Gigi Dolin

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Wed Sep 27 2023
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Gigi Dolin has lured the attention of people being an American professional Wrestler. She is signed to World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE) and presently appears in the NXT brand. 

Dolin is a successful wrestler with several achievements in her name. She record-tying two-time NXT Women's Tag Team Champion with Jacy Jayne and also a Shino Nova Champion.

Is Dolin Leading A Single Life Or Sharing Married Life? 

Gigi Dolin isn't single and is currently in a romantic relationship with Zachary Wentz from 2023. They have been sharing their dating life for a while and are often spotted together. 

It was known that they were dating each other for a while but it was officially unveiled at Valentine's time. Wentz shared a picture with Dolin in his Instagram story wishing her Valentine's Day in February 2023. 

Gigi Dolin with her romantic partner Zachary Wentz
Gigi Dolin with her romantic partner Zachary Wentz. (Source: Instagram @ zacharywentzofficial)

As of now, the loving duo Dolin and Wentz are often seen sharing a lovely life together. They often share each other pictures on their official Instagram handle and fans also admire their relationship.

Dolin and Wentz don't seem to have any conflicts or misunderstandings with each other. There are no rumors of their breakup and may look forward to sharing a happy time. 

Know About Dolin's Partner Wentz

Zachary Wentz is also an American professional wrestler. He has performed wrestling under the ring name Nash Carter in the NXT Brand and in Impact Wrestling with the name Wentz. 

Wentz has even worked for various wrestling promotions, including WWE and Impact Wrestling. He is one of the members of The Rascalz with Dezmond Xavier and Trey Miguel

Zachary Wentz enjoying his time at the Magic Kingdom.
Zachary Wentz enjoying his time at the Magic Kingdom. (Source: Instagram @ zacharywentzofficial)

Zachary debuted in the wrestling industry on December 17, 2014. Unfortunately, he was released by WWE after accusations and photos shared by Kimber Lee in April 2022. 

You can find Wentz active on social media sites interacting with his fans. He is loved by 57K followers and is available with the username@zacharywentzofficial. 

The Former Husband Of Dolin 

Gigi Dolin previously shared a married life with fellow wrestler Darby Alin before dating Wentz. They shared their material life for only two years and separated shortly after it. 

The former couple Dolin and Alin completed their marriage ceremony on November 21, 2018. It was an intimate wedding ceremony completed away from the reach of the media sites.

Gigi Dolin with her former husband Darby Alin.
Gigi Dolin with her former husband Darby Alin. (Source: Wrestling News)

However, the married life between Dolin and Alin didn't stay for a longer period. They decided to part away and eventually finalized their divorce in August 2020 separating from each other. 

Looking thoroughly, it wasn't a messy divorce between Dolin and Alin. They have remained friends and are focused on flourishing their wrestling careers. 

Digging Deeper: How Much is Gigi Dolin Worth?

Gigi Dolin has made an impressive net worth of at least $500k similar to Imani Duckett. She has been able to earn this amount of wealth through her successful wrestling career. 

Dolin is presently signed in WWE performing in the NXT Brand. She is a two-time NXT Women's Tag Team Champion plus a mid-favorite wrestling athlete and may have a salary of $100K

The American wrestler Gigi Dolin holding the NXT Women's Tag Team Champion Belt.
The American wrestler Gigi Dolin holding the NXT Women's Tag Team Champion Belt. (Source: Instagram @ gigidolin_wwe)

Gigi has a massive following on her Instagram handle which is a big advantage for her. She can earn through different brand sponsorships, promotions, and advertising in the future. 

Nevertheless, there are no details available on her other income-adding sources. Also, no information is found on her real estate properties, cars, and business ventures. 

What About The Social Media Platforms Of Dolin? 

Gigi Dolin has utilized the social media platform to interact with thousands of her fans. She connects with her fans through the use of social media sites like Instagram.

Dolin's fans are often searching and looking for her Instagram handle on internet sites. She can be found under the handle@gigidolin_wwe having over 448K followers. 

Dolin often updates her fans related to wrestling through her Instagram platform. Likewise, she doesn't have social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Twitter. 

What Happened Between Gigi Dolin And Jacy Jayne?

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne were a tag team called Toxic Attraction in WWE NXT. Unfortunately, the partnership between them came to an end in February 2023, and let's discuss the reason below. 

Jayne viciously attacked Gigi with a superkick plus forcefully slammed her head against a wooden door. It all happened during a segment on the show Ding Dong, Hello!

Jayne didn't stop there and further insulted pressing her boot against Dolin's face. In an interview, Jacy Jayne expressed no guilt for her betrayal and she also did not view Dolin as a victim.

The dissolution of Toxic Attraction ignited a heated rivalry between the two wrestlers. They have faced each other in matches on NXT and the rivalry between them has increased with time. 

A Lookout At Dolin's Bio

Gigi Dolin's original name is Priscilla Lee Kelly who was born to her parents on June 5, 1997. She comes from a family holding Romanichal descent and was raised in Moon Creek, Georgia.

The names or professional details of her parents are undiscovered. Her parents were not on good terms and divorced when she was only 17 years old. 

Furthermore, Gigi is not the only kid but shares a brother whose name is unidentified. Her brother suffers from autism and has kept a low-key profile away from the sight of media outlets.

Gigi's brother is the one who introduced her to the field of wrestling. She sees him as a motivation and inspiration for wrestling in order to give him a better life. 

A Short Introduction To Dolin's Wrestling Career

Gigi Dolin is an American professional wrestler active in this field just like Bayley Wrestler. She made her professional wrestling debut in a tag team match in March 2015. 

Dolin was a member of the tag team group Toxic Attraction with Jacy Jayne. They won NXT Women's Tag Team Champion as a tag team duo Toxic Attraction. 

Gigi Dolin with her former tag team partner Jacy Jayne.
Gigi Dolin with her former tag team partner Jacy Jayne. (Source: Instagram @ gigidolin_wwe)

Dolin's wrestling career has spanned more than WWE, she has performed in Major League Wrestling. One of her notable appearances is in Shine Wrestling where she has won Shine Nova Champion.  

Gigi often uses tactics of living and biting during her matches to psyche her opponents. People often compare her with the former WWE wrestler Paige who also used to lick her opponents. 

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