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Wed Aug 02 2023
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Gilad Londovski is popularly known for being the beloved husband of Ayelet Zurer. She played the role of a fictional character, Lady Lara in the 2013 TV Series Man of Steel.

Despite being a celebrity husband, Gilad lives a life away from the spotlight. So, let's know about the mysterious life of Ayelet Zurer's husband as we dive deep into his life.

Gilad Londovski Is Ayelet Zurer Husband Since 2003

It was in 2003 when Gilad Londovski and Ayelet Zurer walked down the aisle. Since then, the wedded-couple shares a beautiful marital bond. Londovski and Man of Steel actress Zurer have been husband and wife for two decades now.

Yes, Gilad and Ayelet celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in 2023. Ayelet's husband Londovski was her former surfing instructor. The pair must have found love for each other while training for surfing.

Gilad Londovski's wife With 'Angels and Demons' co-star Ewan McGregor.
Gilad Londovski's wife With 'Angels and Demons' co-star Ewan McGregor. Source: AFP

In an interview, Ayelet said about her relationship with Gilad:

“I have my life, which is full of people who create, and Gilad’s life is very, very different. Sometimes we actually clash because of it, as you want to have someone who understands exactly where you are right now."

The husband and wife duo, Londovski and Ayelet are a very quiet couple. Although romantic, they don't want to flaunt their romance in public.

Gilad Londovski & Ayelet Zurer's Son

Zurer and her husband Gilad Londovski share a son together. They became parents two years after their intimate marriage in 2003.

Ayelet Zurer's son Liad graduated in 2023.
Ayelet Zurer's son Liad graduated in 2023. Source: Instagram @ayeletzurer

Gilad became the father in 2005 when his wife Ayelet Zurer gave birth to their child, Liad. He is the apple of the eye of his doting parents. The Man of Steel often shares Liad's picture on her Instagram.

On June 9, 2023, Zurer's son graduated from college. Ayelet was very happy on her son's auspicious day. Although Gilad was not seen in the picture, it does not mean that he is a bad father.

No, it's just that Londovski is a camera-shy guy. He is equally happy as Zurer for their son's graduation. Similarly, on Mother's Day, The Vantage Point actress shared a picture with her son at a skating place. 

Gilad Londovski's wife and son together.
Gilad Londovski's wife and son together. Source: Instagram @ayeletzurer

Looks like, Liad is fond of skating too and his parents never fail to support him. Gilad's son has the same looks as his mother with similar hair color and facial structure. Liad has an Instagram account with the username @liad.exe.

How Old Is Ayelet Zurer's Husband? Know Gilad Londovski Age & Early Life Details

Gilad Londovski's age remains undisclosed because of his private lifestyle. Ayelet Zurer's husband is yet to disclose his birth date and early life. Speaking of the Man of Steel actress herself, she was born on June 28, 1969, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

As a surf instructor, Londovski must have spent his fair share of time in the water since his young days. On the other hand, his wife Zurer was a soldier in the military band of the Northern Command.

Ayelet Zurer Studied Acting In New York

Following the end of her military service, Ayelet Zurer wanted to pursue her dream which was acting. Initially, she trained for three years at the Performing Arts Studio. 

Ayelet Zurer in Lara Lor-Van costume
Ayelet Zurer in Lara Lor-Van costume. Source: Instagram @ayeletzurer

After that, Londovski's wife went to New York for acting classes. There, she trained under George Morison at the Actor's Workshop.

Gilad Londovski Net Worth: What Does He For Living?

Ayelet Zurer has a net worth of $6 Million. While she enjoys such wealth in millions, how much does Zurer's husband earn? Well, the celebrity husband's professional life is fuzzy.

Ayelet Zurer in her fancy outfit.
Ayelet Zurer in her fancy outfit. Source: Instagram @ayeletzurer

It is known that Gilad worked as a surf instructor and as per some internet tabloids, Londovski is a fitness trainer. Based on this, Gilad Lodvoski earn $50k as a salary. 

Gilad currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and son. But, his house and real estate details are yet to be revealed.

Ayelet Zurer's Movies & TV Shows

What are some Gilad Londovski movies? Sadly, Londovski is not in the showbiz industry like his wife. In fact, the celebrity husband is a camera-shy person like Fielder Jewett.

Speaking of Gilad's 169 cm tall wife, Ayelet Zurer has been in the entertainment industry for almost three decades now. Her acting history traces back to 1991 when Zurer had her debut role as Shoshana in the movie For Sasha.

Following that, the Israeli-American actress has been in numerous movies. Ayelet has 47 credits as an actress and a credit for producing as well on her IMDb profile. For her remarkable performance, Zurer has also received 4 awards.

Here are some of the movies of Gilad Londovski's wife.

MovieRelease Date
Angels & Demons2009
Man of Steel2013

Gilad Londovski's Dog Passed Away In 2023

Gilad Londovski had a dog in his house which his wife loved to her heart. But sadly, their furry friend passed away on July 13, 2023. It left great sadness Ayelet.

Gilad Londovski's wife and dog.
Gilad Londovski's wife and dog. Source: Instagram @ayeletzurer

It is quite unsure if Ayelet Zurer's husband is also an animal lover. So, his relationship with the dog is not known. But spending a long time with it definitely must have made a good bond between them.

Gilad Londovski Lives Life Away From Social Media Platforms

In this modern era, people constantly post every detail of their daily activities on social media platforms. it has been like a ritual for many. In such a world, Londovski has been successful to live a private life away from social media.

Not only Gilad is not on any social media platforms but he does not appear in his wife's or son's social media too. And, this has added mystery about the celebrity's husband.



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