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Relationship Timeline Of Heather Harlan

1995-11-17 2004-05-17
Ex-husband : Tony Randall
Heather Harlan was married to Tony Randall for 9 years.

Heather Harlan is an American actress, who stunned the audience with her outstanding performance in the mystery adventurous thriller movie, Forests of Mystery. More upon this, she became more famous because of her age-gap relationship with a Hollywood actor, Tony Randall.

So, what is happening in Harlan's life? Her fans are curiously waiting to know whether is she married for the second time or still single? Let's take a glance in the personal life of Harlan below.

How was Heather Harlan's Married Life with Tony Randall?

The 50-year-old, Heather Harlan and Tony Randall's wedding ceremony took place on 17th November 1995. During the time of nuptial, the bride was only 25 while her groom was 75 years old.

Despite the age gap of 50 years, they enjoyed a blissful married life in their luxurious Manhattan condo and Key Biscayne, Florida penthouse. Similarly, American actor, Billy Joel also tied the knot with Alexis Roderick in spite of the 35 years of age difference.

Heather Harlan and her beloved husband, Tony Randall shared a happy married life for almost a decade until his death. Find all the details about Harlan and Randall's net worth!
Heather Harlan and her late husband, Tony Randall had 50 years of age gap in marriage
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The duo met for the first time in 1993 when Heather just started her theatrical career as an intern at the National Actors Theatre in New York. At that time, Heather was only 23 years old, whereas Randall was 73 years old. They also collaborated on a stage play, Three Men on a Horse under the direction of John Tillinger. Since then, they found one another meant to be.

Found the Joys after Becoming Parents of Two Children

Forests of Mystery actress, Harlan gave birth to Randalls' two children. Her marital partner, Randall was so happy and excited when he became a father for the first time at the age of 77. 

The pair's first child, Julia Laurette Randall was born at 12:00 a.m. EST on April 11, 1997. Furthermore, they named their daughter after her mother-in-law Julia and Tony's favorite actress, Laurette Taylor, whom Randall also admired as the best actress.

Heather Harlan and her late husband, Tony Randall shared a quality moment with their children. Know all the details about Heather's age and birthday!
Heather Heather with her husband, Tony Randall upholding their two children during the premiere of Ice Age
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Following the first child's arrival, the couple again welcomed an adorable baby boy, Jefferson Salvini Randall on June 15, 1998. Likewise, they named him following the last names of the notorious actors, Joseph Jefferson, and Tommasso Salvini.

Harlan's Marriage Ends with Her Husband, Randall's Death  

Heather Harlan has some joyful moments with her late husband, Randall to remember. Their marriage ended after 9 years when Randall went to his deep sleep forever due to pneumonia at NYU Medical Center on 17th May 2004. It was found that he had coronary bypass heart surgery back in December 2003, which resulted in pneumonia.

Randall was survived by his second wife, Heather, and their two children before his death. Later, the Randall family held a memorial service for him and buried his body at the Westchester Hills Cemetery in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.

Heather Harlan's late husband, Tony Randall's headstone in Westchester Hills Cemetery. How much is Harlan's net worth as of 2021?
Heather Harlan's husband, Tony Randall's headstone in Westchester Hills Cemetery
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Following the death of Randall, Heather talked about her late husband in an interview in 2008, saying;

"It's horrible for a child to lose a parent at an early age, but our life is not a tragedy because Tony died. He was a loving husband. And since he couldn't have kids with his first wife, he desperately wanted them - so he was an incredibly loving father. And a great provider - his children have everything they will ever need. His presence is very, very strong in our lives."

Harlan, further, stated about the fingers raised upon her marriage with Randall;

"I could say a million things about the hypocrisy of the people who comment on my marriage. The first thing I'd say is, "You weren't there!". The second thing is, to all the women who have been used, abused, dicked over, dumped, cheated on, and stolen from: "Who wouldn't want a successful, smart, wonderful man who worshipped the ground you walked on?".

During the interview, a question was about her sexual relationship with her late husband. So, she proclaimed that "this is hard for people to grasp, but sex was not a problem. They had frequent sex until he [Randal] went into the hospital. It was just a normal part of their married life, and it was happy and they took care of each other that way until the end."

Heather's Late Spouse, Randal's First Marriage with Florence Gibbs Randall

Heather Harlan's beloved spouse, Tony Randall was in a blissful conjugal relationship with Florence Gibbs for almost five and a half decades. The former pair were love birds since their high school time. 

The couple, further, walked down the aisle in an intimate nuptial in 1938. However, Gibbs passed away after a long battle with cancer on 18th April 1992. Besides, the duo did not share any children. 

Heather Harlan's late husband, Tony Randall and his first wife, Florence Gibbs, pose before boarding a TWA Starstream flight for London, JFK International Airport, New York City on 29th June 1964. Did Heather Randall remarry?
Heather Harlan's late husband, Tony Randall alongside his first late wife, Florence Gibbs, who was his high school sweetheart
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Following the traumatic incident in Randall's life, he was sorrowful in pain and once said, "he wished to believe that he would see his parents again, and also, see his wife again. But, he knew it would not going to happen."

How Much is Heather Harlan's Net Worth as of 2021?

Heather Harlan has been actively working on Broadway stage plays since 1992. Her notable theatre works include A Little Hotel on the Side (1992), Three Men on a Horse (1993), The School for Scandal (1995), and Judgement at Nuremberg (2001). Also, her debut film, Forests of Mystery was a success at the box office.

Harlan garnered an impressive sum of earnings throughout her theatrical as well as filmography works. Since the demise of her beloved husband, the total fortune was given to her. As of 2021, her net worth is around $11 Million

Heather Harlan with her late husband, Tony Randall before his peaceful death. How old is Heather as of now?
Heather Harlan received the total amount of her late husband, Tony Randall's net worth after his demise
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On the other hand, her late husband, Tony garnered a lot of money and fame during the time of his reign in the entertainment industry during the period of the 90s. He had a whopping net worth of $10 Million during the time of his sad demise.

Randall received his first pay cheque of around $35,000 from the 1959 film, Pillow Talk. Also, his successful films are My Little Pony, the Island of Love, Hellow Down There, and many others. Meanwhile, he starred in TV shows like One Man's Family, Mister Peepers, and The Odd Couple

Early Life of Heather Harland

Tony Randall's wife, Heather Harlan celebrated her 50th birthday on the 20th of October 2020, according to her birth year, 1970. Besides, her hometown is Richmond, Virginia, USA, where she spent her childhood days.

What's more to this? Harlan was born with the zodiac sign, Libra. Moreover, she has a good sense of humor with social well-being and sticks with the pride of loyalty, according to her horoscope. On a similar hand, Aaron Kendrick De Niro's zodiac sign is also the same.



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