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Relationship Timeline Of giorgos kyrgios

Wife : Norlaila Kyrgios
Giorgos kyrgios took the wedding vows with Norlaila Kyrgios.

Giorgos Kyrgios is the father of Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios. If you have seen Nick's games, you will know that his father is mainly in the stands supporting his son. His son Nick is a recognized name in tennis. He has won seven ATP singles titles so far in his career.

Giorgos is a well-known celebrity father and is also adored by Nick's fans. He lives in Australia but originally hails from Greece. So, who is this man who is always in the stands supporting his son? Well, let's find out.

He Found Love In A Woman From Another Country

Giorgos Kyrgios discovered love with a woman from a different country and culture. He may be a Greek man living in Australia, but the man's heart fell for the woman from Malaysia. Her name is Norlaila Kyrgios.

Giorgos Kyrgios is wearing a hat as he and Norlaila Kyrgios are smiling for the camera.
Giorgos Kyrgios and his wife Norlaila Kyrgios (Source: Youtube @VideoCradle)

Giorgos's wife Norlaila was born in Selangor, Malaysia. She left her country for Australia when she was young before eventually meeting her future husband, Giorgos. It's incredible how despite coming from two culturally different backgrounds, they have managed to make it work and are still going strong after all these years. Guess love does conquer all.

What Is The Kyrgois Family's Net Worth?

It is commendable that Norlaila Kyrgois left the wealth of her royal family and instead chose to live a simple life. And got married to Giorgos Kyrgios, settled down and had kids. So, what is the wealth of the family, excluding royal wealth?

Giorgos has chosen not to disclose his wealth to the media. Even his wife, who dropped royalty and studied computer engineering, 's income remains unknown. However, the famous son Nick Kyrgios is one of the top-rated tennis players and shows with his accumulated net worth of $15 million.

Giorgos's Wife Norlaila Comes From A Royal Family: 

This isn't something you see and hear every day. A Royal woman choosing to settle in life with an ordinary man. But that's precisely what Norlaila has done.

Both Nick and Norlaila Kyrgios are tuning in black clothes as they are smiling for the camera.
Nick Kyrgios with his mother Norlaila Kyrgios (Source: Sydney Morning Herald)

Nick's mother comes from the Royal family of Pahang (a small place in Malaysia). When she moved to Australia for her computer engineering study, she chose to drop the title of Tengku  (the Malaysian word for princess) before eventually settling in the land of the Aussies.

Norlaila May Not Be Around For Long

Unfortunately, the beautiful relationship between Giorgos and his wife has come down to this.  Like Deborah James, Norlaila has been battling a terminal disease for a while. In her case, it's cancer.

The news became a huge topic when Nick Kyrgios announced that he wouldn't participate in the 2022 Laver Cup to take care of his family. As expected, the fans were upset that they wouldn't be able to see their favourite player play. But they wished him well and prayed for the family to have enough strength to endure it.

Kristy Williams wrote for the Daily Mail Australia about it. As per the article, Nick broke the news to the fans about not participating in the tournament through the Instagram story. He wrote:

No Laver Cup for me this year!!! Just letting you all know. Gotta have that home time with my family and beautiful girlfriend

Giorgos's wife's health has always been one of Kyrgios's family's biggest enemies. She has previously battled with her failed kidneys and heart problem. It is known that her heart is the reason behind her refusing to watch his son's game. It is so bad that she once had to see a psychologist for six months because of her anxiety watching her son on the tennis court.

A Brief On His Famous Son Nick Kyrgios

Nicholas 'Nick' Hilmy Kyrgios has made a bit of a reputation for himself in tennis. The Australian tennis star is known for being a crybaby, and his on-court theatrics haven't gone down well with many people.

Nick Kyrgios is holding the runners up trophy.
Nick Kyrgios with his Wimbledon Trophy (Source: Instagram @k1ngkyrg1os)

Just at the age of twenty-seven, Nick has gone on to achieve incredible feet in the world of tennis. He has won ATP Tour Singles on seven occasions. He has also played in the prestigious Wimbledon final, where he famously lost to Novak Djokovic.

Born in Canberra, Australia, on April 27, 1995, he only started as a professional in 2013 and has remarkably achieved all of these titles. The best tennis ranking he has reached is the thirteenth, and he made it there on October 24, 2016.

Is A Father To Three

Throughout his successful marriage to the princess of Pahang, Giorgos has three children. He has two sons, Nick and Christos Krygois, and a daughter Halimah Krygois.

Nick's father and mother coming from two different countries, chose to settle in Canberra. That's where they raised their three children. They are one strong family, and it can be seen in how they support and defend each other in front of the media.

His Daughter Halimah Has A Fan Following Too

The tennis Wild Thing is not the only one with a fan following in Giorgos Kyrgios's family. His daughter Halimah Kyrgios is slowly becoming a celebrity too. Unlike Nick, she didn't choose to make a name for herself in sports but rather in entertainment. She is a musician.

Halimah Kyrgios is standing in front of the giant Wimbledon logo in the picture.
Halimah Kyrgios at the finals of Wimbledon (Source: Instagram @kyrgios_halimah)

She first displayed her musical prowess to the world when she auditioned for The Voice Australia at the blind auditions. Her rendition of Chains from Tina Arena amazed everyone, with all four judges hitting the I Want You button.

Nick's sister is currently away from the family in Hong Kong. Per her Instagram bio (@kyrgios_halimah), she now works as a voice and performance coach.

Giorgos's Son Christos Krygois Suffers From Alopecia 

Giorgos Kyrgios is blessed to have such a wonderful family but at the same time also unfortunate to see the health issues plaguing his family. The man has been fighting with his wife through her battle with heart, kidney, and cancer, but his son Christos is also battling the problem of hair loss.

Christos developed Alopecia at a young age, resulting in a forgettable childhood. He has talked about how other kids treated him because he looked different. The man had been bullied his whole life.

He now tries to help other kids suffering from it so they don't have to endure the same things he had to take. This is why he has associated himself with the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation to improve the lives of the kids suffering from Alopecia.

Nick's brother has always been vocal about the disease. So when the infamous incident involving Chris Rock and Will Smith happened at the Oscars when The Suicide Squad actor slapped Chris for joking about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, 's hair loss issue, Christos also had his say on the matter. 

He cited the incident of Rio Allred, a young girl who took her life on March 14, 2022, as a result of excessive bullying at the school for her hair loss as he asked Chris to be careful with jokes that could hurt people. Per The Canberra Times article written by Isobel Cootes, he said:

I have alopecia universalis, an uncommon form of alopecia areata, involving hair loss over the entire scalp and body. I have had this condition since early on in my life and all of my friends that know me, know me as this. Everyday there are children just like Rio being bullied and harassed. They cry themselves to sleep. Daily effects include depression, anger, anxiety, low self esteem, embarrassment, guilt, shame and the list goes on.


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