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TV Personality/Car Customizer (1982)
Thu May 20 2021
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Relationship Timeline Of Helen Stanley

Ex-husband : David Niemetz
Helen Stanley Married To Helene Stanley In 1959 And Divorced In 1990

For those of you who are fanatic about watching automobile shows, the name Helen Stanley might ring a bell. She is an expert on restoring and customizing classic cars. Stanley is a British television personality best known for appearing in tv shows like Goblin Works Garage, Motor Pickers, and World's Greatest Cars.

Helen Stanley was born on April 7, 1982, and she belongs to British-American nationality. Growing up Helen wanted to become a fashion designer. Additionally, Helen had a successful career in the fashion industry too. However, she dived full time into her biggest passion that is cars. While viewers are familiar with her skills, they don't know about her personal life.

Helen Stanley and Anthony Partridge

The 38-year-old, Helen Stanley is currently single which means she is neither dating nor is she a married woman. Being a gorgeous tv presenter, Stanley has charmed her viewers with her expert skills and knowledge. However, it seems she hasn't found a perfect partner whom she can her husband.

Helen Stanley and Anthony Partridge.
image: Helen Stanley and her co-star, Anthony Partridge. They co-host a podcast titled, This Custom Life.
Source: Instagram@helenstanleyofficial

Now talking about Helen's personal life she is a  fun-loving woman. Along with Anthony Partridge, she co-starred in Goblin Works Garage and co-hosts This Custom Life-The Podcast. Also, the two documents their life with custom cars on social media. While viewers might speculate of their relationship, neither Helen nor Anthony officially confirmed the rumors.

Net Worth

The television presenter Helen Stanley has an estimated net worth of $500,000. She is one of the few established female car customizers. After working for over ten years in the fashion industry, Helen left her successful career to work as a car customizer. What is her annual salary?

As a television presenter, Helen might earn somewhere between $34,564-$43,565 from her tv show. Besides tv, Stanley documents her life with custom cars on Instagram and YouTube. Also, she works as the head of a custom car club called, Anti-Taste Collective. The club aims to encourage a wider and diverse audience to get involved in the scene.

Helen Stanley's net worth is $500,000.
Image: Tv presenter, car customizer, and entrepreneur, Helen Stanley has a net worth of $500,000.
Source: Instagram@helenstanleyofficial

Helen has established herself in the so-called man's field of work. While some car restorers such as Wayne Carini and Ian Roussel earn a massive amount, the pay-gap should be fulfilled for women as well.

Like other entrepreneurs, Stanley has her own website called, helenstanleyofficial.com. Through the site, she sells doodle prints and signed photos that cost between $20-$55

Obsession with Cars

As per Stanley, she is obsessed with classic cars like BMW E30s, M1s, Audi Quattros, Sierra Cosworth RS500s, the 70s, and 80s rally cars, and touring cars. Also, she is a huge fan of the progressive nature of the Japanese and American car scene. She hopes to inject that culture into the United Kingdom.

Watch Helen Stanley showing her project!

Back when Stanley was just entering the automobile industry, she along with a partner co-founded Skull & Pistons Garage. Their company (now defunct) was an independent brand specializing in the restoration and customization of classic British cars.

Not only does Helen customize classic cars, but she is equally fond of racing as well. With a stunning tattoo covering her right arm from shoulder to her wrist, Helen sure knows about outer appearance.

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