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Writer, Director, Painter (1973)
Sun Feb 26 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Harmony Korine

Wife : Rachel Korine
Harmony Korine married Rachel Korine in 2007.

Harmony Korine is an American filmmaker who has mostly been involved in writing and directing works. Some of his popular movies include Gummo, Spring Breakers, Trash Humpers, and kids. Besides films, the director is known for getting a lifetime ban from the Late Show with David Letterman.

Apart from directing, Korine is also involved in art and he loves to paint. His wife is Rachel Korine, who is a retired actress. Let's learn a bit more about the filmmaker.

Relationship Status: Who Is Harmony Korine's Wife?

Harmony Korine found the love of his life in Rachel Korine as the two walked down the aisle in 2007. They had been in a relationship for the past two years in 2005. The two first crossed paths in Nashville. The couple is very much in love and you can find her on Instagram, where she posts about her husband all the time.

Both Rachel Korine and Harmony Korine are posing in front of washroom mirror as Rachel is taking a selfie.
Harmony Korine with his wife, Rachel Korine (Source: Rachel Korine Instagram @rachel.korine)

Korine's wife is an actress from Nashville, Tennessee, who no longer works in films. The EDA Special Mention Award-nominated actress has worked in Spring Breakers, Mister Lonely, Men Go To Battle. She has also worked with her husband on his written and directed movie, Trash Humper.

What Is Harmony Korine's Net Worth?

Harmony Korine has found success as a filmmaker and has an estimated net worth of $46 Million. The director has seen a lot of success through films, with Spring Breakers being his most successful movie per Rotten Tomatoes. The movie had a total collection of $14.1 Million.

But movies aren't Korine's only source of income. The director also writes books and is involved in painting works. His book A Crack-Up at the Race Riots has been his best-selling book. His paintings are also auctioned and sold, which has helped him grow his net worth.

Korine Has A Daughter

Spring Breakers director Korine is a father to a daughter named Lefty Bell Korine. She was born on November 21, 2008, and is involved in jewelry works. 

Rachel Korine is hugging her daughter, Lefty Bell Korine as they have dressed up in pink.
Harmony Korine's daughter, Lefty Bell Korine, and his wife, Rachel Korine (Source: Rachel Korine Instagram @rachel.korine)

Korine owns a business called By Lefty which makes and sells ornaments and stuff. They sell necklaces, lockets, and bracelets, among other things. It hasn't been long since she entered this business, as the company was only started in 2020.

However, making and selling ornaments isn't the first thing Korine ever did. She has done a bit of acting in the past and has worked with her father in his film The Beach Bum. She played one of the tourist kids in the 2019 released film. The movie was poorly received. Besides that, she has also worked in a documentary called Sleepless Night Stories.

About Harmony Korine's Family

Julien Donkey-Boy director, Korine's father is Sol Korine and his mother is Eve Korine. He also has a brother named Avi Korine. It's safe to say his father got him into movies, as Sol was a documentary filmmaker. He directed Southbound, which was about Southern Roots music. 

Indiewire, in their article, mentioned that Sol's focus was on making small films, and he had Blaine as his partner to work with. Sol has also worked with his son, Harmony, as an assistant director, in his film Mister Lonely

Mother, Eve, also was part of Mister Lonely as she acted in the film as a Nun. And, brother Avi was involved in this film as a screenwriter. Besides that, Avi has also written for the film, The Double. His parents live in Panama and are very private about their life.

A Quick Look At Harmony's Paintings

Besides involving himself in films, Korine also loves to paint. Painting is not just his hobby but also one of his sources of livelihood. He loves to make a lot of abstract paintings, and all of his paintings have some deep meaning behind them.

The cryptic painting has multiple circles going through different layers and has a lot of colors.
Harmony Korine's painting, Strawb Circle (Source: Gagosian)

Harmony does exhibitions of his works and auctions them. He has done a lot of exhibitions like Young Twitchy, BLOCKBUSTER, Fazors, Raiders, Pigxote, and much more. Some of his paintings are Strawb Circle, Fex Chex, Starburst Wooly, Killa Klan 2, Burst Manny, and Trash Humpers.

Education Background: Korine Is A College Dropout

Korine did try to learn filmmaking by joining a formal institution but, later on, decided to quit it in the middle. He had joined the NYU film school but quit studying there after the first semester. He had previously done his schooling at Hillsboro High School in Nashville, the place where he met his future wife, Rachel.

Harmony also had stopped pursuing filmmaking as he wanted to be a skateboarder after dropping out of NYU. But, eventually crossing paths with Larry Clark led him to become a writer for the film, Kids, and his career in the film world started.

Korine Is An Author

The Beach Bum director, Korine's love for writing is not limited to his films, as he has written several books too. He has written numerous books in the past, like A Crackup at the Race Riots, Kids, Mister Lonely, The Collected Fanzines, Rita Ackerman, Raiders, and much more. 

The picture has a human in a yellow colored body with Harmony written in blue.
Harmony Korine's monograph, Harmony Korine (Source: Amazon)

A Crackup at the Race Riots is Harmony's most liked work. He has also written a monograph with the book by his name, Harmony Korine, from where you can learn more about his works.

Harmony Has Changed His Name A Couple Of Times

Korine was born with the name Harmony but it's not the only name he has always had, and have changed it a few times. He had legally changed his name to Harmful at the age of 13. But he didn't like it and went back to Harmony.

Korine also went by the name Laird Henn. His IMDb page says that he had talked to one of the band members of Sun City Girls in the past on the phone and had introduced himself by this name. This has also been mentioned in one of the band's songs.

Did You Know That Korine Has A Tattoo?

Korine loves a tattoo and has not covered his body with them but he does have one small tattoo. His tattoo is visible on his right hand and is a tattoo of the trident.

Harmony Korine has his eyes covered by his hands and his trident tattoo is visible on his right hand.
Harmony Korine's tattoo (Source: Rachel Korine Instagram @rachel.korine)

Harmony tattoo came because of this art group from New York called The Mistakers. They all had a similar tattoo of a trident. That's how he got the tattoo as well.

David Letterman Banned Harmony Korine: But Why?

Korine usually has been away from a lot of controversies but he did embarrass himself in front of David Letterman. The legendary Late Show host found Korine going through Meryl Streep's wallet, which led to him getting a lifetime ban from the show.

Far Out Magazine has mentioned in their article that this news was first brought to light by Letterman himself, upon asked by James Franco on his show. The host revealed that he had gone backstage to meet Mamma Mia! actress Streep in her room but instead found Korine going through her purse.

People were shocked but slightly disappointed as Korine was one of the fan's favorite guests. Another thing that came out later about Mister Lonely director's time at the iconic Late Show is that he would usually be wasted in the show. It happened during the mid-90s.

Career Summary

Harmony has been involved in the film industry as a director for many years, but he started as a writer. The very first thing he worked on was Kids. This was his first screenplay work and he wrote the film at only eighteen years old.

Since then, Korine has gone on to write numerous movies. And has also directed some. Some movies he wrote and directed are The Beach Bum, Spring Breakers, Mister Lonely, Gummo, and much more. He has also directed music videos for artists like Rihanna, The Black Keys, Cat Power, Bonnie Prince Billy, and Sonic Youth.


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