Gino Macauley - Kristian Alfonso's Son Who is a Go-Kart Racer and Engineer

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Sun Mar 19 2023
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The American star kid Gino Macauley was born on Oct 2, 1990, in Los Angeles, is the son of Simon Macauley and Kristian Alfonso. His full name is Eugene William Alfonso Macauley grandson of Gino Alfonso and Joanne Alfonso.

He is more known to be the son of famous American actress Kristian Daggenhurst. His father Simon and Kristian married in 1987 which lasted for four years. When Gino was at the age of 1 his mother and father separated.

Simon and Kristian divorced in 1991 after four years of their marriage. In 2001 she got married to her all-time boyfriend DannyDaggenhurst.

Gino Macauley,Gino William,Gino Alfonso is a same person. He is the R&D Engineer of HASS Automation and DataAnalyst/Racecar Engineer.

Gino's Childhood

Being a star kid, Gino Macauley was born in a rich family where his mother is a famous renowned model and actor of the USA and his father Simon Macauley is an American businessman and Real state Agent. 

He was born and raised in the United State Of America (USA), Los Angeles.

Kristina Alfonso wearing white tank top and carrying son Gino Macauley wearing white t-shirt and white half pant attend 'Happy Birthday, Camp Snoop'
Childhood picture of Gino Macauley with his mother Kristian Alfonso attend 'Happy Birthday, Camp Snoop' (source:@Biography Mask)

The Family tree of Gino Macauley's

Mother: Kristian Daggenhurst
Father: Simon Macauley
Step-father: Danny Daggenhurst
Half-brother:Jack Daggenhurst
Step-brother:Spartan Daggenhurst
Grandfather:Gino Alfonso
Grandmother:Joanne Alfonso
Step-grandfather: Tassis Karamanos
Step-grandmother:Persa Karamanos

Accident of Gino

Macauley is passionate about kart racing and in 2014 he had a bad karting accident. He tapped a barrier, flipped, and was ejected from the go-kart and saved his life.

He suffered Herniations in the cervical spine and was told by doctors not to race. 

TV Show As An MMK Driver

Macauley also did a TV show as an MMK (Mike Manning Karting) driver with a DR PRD package at willow spring of 2013 on June 12.

Macauley's Girlfriend

As if now the 31 years old R&D Engineer Gino Macauley has kept his personal private life confidential. There are no rumors of affairs or any relation of him. He is only focused on his passion for cars and racing. 

The net worth of Gino Macauley 

The R&D Engineer of Hass Automation and Data analyst/Racecar engineer earns very well. Also being a star kid his net worth is $2million. Another car engineer, Smokey Nagata has a net worth of around $5 million. 

Gino Macauley wearing red jacket selfie  with grey modified porch racing car.
Gino Macauley selfie with the racing car (source: Instagram  @gino_william_777)

The son of Kristian Daggenhurst, (American model and actor) and businessman Simon Macauley had a rich background after his birth.

Although Gino Macauley is a Mechanical Engineer and passionate about racing cars he has built many racing cars.

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