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Thu Feb 01 2024
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Baye McPherson is a Canadian actress known for her role Katie-Fleming Morris in the TV Series Heartland. The Canadian comedy-drama show has been running since 2007 on CBS. McPherson's appearance in the series has made her well-known.

Besides acting, Baye is an amazing drummer and dancer. With all these talents, she is ready to take on new challenges in acting. Let's know some personal things about this Canadian actress as McPherson steps up her game in the acting industry.

Baye McPherson Bio: Age and Parents

How old is Baye McPherson? The young celebrity is currently in her early teens in terms of age. McPherson was born on September 16, 2008, in Canada. She is the daughter of a doting mother, Anne Hawthorne

Baye McPherson with her family during ninth grade graduation.
Baye McPherson with her family during ninth-grade graduation. Source: Instagram @bayemcphersonofficial

McPherson keeps the identity of her father hidden. But a man on Baye's Instagram who is most likely her father. The young actress possesses dual citizenship, i.e. of Canada and America.

McPherson Completed Her Ninth Grade In 2023

Yes, the Heartland actress, Baye, has graduated ninth grade and she has posted a series of images celebrating this happiness with her friends and families. McPherson is also on the basketball team of her school.

Baye McPherson with her friends during ninth-grade graduation.
Baye McPherson with her friends celebrating ninth-grade graduation. Source: Instagram @@bayemcphersonofficial

Aside from her academic course, the Canadian actress has also kept improving her acting skills with some acting courses. Baye studied acting in Vancouver, Calgary, and Los Angeles. 

McPherson has been an acting enthusiast since her childhood. Thus, she has participated in several theatre plays and dramas in schools. Moreover, Baye also danced with Decidedly Jazz dance works and with Alberta Dance Theatre.

Did You Know Baye McPherson's Mother Is An Actress Too?

It looks like acting runs in the genes of McPherson's family. Baye's mother, Anne Hawthorne, is an actress who has played the role of Annie in the TV Series Heartland. The mother-daughter duo is doing a wonderful job in the Canadian comedian-drama series.

Baye McPherson and her mother Anne Hawthorne's image from the first day of Heartland.
Baye McPherson and her mother Anne Hawthorne's image from the first day of Heartland. Source: @hawthorneanne

Hawthorne has 14 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile. Besides Heartland, she has also made her appearance in A Miracle on Christmas Lake, Mutant World, Realization, and so on.

Speaking of personal life, McPherson's mother completed her education at East Carolina University. She is lively and fully supports her children in their career paths.

Baye McPherson, Katie From Heartland, Has Two Siblings

Katie from Heartland, the character that Baye plays does not have any siblings. However, in real life, McPherson is blessed with two loving and supportive siblings who have her back.

Baye has one brother named Duncan McPherson and a sister named Saylor McPherson. Duncan is now a university guy and is on the college football team. 

Baye McPherson with her brother and sister.
Baye McPherson with her brother and sister. Source: Instagram @hawthorneanne

Speaking of McPherson's sister, Saylor, is currently enjoying her life to the fullest. She loves traveling and fun activities. In August 2022, Saylor went skydiving.

Although the three siblings have their own lives, they find ways to spend time with each other. Baye is very close to her sister and brother and has made many beautiful memories growing up with them.

Is Baye McPherson In a Relationship? 

Baye McPherson is not dating anyone, and her relationship status is single currently. The beautiful Canadian actress appears to be focusing more on her career stability rather than her romantic relationship.

Baye McPherson's parents have been together for two decades now.
Baye McPherson's parents have been together for two decades now. Source: Instagram @hawthorneanne

McPherson has not shared a single clue that leads to her love life. On the other hand, Baye's mother is not shy to show her personal life to the public. She has also shared a picture of the completion of 18 years of togetherness in 2020.

McPherson's loving mama and her husband have been married for two decades. Together, the love birds have made a beautiful family of three children, including Baye.

Baye McPherson Movies And TV Shows: Earnings From Acting Career

The young celebrity from Canada is an upcoming acting star. Baye McPherson has already earned the appreciation of many with her amazing performance. Not only appreciation, but McPherson has amassed quite a fortune! Baye's estimated net worth sits at $2 Million. Her co-star from Heartland, Jessica Amlee, has a net worth of $500k.

McPherson started appearing on the screen in 2018. She now earned two credits as an actress and soon Baye might get many roles in movies and TV Series. 

Some of Bayes' movies and TV Shows are:

2018    Talent Talk
2022    Death Rattle
2021-2023    Heartland

McPherson As Katie Minnie Fleming-Morris In Heartland

Heartland is a Canadian comedian-drama series that started airing on CBC in October 2007. The show has come a long way since then. The TV Series is centered on the life of a family.

Baye has played the role of Katie, daughter of Peter Morris and Lou Flemming. Katie's first appearance in season four nineteenth episode passages. Katie from Heartland was born in 2011. 

How Tall Is Baye McPherson?

Heartland actress Baye McPherson stands tall with an estimated height of 5 ft and 4 inches tall. She has natural blonde hair with brown eyes.

McPherson looks more a bit mature than she is. This has made many fans think that Baye is not suitable for the role of Katie.

Baye McPherson Is An Animal Lover

Heartland actress Baye McPherson has a deep love for animals, especially dogs like Ava Hunt. She has a pet dog named Jackson. Jackson is a golden retriever.

Baye McPherson with her pet dog Jackson.
Baye McPherson with her pet dog Jackson. Source: Instagram @bayemcphersonofficial

McPherson loves cuddling with her pet dog and she revealed that it cuddles well when bribed with treats. Before Jackson, she used to have another dog Buffett but unfortunately, it passed away. Besides dogs, Baye loves horses and other animals too.

Baye McPherson On Instagram and other Social Media Platforms

Did you know Baye McPherson's Instagram is handled by her mother Anne Hawthorne? Apparently, the Canadian actress is not allowed to use social media platforms yet.

Baye has over 26k followers on her Instagram profile @bayemcphersonofficial. She shares a glimpse of her professional as well as personal life on Instagram. 

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