedding Days
Source: Pinterest

However, Bloom and Kerr revealed on 25 October 2013 that they had split several months ago and planned to end their marriage. By the end of 2013, they'd formally divorced. The reason for their divorce is still a mystery though.

Flynn's Divorced Parents Still Co-Parenting Him Easily

Though they have been separating for almost six years, they still love, support though admire each other as both their son's parents and as family. The model said she and Orlando are literally like family, he's like a brother to her.

The Divorced Couple, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Still Co-Parenting their 8 years old Son, Flynn
Caption: Flynn Christopher Bloom's Holding Her Mother Kerr Hand on the Street
Source: Harpersbazar

She told on People of her ex-husband, "It's very weird, but we really care for each other and we have a great relationship, so I feel very lucky."Similarly, Bloom, who stars in the "Romeo & Juliet" Broadway revival, explained on The Mirror:

‘Now things have settled nicely, everybody is in a good place. There’s a rock-solid security there and therefore more freedom to explore professionally that I have in the past few years.’

Not only them their own partners Katty and  Evan share a close bond with their 9 years old son Flynn. Kerr talked about the friendship between her son and the new girlfriend of Bloom, Perry saying they're getting on very well.  She told on Vogue Uk: “Yeah, they’re great, They get along really well.

Miranda, daughter of Therese and John Kerr, spoke earlier about the relationship between her son Flynn and her partner Spiegel. “They adore each other. At first, I was very careful as I wanted to be certain our relationship was serious. Now I love to watch them playing together.”

Dad, Engaged to Singer, Katy Perry

Bloom and Perry first appeared at CAA Golden Globes on 10 January 2016. The two started flirting at the event, being incredibly flirtatious and whispering at the event to one another. The two had undeniable chemistry.

The American actor Orlando Bloom and Singer, Katy Perry Met in 2016
Photo: The American actor Orlando Bloom and Singer, Katy Perry Met in 2016
 Source: Insider

After spending a couple of months together, the pair became official of Instagram on May 20, 2016, by posting their photo in Cannes, France. But they later decided to call off their relationship after 10 months of dating. Despite the separation, the pair decided to stay friendly in order to maintain Perry's bond with his son.

They are back together on August 13, 2017, and have started dating again. The pop star shared an adorable snap of her two years later on Valentine's Day, and Bloom huddled together on February 15, 2019.

 Dark Horse Singer Katy Perry and her Fiance, Orlando Bloom Got Engaged on 2017's Valentine Day
Snap: Dark Horse Singer Katy Perry and her Fiance, Orlando Bloom Got Engaged on 2017's Valentine Day
Source: Insider

The photo showed a clear look of heart-shaped balloons on Perry's finger with a floral diamond ring. She said: "full bloom." Orlando also posted the same photo, with the caption: "Lifetime.

Similarly, the ring is reportedly 4.5 karats and had an approximate retail value of 5 million dollars. So far, this long-term couple has said they are in no rush to tie the knot as they have enjoyed their love life together for more than four years.

Snap: Katy Perr's Baby Bump Picture
Source: Instagram @katyperry

More joyfully, they are expecting their little one daughter or first child in the summer. Similarly, on 4 March 2020, Katy revealed her pregnancy via the music video for the new song "Never Wear White," released online Wednesday.

Mother Kerr, Remarries with CEO of Snap Inc

After getting divorce with Bloom, she met Evan Spiegel, an American-French businessman, at a Louis Vuitton dinner in Los Angeles in 2014. The night the two met editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar Glenda Bailey told Kerr, "I bet you two are going to get married."

After remaining friends for a long time, their relations of love blossomed and began dating back in 2015. It followed a whirlwind romance which led to their July 2016 engagement. And the engagement ring for diamonds was reportedly 1.75 to 2.5 carats, and cost an estimated $75,000 to $100,000.

First Secret model of Australia's Victoria, Miranda Kerr remarried to Ceo of Snap Inc Evan Spiegel in 2017
Picture: First Secret model of Australia's Victoria, Miranda Kerr remarried to Ceo of Snap Inc Evan Spiegel in 2017
Source: Pop Sugar

At an intimate ceremony on May 27, 2017, Miranda and her fiance, Evan, 29, walked down the aisle. With 45 guests, many of whom were high-profile or models, the wedding was held. They arranged their wedding ceremony and reception at their home in Brentwood, California, under a canopy at the backyard.

The newlyweds reportedly honeymooned at a resort on the private island of Laucala in Fiji. The Villas have rates ranging from $6,000 to $60,000 a night.

Net Worth

Meanwhile, Flynn Christopher is too young to become engaged in any field. Nevertheless, as the son of a millionaire, he definitely enjoys fortune from his rich parents. However his dad, Orlando is an English actor who as of 2020 has a net worth of $40 million.

Bloom has accumulated this heavy money from his acting career, еndоrѕеmеntѕ аnd аdvеrtіѕеmеntѕ as well. He further has a certain amount of $4.1 million. Similarly, his fiance Katy has an impressive worth of $330 million throughout her strong work as a singer, songwriter, and television judge.

In contrast, as of 2020, Miranda maintains a $45 million. She's one of the most famous and successful model, making most of her earnings from various endorsement deals. Likewise, in 2008 and 2009, "Forbes" reported she was one of the world's top-ten highest-paid models.

 The first Australian Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, has $45 Million Net Worth
Photo: The first Australian Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr's Ramp Walk
Source: Morning Bulletins

Till now, Kerr has modeled for dozens of international brands, such as Мауbеllіnе Nеw Yоrk, Baby Phat, Levi's, Оnе Теаѕрооn, Betsey Johnson, Neiman Marcus, Roberto Cavalli, Vееt. Also, she арреаrеd оn various fаѕhіоn mаgаzіnеѕ lіkе Наrреr’ѕ Ваzааr, Vоguе, аnd Еllе. 

The 1.75 American born model ahs wоrkеd wіth mаnу bіg сlоthіng brаndѕ lіkе Н&М, Rееbоk, ХОХО, Wоndеrbrа аnd mаnу mоrе. Similarly, her husband, Spiegel, co-founder of Snap Inc has assets of $3.5 billion

In addition, Kerr and Evan bought a 7,164-square-foot house in Los Angeles' Brentwood neighborhood in May 2016 for $12 million.

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