From Reel to Real: Real Life Relationships and Marriage of Sharon Case

Tue Jun 20 2023
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From Reel to Real Life, Sharon Case and Mark Grossman shared romantic chemistry with each other. The American actress and former model, Case dated her co-actor from The Young and The Restless. 

Are Sharon Case and Mark Grossman still together? Well, sadly, the celebrity couple is not together anymore. The Valley of the Dolls actress seems to live a single life now. 

Sharon Case & Mark Grossman's Relationship: Co-star's On-Screen Romance Turns Real

After working together for some time, the co-actors Case and Grossman came close to each other. Sharon, who plays the character of Adam's ex-wife in the show, started dating Mark in 2019.

Sharon Case and her ex-boyfriend  Mark Grossman.
Sharon Case and her ex-boyfriend  Mark Grossman. Source: Pinterest

The partners in professional and personal life, Mark and Sharon appeared to be really close to each other. The flirtatious text and comments of Case and Grossman caught the attention of their eagle-eyed fans.

Despite the dating rumors, Sharon initially kept quiet about her relationship status. The love birds maintained a secret relationship for a while, i.e., until March 2021.

Sharon Case Unveiled Her Secret Love Life In 2021

The Young and The Restless cast actress Sharon Case finally admitted she was dating Mark in real life. The American actress spilled the beans while talking on the podcast 90201MG with Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth.

While the revelation was interesting for Sharon's fans, the reason behind it was also hilarious. The American actress said that the Onset COVID-19 protocols made them realize to open their relationship to the public.

The Valley of Dolls actress further elaborated on this matter:

"We're still not allowed to touch or kiss, we have to stand six feet apart, but if you are acting with someone in the storyline who you are in real-life quarantine with, which is the case with me, we can touch or kiss, yeah, so we have a couple of people on the show who can touch or kiss, that doesn't mean we have to be in a storyline together but we could be,"

Sharon Case And Mark Grossman Broke Up In Late 2021

Fans were quite happy about the revelation of the relationship between Sharon Case and Mark Grossman. However, the happiness lived only for a brief time. In late 2021, the celebrity couple parted ways.

Sharon Case and Mark Grossman broke up in late 2021 or early 2022.
Sharon Case and Mark Grossman broke up in late 2021 or early 2022. Source: TrendStreet

Sharon and Mark were not getting along on the set. It also created some problems on their on-screen as well as off-screen.

The Real-Life Breakup Of Sharon Case And Mark Grossman Affected Their Reel Life

With the recent breakup, it is quite understandable that it is difficult to get along. This was seen in Sharon and Mark too as they were not comfortable with each other.

Sharon Case and Mark Grossman in their character on The Young and Restless. Source: YouTube Timolyn E

Seeing this, the writers of The Young & Restless decided to make a huge change in the pairings. Adam preferred Sally more rather than Adam and Sharon.

In 2021, Grossman told Soap Opera Digest:

"With the real-life breakup and storyline changes, Adam and Sally have developed a strong bond"

Peek Into Sharon Case's Previous Love Life

The American actress, Sharon Case has been romantically linked with many personalities. She is not new to dating; Moreover, Case is already married once.

Whom did Sharon Case marry? Let's see her marital relationship as well as her divorce details.

Who Is Sharon Case Real Life Ex-Husband?

The American actress, Sharon Case married to businessman Sandy Corzine on April 20, 2007. The former couple met via a mutual friend in 2004.

Sharon Case and her real-life ex-husband Sandy Corzine.
Sharon Case and her real-life ex-husband Sandy Corzine. Source: Pinterest

Sandy and Sharon's wedding ceremony was held in Mexico. However, the exact venue was not disclosed and only the close friends and families attended the wedding.

Case and her husband Corzine's marriage did not last long. The ex-couple divorced after being married for two and a half years. During this time, Sharon and Sandy did not have any kids.

Sharon Case And Jimmy Wayne Dating Rumors

Following the divorce, Sharon Case was romantically linked to American singer and songwriter Jimmy Wayne. The alleged couple were said to be together in 2009.

Despite the dating rumors, the alleged couple, Jimmy and Sharon were never seen together. It is still unclear if the pair dated or not.

Mark Grossman Dated Courtney Hope After Sharon Case 

The American actress Sharon Case has not revealed her relationship status after her breakup with Mark Grossman. Her ex-boyfriend, on the other hand, dated Courtney Hope, co-star in The Young & Restless.

Mark Grossman and his former-girlfriend Courtney Hope. Source: Twitter @soapsindepthcbs

Grossman and Hope went on a romantic getaway in Mexico. Many people believed that the pair got secretly married during their love vacation. But, Mark and Courtney broke up in April 2023.


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