Noreen Jameel and Cal Perry Married Life

Fri Nov 01 2019
By   Bibek

Have you ever dreamed of finding love in an unusual situation? Well, we're asking this question because in this article we're going to talk about two people finding love during a revolution. Cal Perry and Noreen Jameel both started their love when they were reporting for Aljazeera TV.

Perry is a well-recognized name in the field of journalism as he has contributed his talent in news networks like CNN, MSNBC, and Voice of America, to name a few. Let's find more details on the love life of Cal and Noreen in the article below.

Falling in Love During the Revolution

Cal worked as the reporter for Aljazeera TV, where Noreen worked as Chief Crew Producer. During the Libyan revolution, both of them were stationed in Libya, where they got to know each other very well.

Cal Perry reporting from Damascus for Al Jazeera
Image: Cal Perry reporting for Al Jazeera. 
Source: YouTube

Gradually, the couple fell in love with each other in Libya, according to their close friends. With some years of dating, finally, the couple decided to be life partners forever. 

The Wedding Details

Like any journalist, the pair likes to keep their personal life under wraps. Not many details are provided about their marriage by the couple, but as per the sources, the duo tied the knot in Cal's grandfather's house in North Arlington.

The exact wedding date is not disclosed, but as per the notice posted by Sam Hosseini, who officiated the wedding, we know that the couple walked down the aisle in June 2012. In the announcement, Sam congratulated the couple on their blissful married life.

Only a few loved ones attended the big day to provide their blessings for the couple.

What about their children?

Noreen gave birth to two children from her seven-year marital relationship with Perry. The pair, however, has not disclosed any details about their children. Their name is kept a secret from the media as of now.

Cal Perry and Noreen Jameel child which she posted on her Twitter
Picture: Cal Perry and Noreen Jameel Child. 
Source: Twitter @njameel9 

Even though the duo does not share any details about their children, they never let go of any opportunity to post their pictures on social media. Especially, we can see some pictures of their kids on Noreen's Twitter account. Currently, the duo enjoys spending time with their children whenever they are free from their busy schedule.

Both of them in Power Position

With so much experience, Perry is now the veteran in the game of journalism. In his career, Cal worked in various parts of the world telling stories to his audience. His list of working in the top-most organization includes the likes of CNN, Al Jazeera English, and many more.

Currently, he is contributing his skills in MSNBC alongside Meredith Vieira, Sophie Long, Tara Maller, and Mariana Atencio to name a few.

Cal Perry reporting from the protest against Donald Trump for MSNBC
Frame: Cal Perry reporting for MSNBC. 
Source: Washington Times

On the other hand, his wife Noreen also holds a high position in the news network. For her contribution to Vice News Tonight, she won the Emmy-Award. The hardworking lady previously worked for the European Union as well. There she performed to her fullest as a PR and Media Adviser.

As of now, Jameel is linked with a 24-hour news network where she works as a senior editor. 

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