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Wed May 13 2020
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Gavin McInnes, who is known by The Godfather of Hipsterdom is happily married to his wife, Emily Jendrisak since 2005. Recently, the couple has completed their 15 years of togetherness. Further, they have three children together.

Gavin, a renowned Canadian writer, and far-right political commentator, mostly known for his advocacy of political opponent violence. Raised in Hitchin, England he is now the co-founder of Vice Media and Vice magazine and the founder of the neo-fascist Proud Boys.

Despite being successful in his professional career, McInnes continues to grab the most precious moments with his another half Emily. So, let's take a turnover on their marital life in the following segment.

How is Gavin and Emily's Marital Life Going?

The former contributor to The Rebel Media, McInnes, and Jendrisak, a former publicist, enjoy the most beautiful moments of their lives together. They are really so happy to be in partnership because they have great love and admiration for each other.

The Married Couple, Gavin McInnes and  Emily Jendrisak Started Dating in early 2000s
Photo: The Married Couple, Gavin McInnes and  Emily Jendrisak Started Dating in the early 2000s
Source: Taki's Magazine

Leading up to their romantic relationship, they first met at the Max Fish Bar in New York in the year 2000. Even though the wife, Emily, 45, appears to be a liberal democrat and Gavin is on the far right, they hit it off.

Gavin and Jendrisak committed themselves to bring their relationship into the next step, after dating for five years. And the lover became a formal wife and husband when they eventually tied the knot at Sunset View Farms in Bovina, New York on September 17, 2005.

Image: Gavin McInnes and wife Emily Jendrisak Married on 7th September 2005 
Source: biography tribune

Their wedding ceremony was a small and private ceremony held between their close friends, family, and relatives. Since the day, the wife and husband lead a blissful united life for one and a half decades.

McInnes and Jendrisak are Parents Of Three

The long-term married duo has three children altogether to make their wedlock more pleasurable. He and Emily, daughter of Native American activist Christine Whiterabbit Jendrisa gave birth to two sons and a daughter from their powerful union.

Gavin McInnes and wife Emily Jendrisak have Two Boys and Daughter
Photo: Gavin McInnes and wife Emily Jendrisak have Two Boys and Daughter
Source: Thought Catalog

Sadly the proud parents remain quiet when it comes to disclosing the name of their babies. It seems they do not want to share with the public about their private things. Because of their essence of privacy, it is difficult to find out the birth date of their children.

Just like Gavin and Emily, some other celebrity duos, including Rachel Mackley, Noreen Jameel, and his wife, Cal Perry, is very low-key parents who have never publicly mentioned their kids' names.

McInnes, Banned From Multiple Social Media Platforms in 2018

Yes, it is true. The founder of Proud Boys was barred from all social media for violating terms of use in 2018 about the promotion of violent terrorist groups and hate speech

YouTube also suspended Gavin on Monday 10 December for "multiple third-party copyright infringement charges." He was also barred from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for terms of service infringements related to his community and past remarks he made online.

 Gavin McInnes' Barred From Social Plat Forms in 2018
Caption: Gavin McInnes' Suspended From Social Plat Forms in 2018
Source: Wikipedia

And now he's saying he regrets many of his past remarks after being banned and accepts at least some responsibility. Asked to comment on his firing and banning, McInnes said that "lies and misinformation" had targeted him, and that "there was a concerted attempt to de-platform me."

In an interview on ABC News program Nightline, the host of getting Off My Lawn also indicated any personal responsibility for the case, he stated.

"I'm not guilt free in this. There’s culpability there. I shouldn't have said, you know, violence solves everything or something like that without making the context clear and I regret saying things like that."

49, Gavin stopped short of apologizing or even retracting his past comments, saying, "The ship has sailed." However, when the "Nightline" asked McInnes' wife, Emily, a few rare questions, she also clarified she was glad that her husband had been pulled out of the spotlight.

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