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Celebrity Wife, Business Woman (1975)
Thu Nov 09 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Gemi Bordelon

Husband : Ben Bordelon
Gemi Bordelon exchanged wedding vows with Ben Bordelon.

Gemi Bordelon is the wife of American football player Ben Bordelon. However, her fame doesn't just come from her husband. If you regularly update yourselves on all the prevalent trends and clips, you must have heard about her as she went viral a few years ago.

Gemi was born on the first day of February 1975. She hails from Louisiana. Her husband, Ben Bordelon, is known among American football fans. People know him from his college football days and professional career at the San Diego Chargers.

The Clip That Made Gemi Bordelon Viral

Earlier, we mentioned that Gemi Bordelon went viral for a clip that made rounds on the internet. So, what was that clip? Gemi went viral for her dance to the song, Get the Gat. But what was special about it that made her viral? It's because she danced at the White House.

Gemi Bordelon is in all white dancing with the boys behind her.
A still image from the viral clip involving Gemi Bordelon (Source: Instagram @realgemibordelon)

In the clip, you can see her dancing with a bunch of boys. Those boys were the football players from Lousiana State University's football team. They were invited to the White House after winning the National College Football Championship. 

Gemi Bordelon Married Ben Bordelon

Apart from the clip of her dancing in the White House making waves on the internet, people also know Gemi Bordelon of the retired professional American footballer Ben Bordelon. So, what do we know about their marriage?

Gemi Bordelon took a picture with her husband Ben Bordelon and their children. Source: Facebook

Unfortunately nothing. It is because she has not said anything about her relationship. We have no information on how they met and when the two married.

Although some speculate they must have known each other in college since she is from Lousiana and he played college football at Lousiana State University for LSU Tigers.

Gemi Bordelon Welcomed Two Sons and A Daughter!

Yes, Gemi Bordelon has kids from her long marriage to Ben Bordelon. The lovely couple share three kids from the family. She has two sons and one daughter. So, what do we know about their kids?

Gemi Bordelon was photographed with her husband Ben Bordelon and their children
Gemi Bordelon was photographed with her husband Ben Bordelon and their children. (Source: Instagram @brookemb_)

Well, in the case of her two sons, they have chosen to follow in their father's footsteps. Both Bo Bordelon and Brett Bordelon are football players. Brett Bordelon plays for the Newman football team. He plays as an Offensive tackle and wears the number 68. 

Brett's brother Bo Bordelon also used to play with him at one point. Bo now follows in the same footsteps of his father and currently plays for the same college club as his father once played, LSU. He wears the number 67 jersey.

Who Is Gemi's Daughter?

Gemi's two sons may have chosen to pursue their career in football, but not her daughter Brooke Bordelon. The eldest kid of Gemi Bordelon, like her mother, is a student at Louisiana State University.

She is doing her education in Sports Commerce and Mass Communication. Besides her education, she has experience working as an intern at her father's Bollinger Shipyards. 

Gemi Bordelon's kids Brooke Bordelon, Bo Bordelon, and Brett Bordelon
Gemi Bordelon's kids Brooke Bordelon, Bo Bordelon, and Brett Bordelon (Source: Instagram @brookemb_)

Brooke's Instagram page suggests she loves to travel with her friends and family. Gemi's kids may be busy with their lives, but that doesn't mean they don't share good memories. The kids haven't talked much about how these three love spending time with each other, but we know that the kids love to duck hunt. 

They have pictures of them on their Instagram posing with the ducks they have hunted. That's one way these three love to spend time. 

Daughter of Gemi Bordelon Is A Married Woman

Gemi's eldest kid seems to have already settled in with her life. Her eldest daughter Brooke has already exchanged her wedding vows with someone. So, who is the man that swept her off her feet?

Brooke Bordelon is hugging Grant Gauthreaux as they are smiling.
Brooke Bordelon with Grant Gauthreaux (Source: Instagram @brookemb_)

Well, his name is Grant Gauthreaux. Although you will find tons of pictures of him on her Instagram page, not much is known about him. However, one thing we know about him is that he is also an LSU student like Brooke and her mother. So, I am guessing their love is college love.

His Insta bio also suggests that he is a catholic person. He has written Psalm 34:8 in his bio, taken from the Bible, saying:

"Taste and sees that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!"

How Rich Is Gemi Bordelon and Her Husband? Net Worth & Assets

Gemi Bordelon is a successful woman, and it shows the wealth she has managed to make in her career. Her net worth is believed to be $750 thousand. However, she has yet to reveal her sources of wealth.

On the other hand, Gemi's husband is an earner too. Ben Bordelon may have retired from football a long time back, but he still is making huge money, as his net worth currently stands at $5 Million

Gemi Bordelon is in a white dress wheras Ben Bordelon is wearing a suit.
Gemi Bordelon and Ben Bordelon at an event (Source: Forbesin)

The man's success can be credited to his football career and his massive ship-building company in Bollinger Shipyards. You can tell his company makes a lot of revenue, as evident from the employees' salaries. Per Indeed, the average wage of employees ranges from $32,940 to $65,872 based on their roles and positions in the company. 

About Gemi Bordelon's Husband Ben Bordelon's Football Career

People know Benjamin Gerald Bordelon for his footballing career. He may have now retired even though he didn't reach the same heights as some footballing greats like Tom Brady and Bryan Bulaga. He still managed to live a fantastic career, especially in college football.

Gemi Bordelon's husband Ben Bordelon and their daughter Brooke Bordelon took a picture together. (Source: Instagram @brookemb_)

Ben played as an Offensive tackle. The man played for the San Diego Chargers. The club relocated to Los Angeles in 2016 and now goes by the name Los Angeles Chargers. He played for them in 1997.

Benjamin's College football career is even more impressive than that. He played for the LSU Tigers. He was a leader on the field as he was the team captain in 1996. He retired from the game in December 1999.

What Is Gemi's Husband Doing After Leaving Football?

Gemi Bordelon's husband, Ben Bordelon, has taken over the family business after retiring from football. He now runs Bollinger Shipyards.

Ben Bordelon and his wife Gemi Bordelon.
Ben Bordelon and his wife Gemi Bordelon. Source: Facebook

The company was initially founded by his grandfather Donald Bollinger in 1946. As per his LinkedIn profile, Ben, after retiring from football in 1999, joined the company in 2000

There, Ben started as a Project Manager. Bordelon currently serves as the President and CEO of the company and he took over this title in December 2014

Other Ventures of Ben Bordelon

Ben's love for seas and ships is not limited to his family business. Aside from Bollinger Shipyards, he is the chairman of the Shipbuilders Council of America. He was assigned this position in June 2020.

The About section of his LinkedIn profile says that besides that, he also serves as a board member of the Offshore Marine Service Association, Tiger Athletic Foundation, Young Presidents’ Organization, and the United States Coast Guard Foundation.

Bollinger Shipyards, L.L.C. is an American shipbuilding company. As per the company's official website, they manufacture ships, workboats, and patrol vessels. Their websites claim that at the point of the article, they have built 173 vessels for the U.S. Coast Guard and over 600 for government and commercial use. The company is based in Lockport, Louisiana.


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