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Thu Jun 22 2023
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Haneefah Wood is one of the sought American actresses in the world of entertainment. She has shown her captivating acting performances in the television series Muderville. 

Wood is actively contributing to the showbiz industry for over two decades through her acting work. The lady has delivered acting in twenty projects that include TV Series and films. 

The Truth About Wood's Relationship Status: Is She Taken Or Still Available?

Haneefah Wood leads a single blissful life and doesn't have a romantic partner sharing a relationship. She has been successful to keep her relationship details away from the public eye. 

There are no details on whether Wood had a husband or any partner researching on the Internet. She hasn't poked the topic of romantic affairs that could give some on her former relationships.

Hanefah Wood's picture from the scene of the television series Truth Be Told.
Haneefah Wood's picture from the scene of the television series Truth Be Told. (Source: Instagram @ haneefahwood)

Wood's social media handle could have been a great source to scrap some details on her partner. However, she hasn't shared anything on her Instagram that could hint about her romantic life.

For now, Wood is single and is focusing on her professional acting career. She looks forward to providing entertainment to her audiences through her acting work in TV Series and movies. 

Haneefah Wood's Wealth Revealed: What Is Her Net Worth?

Haneefah Wood has been able to make an approximate net worth of at least $500 thousand similar to Imani Duckett. She has earned this wealth through her successful acting career in the showbiz industry.

Wood has earned a decent amount of money for her acting appearance in the television series. She is seen playing the recurring role of Shirley Stedman for a total of 10 episodes. 

Hanefah Wood is the judge of the reality show Drag Me To Dinner.
Haneefah Wood is the judge of the reality show Drag Me To Dinner. (Source: Instagram @ haneefahwood)

In addition, the lady is also one of the judges of the American reality show Drag Me To Dinner. It has ten episodes in its first season which premiered on May 31st, 2023, on the American streaming service Hulu.

Unfortunately, the details of her other income-adding sources or assets are not discovered right now. She might be keeping the details under the tight wrap away from the media outlets.

A Look At Wood's Early Life And Age 

The Freedomland actress Wood was welcomed by her parents on September 16, 1979. The name of Hanefah's mother is Sheree Wilson while her father's name and details are under review.

Sheree is a private person and keeps her life low-key away from the reach of media and people. She has Instagram under the username @ woodsheree5 but it is in a private mood. 

Hanefah Wood with her loving mother Sheree Wilson.
Haneefah Wood with her loving mother Sheree Wilson. (Source: Instagram @ haneefahwood)

Wood comes from a family belonging to African-American ethnicity. She might haven't shared any siblings as no information could be found regarding them on the Internet and her social site. 

Nonetheless, the celebrity personality Wood is close to her mother including her grandmother and aunt. She is often seen sharing pictures of them on her official Instagram platform. 

Does Haneefah Stay Active On Social Media? 

Haneefah is an avid social media person and often stays active on social media sites. She has utilized social media as a powerful tool to connect with her fans and interact with them. 

The lady can be found on any social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She is mostly active on her Instagram under the username @ haneefahwood.

Through regular updates, Haneefah keeps her fans informed about her latest projects, film releases, and personal life. She also takes the time to express gratitude towards her supporters, often interacting with them through comments, likes, and replies.

Physical Appearance Of Wood

The Schooled actress Wood possesses a captivating physical appearance that attracts people. She has a decent weight standing at an impressive height of 6 feet(183cm) just like Lyna Khoudri

Wood's physical appearance is further enhanced by her charming personality and radiant smile. She often tries different hairstyles and has got a nice fashion sense that complements her overall aesthetic.

Meet Hanefah: A Passionate Pet Lover

Haneefah is not only a talented actress but also a devoted pet lover. mainly dogs. She presently has two furry companions Titi and Bernie belonging to the dog breed Bernedoodle.

Titi and Bernie are the furry friends of Hanefah Wood.
Titi and Bernie are the furry friends of Haneefah Wood. (Source: Instagram @ haneefahwood)

Wood is often seen posting lovely pictures of furry friends on Instagram with her fans. She celebrates the joy and unconditional love that dogs bring to her life sharing beautiful moments. 

Haneefah has empowered her followers to provide the best possible lives for their furry companions. Her genuine commitment to dogs shines through every post, making her a beacon of compassion and an influential figure in the world of pet lovers.

Haneefah Wood: Rising Star on the Hollywood Acting Scene

Haneefah Wood is an American actress currently rising to fame through her acting in TV Series and movies. She has completed over twenty years of being active in the showbiz world. 

Wood has also polished her acting skills through her acting work in Broadway shows. Some of her Broadway credits include shows like Avenue Q, Rent, and In Brooklyn the Musical.

Wood indeed made her debut in the TV Series Strong Medicine playing the role of Raleena. However, she got her breakthrough by portraying the role of Pearl in the television series Zoe Ever After.

Throughout all these years Haneefah has delivered outstanding acting performances. Some of her notable acting attributes include Muderville, Truth Be Told, and Hello Tomorrow!

What Is Hanefah's Role In The Nurse Jackie? 

Haneefah is part of the television series Nurse Jackie released in 2011. She is seen characterizing the role of Candace De la Brix appearing for two episodes in that series. 

Candace is a nurse who works with the main lead Jackie Peyton portrayed by Edie Falco at All Saints Hospital. She appears in the episode Rat Falls which aired in 2011.

Nurse Jackie is a medical comedy-drama series that aired from 2009 to 2015. The show focuses on Nurse Jackie's life, who struggles with addiction while trying to balance her personal and professional life.

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