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Mon Jul 24 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Gloria Fonts Suarez

Husband : Francis Suarez
Gloria Fonts Suarez married Francis Suarez.

Gloria Fonts Suarez is an entrepreneur and businesswoman. However, Gloria reached the height of fame due to her marriage to Mayor Francis Suarez. Her husband, Suarez, is a lawyer and politician who is the 43rd mayor of Miami. 

Born on February 13, 1980, Gloria is an American national from Miami. Suarez is the first generation American-Cuban with Cuban parents. Though she gained the spotlight because of her marriage, she maintained having healthy reputation through her hard work and goodwill.

Francis Suarez married Gloria Fonts Suarez in 2007!

Gloria Fonts Suarez and Francis Suarez found love in each other. Moreover, the 43rd Mayor of Miami and his wife tied the knot in an intimate ceremony. Gloria and Francis exchanged their wedding vows on July 21, 2007.

Gloria Fonts Suarez and Francis Suarez celebrated their sixteenth anniversary.
Gloria Fonts Suarez and Francis Suarez celebrated their sixteenth anniversary. Source: Instagram

While both Gloria and her politician husband, Francis, lead their lives in the spotlight, they still retain some privacy. As such, much about Suarez's early days as a couple remains hidden from the spotlight.

Gloria Fonts Suarez Likes To Tell Stories To Her Kids

Gloria Fonts Suarez is the mother to two kids. She has a son named Andrew Xavier and a daughter named Gloriana Pilar. She is a very responsible mom who keeps her children informed of their origins and family.

The Mayor of Miami posted a picture of his wife, Gloria Fonts Suarez, with their kids.
The Mayor of Miami posted a picture of his wife, Gloria Fonts Suarez, with their kids. Source: Twitter

In an interview, Gloria revealed that she, along with her husband, tells her children all kinds of stories of the past. She said that she retells the stories that her parents used to tell her. And along with the stories, she tells the kids about their grandparents and roots. 

Gloria also revealed that she is always on the run to keep the Spanish language alive in her house. And thus, she is running her family and her business with great strength, so her husband states her as "his secret" to his success and the pillar that holds his family.

Net Worth Of Gloria And Her Husband

The net worth of the wedding organizer, Gloria Fonts Suarez, is estimated to be around $2 million. Similarly, Amy Polinsky also a celebrity wife commands a net worth of $500,000 as a successful entrepreneur, personal trainer, and gym instructor.

Gloria Fonts Suarez and Mayor Francis Suarez.
Gloria Fonts Suarez and her husband, Mayor Francis Suarez. Source: Miami's Community Newspapers

Gloria is an entrepreneur and a business owner. She is a wedding organizer and co-founder of Cymbidium Events. So as an event planner in Miami, she has collected a good amount of wealth throughout her career.

Along with such a fortune in her name, her husband, Francis Suarez, Mayor of Miami, has an estimated net worth of over $5 million. Along with being the Mayor of Miami, he is also a lawyer. So, it isn't surprising that he has a good net worth.

Gloria Is The Co-Founder Of Cymbidium Events

The wife of the Mayor of Miami, First Lady Gloria is the co-founder of Cymbidium Events. Said company is an event-organizing company in South Florida. Cymbidium Events is a boutique-style event organizer that boasts of bringing social and corporate events to life.

Based in Miami, the boutique is said to offer a fresh approach to event planning. With Gloria's knowledge and experience from her degree and working in the top chains, she has focused on overall services and food and beverage.

And thus, she is the co-founder of Cymbidium Events and the mayor's wife.

Gloria Fonts Suarez's History In Hospitality & Management

Gloria has an impressive career history in hospitality, working for top-runner hotel chains. And her career in hospitality began she was just nineteen. When Gloria was still in college, she worked for Biltmore Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel in Miami. Both hotels have chains and are highly reputable in the industry. 

Gloria Fonts Suarez and her husband, Mayor Francis Suarez attending the annual gala
Gloria Fonts Suarez and her husband, Mayor Francis Suarez attended the annual gala. Source: SocialMiami

After working within the environment of these hotels, she came to love the industry and started gathering more experience. And with such a grandiose start, she got started in the event planning and hospitality industry. Then, in 2010, she co-founded the event-planning company Cymbidium Events.

Social Media Presence

Gloria Fonts Suarez is a businesswoman who is the wife of a mayor and a mother of two. So, it's pretty evident that she does not have much time to spare. So, despite having a significant presence in society, it seems that Gloria is not much fond of having social media presence. And thus, she is not available on any social media sites.

However, Gloria's husband, Mayor Suarez, is available on both Instagram and Twitter as the Mayor of Miami. On Instagram, Mayor Suarez is active under @francissuarez, with over 138k followers. Similarly, he is available under @FrancisSuarez on Twitter with over 138k followers.

Gloria Is A Family Person

Though Gloria was born and brought up in Miami, she is a Latino with Cuban parents who immigrated to the US. So her drive to have a happy family with a well-balanced time between family and career is strong.

Gloria Fonts Suarez with her husband and kids
Gloria Fonts Suarez with her husband and kids. Source: Twitter

Gloria revealed that the reason that she is able to maintain such a balance between family and business is that she loves her family and her profession. In her interview with a magazine, she told us that she had placed her belief in flexibility and creativity as the key to such balance. 

Education Qualification 

The celebrity wife, Gloria Fonts Suarez, is a business owner who graduated from Florida International University. From the university, she graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management. On the other hand, Mayor Suarez is a graduate of Florida International University. 

Francis Suarez and his wife, Gloria Fonts Suarez, and their kids took a picture at a softball game. Source: Facebook

Francis graduated with a major in finance and was in the top ten percent of his class. The Mayor also has a degree in law from Frederic G. Levin College of Law, University of Florida. Moreover, he graduated cum laude; with distinction.

Suarez is also serving as an attorney in Greenspoon Marder. Said firm specializes in corporate and real estate transactions.

Let's Know A Bit About The Mayor Of Miami

The 43rd Mayor of Miami, Francis Xavier Suarez, is an American lawyer and politician. He was born on October 6, 1977, in Miami to Xavier Louis Suarez and Rita Suarez, who are Cuban. Moreover, his father, Xavier Suarez, is the former Mayor of Miami and 1st Cuban Mayor of Miami.

The Mayor is the first Miami-born Mayor. Being the first one, he has sworn to build an everlasting and welcoming Miami. He was first elected as the Mayor on November 7, 2017, with 86% of the votes. And then, he got re-elected on November 2, 2021, with 78 percent of the vote.

Moreover, his father, Xavier Louis Suarez, is the former Mayor of Miami who served as the Mayor for one year, from 1997 to 1998. As mentioned above, he was also the first Mayor of Miami from Cuba.


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