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Singer, Songwriter (1986)
Mon Jul 05 2021
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Relationship Timeline Of Heidi Feek

Husband : Casey Pierce
Heidi Feek Married To Casey Pierce In 2012

An American singer and songwriter, Heidi Feek is one of the rising stars of the US. She is popularly known as the daughter of the legendary singer, Rory Feek. Till now, she has secured numerous amount of songs into her belt, through which she has gardened a loyal fan base. Especially her writing and taste of music belong to Country, Folk, and Americana. 

Country singer, Feek was born on 3rd October 1986 in Beaufort, South Carolina. Later due to her father's profession, she grew up with her sister and father. As of now, she is thirty-three-years-old and plays songs with her husband as a duo band. 

Exchanged wedding vows with bandmate

The beautiful singer first encounters her love life partner, Dillon Hodges, during his North American tour for his self-titled, debut album. Within a first met, they were very much impressed with one another both musically and personally. 

Heidi Feek husband, Dillon Hodges. Know more about her marriage and wedding celebration.
Image: Heidi Feek spending quality time with her husband, Dillon Hodges
Source: Instagram @feekyfeek

So, later the musical duo started dating each other and started making music together. After a few years, the pair exchanged the wedding vows in front of their families and friends on 18th September 2019. Due to their mutual interest, the couple has an outstanding marital life.

They both make music together and loves hanging out with each other in their leisure. She updates about her personal life to the fans through her social sites account, and the comment section gets filled with the blessings and positive wishes.

Further, the duo is enjoying their marital life very much and lives a quality life. There are no rumors of extra-marital affairs regarding the couple. It seems like both are still supporting each other, both professionally and personally. 

Previously married to Casey Pierce

Prior to bounding love life with Dillon, she was previously married to Nashville artist, Casey Pierce, back on 26th of May, 2012. The beautiful wedding ceremony was filled with laughter with close friends and family. Heidi's old man even played a beautiful song of his own on that. 

Heidi Feek and Casey Pierce. Former husband, Casey Pierce and wife, Heidi Feek divorced after long marital life.
Photo: Heidi Feek with her ex-spouse, Casey Pierce
Source: the darkest evil

The two were known to be dating each other since 2010, due to the common interest. However, their marital life was not as successful as their music, so the pair ended up their relationship in 2014 with mutual understanding. Though the two have parted from each other, they are still very good friends.

Casey even directed the music video of Heidi's song "The Jungle" which was written by her current husband, Dillon. Further, Feek is happy with her current husband, and there is no news regarding Casey's involvement in the relationship. 

Parent's failed marriage and the death of step-mom

Heidi's mother, Tamara Gilmer, and father, Rory has enjoyed the great love with one another. The pair dated each other back in the early 80s and married within years of dating on 3rd October 1985. After enjoying six years of nuptial life, the pair get separated in 1992 because of the lack of intimacy. 

Father, Rory Feek and mother, Joey Marie Feek
Picture: Rory Feek with his late wife, Joey Marie Feek
Source: Eternal Lifestyle

The divorce was finalized on 25th March 1992 was Rory took the responsibility of the child's future. Ten years later, Heidi's father again found his love life, Joey Marie, with whom he walk-in the aisle on 15th June 2002. The two were popularly known as the country and bluegrass duo, Joey+Rory

Within their marital interval, the pair were blessed with one daughter, Indiana Feek who was born on 17th February 2014 which makes, Heidi half-sister of Indiana. On 4th March 2016, Joey died due to metastatic cervical cancer. As of now, Rory is taking full responsibility for Indiana while Heidi and her sister often visit them.

The Net Worth of Heidi Feek

Heidi's net worth hasn't been estimated yet but it is believed that her total fortune stands somewhere in $500,000. The versatile singer has accumulated all of her earning through her outstanding career.

Heidi Feek with her sister, Indiana Feek
Image: Heidi Feek enjoying lunch with her half-sister, Indiana Feek
Source: Instagram @feekyfeek

On average a singer-songwriter earns $71,993, according to Salary Expert and is one of the kind, she has surely gathered a good amount of paycheque without a doubt.  As of now, she is busy making new songs and touring with her husband. 

Further, her father has the fortune of over $3 Million who has also directed a biographical documentary named, To Joey with Love. Which rated 8.4 out of 10 through 117 ratings. The documentary collected $1,709,073 in the United States and $4,066 from other nations with total earnings of $1,713,139

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