Gilad Janklowicz - Facts About Insanely Qualified Fitness Coach

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Mon Jun 26 2023
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Fitness has been in the mindset of men and women alike throughout the years. And Gilad Janklowicz has come to fame thanks to his career as a fitness trainer. The fitness guru, Gilad, remains in great shape even in his late sixties.

Coming from Isreal, Janklowicz, started his journey in fitness from a young age. And here are some of the facts on Gilad. Start with the fitness trainer's early life!

Gilad Janklowicz's Early Life and Rise To Fame

Gilad Janklowicz was born in Israel on July 27, 1954. He went to high school in America, where he became interested in fitness.

Galid Janklowicz attending some random program (Source : Instagram @Galid janklowicz )

Janklowicz stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 80 kg(165 lbs). He eats well and works out often to keep his body in shape.

The Coach has always avoided smoke, alcohol, etc., which can hamper his health. He had done National Promotion Campaigns. 

The athlete became a fitness teacher in the Israeli military. He is best known for presenting and producing the fitness show Bodies in Motion in America.

Gilad's Achievements Over The Years:

Gilad Janklowicz believes in "Finding joy in fitness." So he runs a show, "Bodies in Motion," collaborating with Ann Marie Brown.

Gilad Janklowicz in his prime.
Gilad Janklowicz in his prime. (Source: Instagram @Galid janklowicz )

As well as a fitness instructor, he is also a Sports coach, T.V. presenter, and motivational speaker. He had given motivation to the youth in Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship.

For 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007, he claimed the name of 'Fitness Instructor of the Year.' He trained and competed with some of the world's greatest athletes.

Janklowicz's Childhood

After he joined high school in America, he was attracted to sports. He used to participate in every sport and other fitness activity of the high school. 

Fitness Instructor featured himself in many publications. Since his back days, he has followed Christianity like his parents.

The Instructor's Relationships

Coach Gilad Janklowicz got married to his beautiful, longtime partner Kevin Harrington. They got blessed with a beloved child with them.

Ada is his only beloved sister; he got from his family.

Jankliwicz's Net Worth

Gilad Janklowicz sells his fitness DVDs to his fan-following members. He also runs his T.V shows from where he got something as income.

Workshop moment of Galid Janklowicz wearing Yellow Vest and Grey Half Pant
Cover Photo of Galid Janklowicz in 1989 (source : Instagram @Gilad Janklowicz)

As a result of his hard works and Physical Fitness Coach, he got a net worth of $1.9M.

Janklowicz's Social Profile

The presenter is highly active even on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. He posts images and videos there to demonstrate the healthy lifestyle he leads.

Janklowicz got his youtube channel where he spread the knowledge of fitness he owns.

You can visit him personally on social media:

Instagram @Gilad Janklowicz 

Facebook @Galid Janklowicz

His personal website@Galid Janklowicz

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