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Fri Jul 28 2023
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Do you remember the little girl who played Stacy in the music video of Stacy's mom from Fountains of Wayne? The young girl is nonother than Gianna Distenca, a former American actress. For sure, you couldn't have missed the song since it blew up and became the band's most famous song. 

In the music video, Gianna, who appeared as the little kid named Stacy, with model Rachel Hunter as her hot mom, is now a professional sculptor. Since it became a hot song, "Stacy," aka Gianna, also became pretty famous. 

So, people are wondering where Gianna Distenca, the girl from the Stacy's Mom video, is now. But don't worry, since here is everything we have that you should know about her.

Physical Appearance Of The Girl From Stacy's Mom Video: Gianna Distenca

Time sure flies, doesn't it? The young girl Gianna Distenca who was of quite an early age featured in the music video of Stacy's Mom is now grown up and has become a beautiful lady. So, let's figure out what she looks like now.

Gianna Distenca from the music video of Stacy's mom.
Gianna Distenca from the music video of Stacy's mom. (Source: Instagram @giannadistenzia)

Gianna has turned into a gorgeous lady who stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches tall (165 cm). And as you already may know, she is a blonde with beautiful blue eyes. The blonde, who once had a petite body, now has strong features and weighs around 55 kg.

Relationship Status: Is Gianna Distenca Single Or Dating? 

The former actress Gianna is very active on her social media, but she mostly posts about her art, not herself. And she also has never posted anything about her love interests and romantic life. So, the web and all the sources suggest that Gianna is possibly single.

Gianna Distenca is assumed to as a single woman in 2023.
Gianna Distenca is assumed to as a single woman in 2023. (Source: Instagram @giannadistenzia)

However, the fact that Gianna Distenca is single, is not verified. It is a suspicion since she has not revealed anything about her romantic life and boyfriend. 

So, she could be in a relationship and just choose not to disclose it. Though she played the hot, bold, and popular teen in the music video, she seems pretty conservative.

Gianna Distenca From Fountains of Wayne Is Available On Instagram

Fortunately,  Gianna Distenca, who played Stacy from Fountains of Wayne, is available on Instagram. She is active on the platform and shares her art pieces through her Insta. In addition, she urges people to support her through her official site.

Gianna Distenca, "Stacy" from "Stacy's mom."
Gianna Distenca is holding papers in her hands. (Source: Gianna Distenca's Instagram - @giannadispenza)

Gianna's Instagram account is under the username @giannadispenza and has over 13.2k followers. As aforementioned, she is pretty active on the platform. However, she is not active on Twitter.

Gianna Distenca Net Worth 

Since Gianna Distenca has covered her personal information, her net worth is still under review. However, from her career as an actress and an artist, she might have generated a good sum of money. 

On the other hand, the web says that Gianna Distenca, the girl from Stacy's mom video, has a net worth of $1 million, the same as the influencer Rajel Nelson

Since Gianna has made only one appearance to date, she didn't make a peak career as an actress. So her entire fortune is earned from her career as an artist. She has also done several art exhibitions as a fine artist, painter, and sculptor in Lebanon. 

Gianna Distenca From "Stacy's Mom" Graduated With An Arts Degree

Gianna, aka Stacy, is little known as an artist, sculptor, and painter. So, it shouldn't be surprising that she has an art degree. However, it might surprise her fans and viewers who do not know this. In addition, she has several art institutes. So, let's have a look.

A picture of Gianna Distenca.
A beautiful portrait of Gianna Distenca. (Source: Instagram @giannadistenza)

Gianna's official website disclosed that she went to Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy, in 2008. Then she came to the United States and attended Colorado College in Colorado Springs in the same year. However, she attended college for only a year.  

In 2010, Gianna went to the Academy of Art University in San Franciso, California, for three years. Then in 2014, she did her Bachelor's in Fine Arts at San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco. 

By 2018, she graduated her college. Upon graduation, she went to London and pursued her Master's in Art Painting at The Royal College of Art. Then Gianna graduated in 2020.

Early Life Details: Gianna Distenca Has Italian Decent

Gianna Distenca was born on May 15, 1989, in Providence, a city in Rhode Island, United States. Little is known about her early life apart from the fact that she was born in the United States and completed her education there. 

Gianna Distenca posed in front of her art pieces.
Gianna Distenca posed in front of her art pieces. (Source: Instagram @giannadistenza)

However, in 2013, she left the United States and moved to Beirut, Lebanon. As of now, she lives and works in London. But did you know that the Gianna from the music video Fountains of Wayne had Italian descent

Although the information about her parents is not disclosed, it was revealed that she had Italian roots. Well, that could be the explanation behind her graceful beauty and accent. 

Awards And Residencies

Gianna, the young girl who appeared as a hot teen with a hotter mom in the music video of Stacy's mom, has been doing well in her field of expertise. Not only has she been pursuing arts, but she has also won many awards. So, let's take a closer look at her awards and residencies.

Back in 2011, Giana got the Best Emerging Artist award from the Academy of Art University. The following year in 2012, she got the Best Figurative Artist award from the same university as the Academy of Art. Then in 2020, she became the finalist for the Bridgeman Studio Award at The Art of Diversity. 

Regarding Giana's residencies, she served for Isaac M. Walter Sculpture Prize in 2014 at San Francisco Art Institute. Then three years later, in 2017, she served in Beirut Art Residency with Darryl Westly in Beirut, Lebanon, which was followed by a two-person exhibition. After that, she worked for a Residency and solo show at Galleria Ramo in Como IT in 2021.

Where Is Gianna Distenca Now?

The pretty lady, Gianna Distenca, was busy for the whole year of 2022 because of her exhibitions. She had done over five exhibitions in various galleries. Since she dumped her career as an actress, she has clearly worked pretty hard as an artist and sculptor. 

Distenca started her year with This Is Not A Curated Exhibition in Galleria Ramo in Como, Italy. Later, there was also an exhibition in The Stable in S-Chanf in Switzerland for her Shadows art collection.  Her solo, The Sitter, exhibition was held at Natasha Arselan Gallery in London. 

Gianna Distenca with her sculptures
Gianna Distenca with her sculptures. (Source: Instagram @giannadispenza)

After that, Distenca had a solo exhibition again for her Soft Blots Beneath the Sun at Charles Moffett Gallery in New York. Then, her art, The Land of Milk and Honey, was exhibited in The Stable World in St Moritz, CG.

Gianna's most recent exhibition was Glimpses on Kachette venue in London, UK. Because she made it this far, her fans couldn't be more proud. Even the people who have seen her but have never been her fan are in awe of her growth.


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