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Wed Jun 01 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Gerald Krovatin

Wife : Anna Quindlen
Gerald Krovatin is in a material relationship with Anna Quindlen.

American immigration attorney, Gerald Krovatin is popular for representing criminal, civil litigation, and other legal cases for more than three decades. He is also a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association and former president of the Association of the Federal Bar of New Jersey. He currently handles and specializes in advising clients and legal transactions.

Krovation was born in Plainfield, New Jersey, United States, and holds American citizenship. He, further, belongs to white ethnicity/race. Other than that, he is a married man. Find out more about Krovatin's personal life in the following sections.

Gerald & Anna Quindlen's Marital Relationship

American immigration attorney, Quindlen is living the happiest moments with his beloved wife, Anna Quindlen, an American author. The two walked down the aisle in a small, private ceremony held between their close ones in 1978.

The couple had their first encounter while they were studying at Columbia University in 1970 and became good friends after enjoying their first interaction. But, they didn't start dating at that time. Eventually, after graduating from the university in 1974, the duo joined Rutgers School of Law and began sharing love afterwhile.

Gerald Krovatin and Anna Quindlen at the Barnard College Spring Gala and Auction
Picture: Gerald Krovatin and his wife, Anna Quindlen at Pier Sixty on 16th June 2008 in New York City, New York
Source: Getty Images

Shortly after graduating from the school in 1977, the couple decided to marry and got engaged afterward. Since then, the couple is together for 41 years in a blissful marital union.

Parents of Three Children

Gerald and Anna are blessed with three children, including two sons, Quindlen Krovatin (born in 1984), Christopher Krovatin (born on 24th June 1985), and Maria Krovatin.

Gerald Krovatin and Anna Quindlen with their children at Barnard College's 2010 Scholarship dinner & auction
Image: Gerald Krovatin and his wife, Anna Quindlen with their kids at Plaza Hotel on 20th April 2010 in New York City, New York 
Source: Getty Images

On the other hand, their daughter is an actress and screenwriter, and both of their sons are authors. In the below, there is some information about Krovatin's sons' marriages.

Son Quindlen Krovatin & Lynn Feng's Marriage

Gerald's older son, Quindlen Krovatin is married to Lynn Feng, an associate in the estate department of the Paul Hastings' Law Firms. They tied the knot on 11th June 2014 at Lynn's residence in New York where they invited a New York-based judge, Kimba M. Wood.

The duo further held another ceremony with the help of an American surrogate, Wood at Quindlen's house in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Quindlen Krovatin and his wife, Lynn Feng
Photo: Quindlen Krovatin with his wife, Lynn Feng 
Source: The New York Times

They first met in Beijing while Lynn was studying at Peking University in August 2006, and Gerald was serving as a correspondent for Newsweek. Shortly they became friends and began dating after spending quality time. They later got engaged after dating for years, and the rest is history.

Christopher Krovatin & Azara Aline Golston's Wedding Ceremony

Gerald's second son, Christopher is married to Azara Aline Golston, an account manager at Bento Box on 19th October 2018 in Manhattan, New York City, New York. The pair invited their wedding guests, including Timothy J. Fogarty III, who is a mutual friend of the bridegroom.

At the time of their wedding ceremony, the bride was two years younger than the groom, who was 33 years old during that time. Other than that, the duo is college sweethearts who graduated from Wesleyan University.

Christopher Krovatin with his wife, Azara Golston
Picture: Christopher Krovatin and his wife, Azara Golston
Source: The New York Times

Coming upto Krovation's daughter, Maria is currently single and focusing on her passion for the arts of acting.

Total Fortune of Krovatin

Gerald Krovatin has a net worth of $800 Thousand as of 2019. Other than that, he is making a subsequent income from his profession. According to Glassdoor, an American immigration attorney's annual salary is $80,085. So, his per year remuneration might be in the same range.

On a similar way, Krovatin's wife maintains a net value of $1.5 Million. Besides, she also featured in Carl Franklin's drama movie, One True Thing, which garnered immense popularity from the viewers. The film grossed $26,616,840 against the production budget of $30 Million.

Author - Caution Flags For Corporate Managers, 12 Cardozo Law Review 1291

The former president of Federal Bar of N. J., Korvatin wrote a book, Caution Flags For Corporate Managers, 12 Cardozo Law Review 1291, in 1991. The book is about the law procedural managed to show the government for immigration one place to another.

Just like Gerald, Anna also wrote several books, and her first book is Loud and Clear, published in 1969. For her book, she won a Pulitzer Prize and received four and a half stars out of five from 20 ratings. The book is listed at $11.99, including 86 used ($0.95), 23 new ($7.99), and one collectible ($9.94).

The cover of Anna Quindlen's book is Loud and Clear
Frame: Anna Quindlen wrote her first book, Loud and Clear
Source: Amazon

Quindlen's second most popular book is Still Life with Bread Crumbs, which prizes $9.04 in MP3 CD, which consists of used ($1.77) and seven new ($3.99). Similarly, her another book, Every Last One: A Novel is listed for $13.59 that consists of 127 used ($0.10), 24 new ($8.66), and two collectible ($17.90).

On 20th March 2018, Anna wrote her new book, Alternate Side: A Novel, which received the honor of "New York Times BestSeller." It currently costs $12.94 in hardcover, which include 143 used ($1.18), 44 new ($3.28) and collectible ($8.99). Likewise, Janet Mock is also a prize-winning author in the United States.


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