George Mizanin

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Actor and Sports Entertainer (1910)
Thu Jan 05 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of George Mizanin

Ex-wife : Barbara Pappas
George Mizanin took the wedding vows with Barbara Pappas.

George Mizanin is a celebrity father of the WWE champion, The Miz. He is also an actor who is often traced in WWE Smackdown. More, Mizanin also steps into the wrestling ring to support his son.

Moving towards his personal life, Mizanin was born on 15th May 1910 in Lansing, Illinois under the zodiac sign, Taurus. He was raised in Illinois by his parents.

Mizanin as Mr. Hero

Mr. Hero George is the name of his Twitter account which is popular among his and his son's fans.

Nevertheless, George is indeed a real hero in his life. He is a super-dad who always supports and keeps advising his children.

George's Job

By profession, Mizanin is a sports entertainer and an entrepreneur. However, he also acts on the WWE wrestling set. He is also known by his stage name, Mr. Miz.

However, George's professional life has never been exposed closely in any media.

Who is Mizanin's Wife?

George Mizanin was married to Barbara Pappas. They tied the knot somewhere in the mid-1900s. However, their actual marriage date has not been released to date.

Barbara Pappas smiling in a white top.
Photo of Barbara Pappas (Source:

The loving couple was very much in love in the beginning days of their married life. Everything was going great until the time hit them hard and left them not able enough to continue their togetherness anymore.

Mizanin's Divorce

Yes, Mr. Miz was divorced after long years of marriage. Even though the Mizanin couple separated their ways without disclosing the reason behind their decision, Pappas and George have always remained supportive of their son.

Some years hence after the divorce of The Miz's parents, Pappas remarried another man and soon had two kids together.

George's Family Details 

Talking about the family details he has not shared his family information with his fans. He seems to be a secretive person when it comes to his personal life. 

Moreover, George has not addressed if he has any siblings in the public.

IMDb Profile

Mizanin is present on IMDb. He has earned four credits: three as self and one as an actor. 

However, he hardly visits the set of WWE. Recently, he was seen in WWE 24 which is a 2021 TV series documentary.

Net Worth of George Mizanin

George has a total net worth of $1 million ensued from his career as a sports entertainer and from his film gigs.

Talking about his son's total wealth, he is the owner of $10 million which he earned from his acting career. According to, The Miz receives an annual salary of more than  $2.5 million.

Who is George's Child? 

Mizanin has got only a son from his previous marriage. Michael Gregory Mizanin aka The Miz is the only son of George.

The Miz in a black velvet coat posing with his wife in a grey lined top and his children in black dresses.
Photo of The Miz's Family (Source:

However,  he has got two step-children from his wife's later marriage. But, their names and professional details are still behind the curtains.

Mizanin's Grandchildren

Mizanin is blessed to have two grandchildren. They are Madison Jade Mizanin and Monroe Sky Mizanin.

Talking about their birth date, Jade was born in 2019 while Monroe was welcomed in the year 2018.

Mizanin in Wrestlemania

As mentioned earlier, George does not always seem to remain active in television shows.

Nonetheless, he worked on three TV series which are WWE 24, WrestleMania35, and WWE Smackdown!

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