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Mon Jul 03 2023
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Gabriel Hogan is a Canadian acclaimed actor who is known best for his role, Ike Cyrstal, in the Tacoma FD. He is a classically trained actor and has performed in numerous theatres as well as on screen.

As Hogan continues to earn fame, his followers want to know more about his personal life including his relationship and twin brother. So, let's dive deep into the amazing life of the Canadian actor.

Who Is Gabriel Hogan's Wife? Know About His Marital Life

Gabriel Hogan is a married person and his wife is none other than the actress Inga Cadranel. Yes, the Canadian actor is in a nuptial relationship with a Rent-a-Goalie actress. 

Inga and Gabriel have known each other since their childhood and played together in co-op apartments in Yorkville. Hogan married his wife having an age gap of 5 years in a private setting in the presence of their family.

Gabriel Hogan kissing his wife Inga Cadranel on the cheek
Gabriel Hogan kissing his wife Inga Cadranel on the cheek. Source: Instagram @hoganfilm

Even though Gabriel and his wife do not share much about their romantic life, they never fail to show their appreciation to each other. For instance, on April 30, 2020, the Canadian actor wished his wife on her birthday with a series of pictures on Instagram. 

The same year Inga also wished birthday to her husband via Instagram with the caption:

"It’s his birthday!!!! You are the best husband , best dad, best at making me laugh. Thank you for being awesome . Your star 💫 shines so bright. I’m lucky you decided to shine it on me . Love you forever"

Besides this, Hogan is not known to have romantic links with anyone. There is not a single rumor about their divorce and extramarital affair. This shows Gabriel and his wife Inga are in quite a comfortable relationship.

Gabriel Hogan with his family cheering up for their favorite team
Gabriel Hogan with his family cheering up for their favorite team. Source: @hoganfilm

From their conjugal relationship, Hogan and Cadranel are the parents of their son, Ryder who was born in 2006. Besides Ryder, Hogan's wife often posts pictures of a girl named Summer Rose mentioning her as a daughter. 

It is clearly unknown if Summer Rose is Hogan's daughter or if she was born from Inga's past relationship. Nevertheless, the Canadian actor has a great relationship with Rose.

Gabriel Hogan's Wife Is An Actress Too!

Like Hogan himself, his wife Inga Cadranel is an actress too. Moreover, the couple has shared a screen on the TV  Series Tacoma FD

Gabriel Hogan's wife Inga Cadranel is an actress.
Gabriel Hogan's wife Inga Cadranel is an actress . Source: Instagram @inga_cadranel

Cadranel is the winner of the 2007 Canadian comedy awards and has 46 credits as an actress. Some of the projects of Hogan's wife are Bones, In the Dark, Dark Matter, and so on.

The 168cm tall Canadian actress, Inga is a fun-loving personality. She indulges herself in different sorts of activities including dirtbike travel. Besides acting, Gabriel's loving spouse is also a talented musician and songwriter.

Gabriel Hogan Family & Early Life

Gabriel Hogan's family has been a huge influencer and supporter in his life. Hogan was born into an acting family with Michael Hogan as his father and Susan Hogan as his mother. Born in 1973 in Toronto, Ontario, the Canadian personality celebrates his birthday on May 17. 

Gabriel Hogan's actor parents Michael and Susan Hogan.
Gabriel Hogan's actor parents Michael and Susan Hogan. Source: GoFundMe

With every birthday passing by, Gabriel's love for acting grew more and more. The boy once focused on sports in his high school, dabbled in the acting course. 

Hogan's family was into acting and thus, he was raised in a diverse community surrounded by artists. Influenced by them, it was only a matter of time before Gabriel started to perform on the stage himself. 

Soon after becoming an iconic star on the stage, the Canadian actor expanded his domain to Television and Movies. Gabriel was only 15 when he worked in his first series Night Heat.

Who Is Gabriel Hogan's Twin Brother?

Does Gabriel Hogan have a twin brother? The Canadian actor sure grew up with his two siblings in the Yorkshire Village neighborhood making lots of memories. But there is no mention of Hogan having a twin brother.

Gabriel Hogan's sister Jennie Rebecca Hogan in her character.
Gabriel Hogan's sister Jennie Rebecca Hogan in her character. Source: IMDb

Gabriel has a two year older sister named Jennie Rebecca Hogan who briefly worked as an actress in the showbiz industry. Furthermore, Hogan has a brother named Charlie Hogan born in 1983 making him ten years younger than him.

Besides, some sneaky sources claim there is one more sibling of Gabriel whose identity has not been revealed yet. He/she might be the rumored twin of the Canadian actor.

Gabriel Hogan Net Worth: Earnings From Movies & TV Shows

Heartland actor Gabriel Hogan has an estimated net worth of $2 Million. Another Heartland actress Baye McPherson has also a net worth of $2 Million. Hogan has this tremendous wealth from his long successful acting career. With this fortune, Gabriel has added some assets and properties into his name.

Gabriel Hogan is an actor with millions in his bank account
Gabriel Hogan is an actor with millions in his bank account. Source: Pinterest

Speaking of Assets, the celebrity couple, Gabriel and his wife Inga, bought a two-story house that spans 1,500 square feet of area in 2008. The house is located on St. Clair Ave.

Cadranel talked about choosing the color for the house:

"I wanted red and purple, although those two colors typically clash.I thought it had the French brothel feel to it."

Additionally, Gabriel's wife Inga Cadranel also has a similar net worth of $2 Million. The millionaire couple is living a comfortable lifestyle with their huge net worth.

Gabriel Hogan Height, Weight & Personal Appearance

Gabriel Hogan stands tall with an impressive height of 6ft and 4 inches (193 cm). He weighs approximately 85 kilograms (187 pounds). Gabriel has captivating blue eyes that add to his overall appearance. 

In terms of his physique, Hogan has a well-proportioned build. His physical stats are 43-33-14 inches which denote chest, hips, and biceps respectively.

Gabriel Hogan Is A Pet Lover 

Heartland actor has soft corners for animals in his heart. Hogan is fond of having a dog and also owns a dog named Rocky Hogan. Not only did Gabriel give it his surname but also created an Instagram account for it.

Gabriel Hogan's wife their dog Rocky in the beach.
Gabriel Hogan's wife and their dog Rocky on the beach. Source: Instagram @rocky_hogan_

The Instagram account @rocky_hogan_ has 61 followers so far. As of now, there are 38 posts from this account which include the picture of Gabriel's white little furry friend.




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