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Thu Dec 29 2022
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Haven Mae Herjavec is famous thanks to her mother, Kym Johnson Herjavec, and her father, Robert Herjavec. Her mother, Kym, is known in Australia for her ballroom dancing abilities. Her father, Robert, is a successful businessman more popularly known as one of the sharks in the hugely popular show Shark Tank.

Haven is still a baby girl since she was born on April 23, 2018. The celebrity daughter is already getting a lot of attention from the media, which is further helped by her parents not keeping her away from the limelight.

How Did Her Parents Love Story Started?

Haven Mae Herjavec's parents, Kym Johnson Herjavec and Robert Herjavec, love story started on the sets of the long-running dancing reality show, Dancing with the Stars. It is no secret that these two fell for each other when they partnered up to compete in one of the biggest TV shows in the world.

Haven Mae Herjavec and Hudson are munching into something as Robert Herjavec is taking the selfie with the whole family.
Haven Mae Herjavec with her family. ( Image Source: Instagram @kymherjavec5678)

This lovely couple came together to compete in 2015. Even though their journey at the show didn't last long, their relationship, which was blossoming at the time in real life, has survived as they are a happily married couple now. 

While talking to the People, Kym expresses her feelings about her husband right before marriage. She said:

I hope I can speak and that I'm not sobbing with happiness. I'm sure I'll be overcome with emotion.

Not long after the show, Robert & Kym decided to turn their DWTS journey into a married trip as they tied the knot on July 31, 2016, and they have been going strong. There's a chance Haven Herjavec will find out about her parent's love story from someone else before her parents tell her. We hope it doesn't happen, though. 

Haven Mae Herjavec Has A Twin Brother

Being famous comes with a price, and in the case of Haven, her parents are usually busy and won't have enough time to spend with her. But luckily for her, she has a twin brother, Hudson Robert Herjavec, to spend time with.

Hudson was born on April 23, 2018, and is the older one of the two, but only by a minute. Mother Kym doesn't hesitate to share pictures of her two precious babies. You can tell Haven loves spending time with her brother through those images.

Haven Mae Herjavec is dressed as a princess as she is walking together with her brother Hudson Robert Herjavec
Haven Mae Herjavec with her brother Hudson Robert Herjavec. ( Image Source: Instagram @kymherjavec5678)

Robert & Kym are busy with their work, but they won't have to worry much about their kids, as Haven and Hudson get to spend time with other kids their age in pre-kindergarten. Kym has shared the picture of them on her Insta which says:

And there they go ! How are my babies in Pre K..
One Day, Haven wants to be a Dr Unicorn Vet and Hudson wants to be Batman! Admirable goals I’m very Proud of 

Has Half-siblings From Her Father's Previous Marriage

Haven Herjavec's mother, Kym, is not the first woman on whom Robert laid his eyes, as evidenced by his failed marriage to Diane Plese. And it wasn't just a fling as their marriage lasted for twenty-five years, and has three kids with her. Two were daughters, Caprice Herjavec and Skye Herjavec, and one son, Brendan Herjavec.

All three of Haven's half-siblings have grown up, with some of their work life not being a secret. Brendan currently works as a startup advisor and an entrepreneurship podcaster. Caprice now lives in New York and works as a consultant at FW Cook. Unlike the other two, Skye lives a quiet life and hasn't disclosed much about herself.

Robert and Diane tied the knot in 1990 and ended things between them in 2016. However, they had separated a while back before officially ending their marriage. Neither ever disclosed the reason behind their divorce, but a popular rumor at the time was that Robert cheated on her with his future wife, Kym. 

Robert's Controversy-Filled Relationship With Danielle Vasinova

Before marrying Kym Johnson and after divorcing Diane Plese, Robert Herjavec was also in a relationship with a  different woman. It is easily his most infamous relationship. 

Robert's time with the actress Danielle Vasinova gave him nothing more than trouble. It led to a lawsuit involving sexual assault. It is a long story filled with drama, so we will try to explain it briefly here.

Robert was the one who filed the case in this instance. The lawsuit said that Danielle tried to blackmail him with the allegations of sexual assault. The actress had previously claimed that she was sexually assaulted by the Shark Tank star, Robert, in 2015.

The situation only got messier as it was discovered that Danielle had also taken a rather embarrassing picture of him without his knowledge. She even let that picture out in the media to give him bad publicity. There were also other claims from her that he had asked her to quit acting.

Robert won the case, and we hadn't heard from Daniella since then. If you want to learn more about this case, then Tim Keneally for The Wrap has provided more insights into the point you would like to check out.

How Wealthy Are Haven's Parents?

Haven Mae Herjavec is blessed to have loving parents and ones who can buy her all the things she wants. Both her mom and dad are the bread earners of the house, with Kym Herjavec having a net worth of $1 Million and Robert Herjavec being way wealthier than his wife with a net worth of $200 Million.

Kym's made a career as a dancer, and nowadays, she is one of the judges of Dancing with the Stars, which must pay her well as her salary is yet to be disclosed. Besides judging other performers, she also deals with the clothing brand Fabletics; the money she receives only adds to her wealth.

On the other hand, Robert is the wealthiest member of the house, and it's not even a competition with his wife. Besides listening to people pitching their products and asking for investment on television, he is also the CEO of Cyderes, a cyber security company. 

She Has Two Fury Friends

Haven Mae Herjavec probably won't be bored even if her parents and brother aren't around her, as she has two pet dogs to play with. Lola and Trixie are also essential members of the house for them.

Lola and Trixie An unlikely Duo!!
Thank you @charlienunnphotography For the most adorable pictures of our fur babies. 
We can’t wait to see the beautiful book you are creating

Both Lola and Trixie are sitting while the entire background and floor is completely white.
Lola and Trixie in a photo shoot ( Image Source: Instagram @kymherjavec5678)

The lovely Lola and Trixie care about Haven as much as her parents. Kym's Instagram page is filled with pictures of these two as much as her kids. She sees her as a part of the family, and she has even celebrated festivals with her two dogs, such as Halloween, where she dressed up both.

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