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Social Media Influencer (1995)
Tue May 23 2023
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Another one of the personalities whose fame skyrocketed after getting involved with another famous personality is Rajel Nelson. She is a social media influencer who came to fame through her rumored relationship with Boosie Badazz.

Rajel is an American national who was born on 8 April 1995 in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is a social media fashionista, entrepreneur, and actress. She is a media personality of Afro-American descent and she follows Christianity as her religion as per the web.

Net Worth of Rajel Nelson

Before having rumors of being the new girl of Boosie, Rajel was an actress who played several small roles in several films. Moreover, she also used to play in the music videos of Boosie. So, she has been in the industry and collecting her money for a while now.

A picture of Rajel Nelson.
A picture of Rajel Nelson. Source: Instagram@itsrajel

At the age of just twenty-six, Rajel has gained quite fame as an influencer. So, the net worth of the social media influencer, Rajel Nelson is estimated to be around $1 million, the same as Benny Soliven

As a millionaire, along with several cars, she owns a luxury car, Rolls Royce. Moreover, her rumored boyfriend, Boosie Badazz is a famous American rapper who has an estimated net worth of around $10 million whereas another celebrity, Lorna Bliss has $1 million of net worth.

Social Media

Rajel was not seen active on social media before she got involved with Boosie Badazz. Even if she was active, she did not have a prominent social media presence. However, after coming to fame with the rumors of being in a relationship with Boosie, she gained a pool of followers who liked her fashion sense and content. 

Rajel Nelson posing for a photoshoot.
Rajel Nelson posing for a photoshoot. Source: Instagram@itsrajel

And then she became a social media influencer, and ever since, she has been more active than ever. On Instagram, Rajel has an account under the username, @itsrajel and has over 202k followers. Similarly, she uses Twitter under the username, @ItsRajel and has a little less than 4k followers. 

But, there was a time when she retweeted someone's tweet that said that she was taking a break because the people on the internet weren't for her. However, she is still good with social media and remains unchanged.

Height & Weight Of Rajel Nelson

The rumored girlfriend of Boosie, Rajel is a media personality who has an average height of 5 feet 5 inches. For the people who use metric measurements, she is around 165 cm tall. 

She is living at the ideal height for many females. And though she is quite thick, she has a small body frame. So, she is expected to weigh around 50 kg according to the web.

Early Life & Educational Details 

Rajel was born on the 8th of April, 1995. She is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. She grew up in a Christian family along with her two siblings. Unfortunately, she has not revealed much about her early life details. 

A childhood picture of Rajel Nelson with her mom and siblings.
A childhood picture of Rajel Nelson with her mom and siblings. Source: Instagram@itsrajel

Though Rajel has been open about her daily activities and life, she never posted anything relating to her past. However, she has posted a picture of her childhood, though she refrains to inform the public about her early life and surroundings.

Rajel is said to have completed her studies in a local private school in her hometown. And after she finished her studies, she moved to Los Angeles to start her modeling and acting career.

Family Background

Rachel Nelson was born to an Afro-American family. According to the sources, the father of Rajel is a businessman who runs a small business and her mother is a housewife. However, since Rajel herself was not the one to have provided the information, the validity of the information remains questionable. 

Rajel Nelson and her mother.
Rajel Nelson with her mother. Source: Instagram@itsrajel

Moreover, the identities of her parents are also not available. She has always restrained from going deep into her family background. Nonetheless, it is known that Rajel has two siblings. On top of that, she is the youngest child. She has one older sister and an older brother. And unfortunately, apart from that, nothing else is known about her siblings too.

Rajel's Career In The Industry

Even before, the rumors about Rajel being in a relationship with Boosie came out, she had been featured in his videos. Not just one but she has made a frequent appearance in Boosie's videos. Though she had made several appearances in his videos, she became known after she appeared in his biographical film called My Struggle

Moreover, according to the sources, Rajel has also featured in a short movie named 1 more chance that came out in 2014. Her other movie appearances include Kiss the Bride and On Angel's Wings.

Rumored Relationship With Boosie Badazz 

Rajel Nelson is involved in a rumor stating that she is in a relationship with the famous American rapper, Boosie Badazz. The rumor started after the influencer and the rapper kissed for the kiss cam in the 2020 NBA game of the Atlanta Hawks.

Boosie Badazz and Rajel Nelson
Boosie Badazz and Rajel Nelson. Source: Instagram@itsrajel

The kiss, the couple did for the kiss cam was more than just for a show, so people suspected that the couple might have been dating for a while. And since then, they have been seen on each other's social media. The couple keeps posting pictures with each other. Moreover, they also posted a TikTok video regarding a magic trick.

Rajel Nelson Has 13-Year Age Gap In Her Relationship: Mistaken As A Minor 

When the rumors came out after the pictures of Boosie Badazz and Rajel attending the NBA fame were posted, Rajel was mistaken as a minor and suspected to be around 14 by the majority of the internet. Even Boosie's fans pointed out that the girl looked too young to be in a relationship with Boosie. 

Rajel Nelson with Boosie Badazz.
Rajel Nelson with Boosie Badazz. Source: aceshowbiz

However, Boosie clarified that Rajel was not a minor. He told the internet to chill out and that Rajel's age was twenty-four through his social media. And after fans looked at her age, they became somewhat quiet. 

Nonetheless, though Rajel was not a minor, she still was thirteen years younger than the rapper so this still caused some kind of chaos in the relationship of the duo.  

What Is Rajel Doing Now? 

As of now, Rajel Nelson has been active on her social media just as usual. And she has also been focusing on her business. However, she has not made an update on her social media about her new acting projects in the meantime.

Hopefully, Rajel will make an update on her social media about her possible appearances and her relationship.


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