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Relationship Timeline Of Holly Monteleone

Husband : Derek Blanchard
Holly Monteleonetook the wedding vows with Derek Blanchard.

Holly Monteleone is an American media personality born on September 24, 1984, who rose to fame due to her outstanding work as a paramedic. Apart from her medical job, she is also a TV reality star. 

Holly's works frequently involves violent assaults and horrifying accidents. Most of her videos are viral on social media saving several lives in a live-action camera.

However, Holly seems to be a well-trained professional at her job and knows how to control the situation.  She is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.  

Is Holly Monteleone From Nightwatch Married Or Still Single?

Ward specialist Monteleone is neither married nor single. She was in a romantic relationship with her long-term boyfriend, Derek Blanchard. The ex-couple met at French Quarter Festival in 2016 and started dating.

Holly Monteleone with her ex-boyfriend Derek Blanchard.
Holly Monteleone with her ex-boyfriend Derek Blanchard ( Source: Instagram@Holly Monteleone)

Despite not being married, the romantic couple was able to give birth to a son and a daughter together. They equally give time to their children.

Monteleone: Mother Of Two Children

Nightwatch actress Monteleone is a mother of two children, a son Saint Sherman and a daughter Violet Sherman, from her long-term boyfriend, Derek Blanchard.

However, Monteleone has not officially shared any personal information regarding her children, but she posts many pictures of her children on her social media platform. 

Holly Monteleone with her son and a daughter
Holly Monteleone with her son and a daughter (Source: Instagram@Holly Monteleone)

Monteleone values her kids more than anything in her life, so she always gives time to her children inspite of her busy professional life.

What is The Net Worth of Holly Monteleone?

Monteleone enjoys an estimated net worth of $1 million, similar to Dina Korzun. She has collected such a hefty amount through her successful career as a paramedic. It includes her assets, cash, capital, and surplus.

Rather than her profession Monteleone is also a well-qualified paramedic assistant and worker in a renowned hospital. 

Holly Monteleone driving a car.
Holly Monteleone is driving a car. (Source: Instagram@Holly Monteleone)

In addition, Monteleone has also acted in a popular television series that involved her powerful paramedic skills, which is also a great source of income generation for her. She seems to earn wealth by working in different television series through her monthly patron membership.

Family Background

Monteleone was born to a catholic father and mother. She has not officially shared any information regarding her parents except that her father was a professional welder.

Holly Monteleone with her mother
Holly Monteleone with her mother. (Source: Instagram@Holly Monteleone)

Through her tattoos, Monteleone has expressed her love for her stepdad and blood mom.

Did Monteleone Develop Bisexual Tendencies in College?

A famous media personality, Monteleone, is still a straight woman with a boyfriend and a daughter. However, Monteleone has a slightly masculine appearance and character, and people think she was gay during her college life.

Based on the assumption, many people have spread rumors about Monteleone being gay during high school. However, there is no proof that she was gay as a college student. 

Educational Background

Paramedic Monteleone has not talked about her early education and higher education. 

But due to her profession as a medical emergency ward specialist, we speculate that she might have done a degree related to a particular field.

Monteleone Is A Tattoo Freak

As mentioned earlier, Monteleone is the one who values her family more than anything. She even went as far as getting a tattoo to signify her love for her family.

Holly Monteleone has a tattoo on different parts of her body
Holly Monteleone has a tattoo on different parts of her body. (Source: Instagram @Holly Monteleone)

The heart tattoo on Monteleone's was the name of her parents and the year when her stepfather and mother hooked up. She also has other tattoos on different body parts but has not publicly told about the tattoo's meaning.

Being a Lawyer Was Monteleone First Career Choice 

Saint Sherman's mother, Monteleon, wanted to become a Lawyer from an early age. But things got changed after she attended a two-week Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training course.

She saw her best friend saving the life of a 16-year-old girl, which was an overwhelming and heart-satisfying experience for Monteleone. After that incident, she thought about doing something for the nation's people and developed an interest in EMTs. 

Monteleone is a courageous and hardworking woman, so because of her passion for her aim, she became a paramedic to save the lives of citizens rather than choosing to be a lawyer. 

Louie: Monteleone Pet Name

The reality star Monteleone has a pet dog similar to Sierra Gillespie of the breed Labradoodle. She calls her dog Louie. Monteleone is emotionally attached to her pet dog.

Holly Monteleone's pet dog Louie
Holly Monteleone's pet dog Louie. (Source: Instagram@Holly Monteleone)

She takes good care of her pet dog together with her children. Monteleone's babies also love playing with Louie. She has posted many photos of her dog on her Instagram handle.

Physical Appearances

Holly Monteleone is 5 feet and 2 inches (157 cm) tall and weighs 65 kg (143 lbs). She sees herself as a strong fighter because she went from 85 kg to 65 kg in body weight.

Monteleone has blond hair that adds beauty to her blue eyes and has a fair complexion. However, her actual body measurement is still behind the curtain.

Despite being in her late 30s, she looks very young compared to other women of the same age group. The reason behind her young appearance is said to be her regular exercise and healthy diet. 

Started Career At The Age Of 18

The reality star Monteleone started her career at eighteen, featuring Self-EMS on the popular Nightwatch reality show. The show began in 2015 and ended its last episodes by 2022.

Holly Monteleone and her staff of paramedics
Holly Monteleone and her staff of paramedics. (Source: Instagram @Holly Monteleone)

Monteleone presented herself very strongly in her career as a paramedic. Now she is known as the best and the most confident emergency service staff in New Orleans.

What Is Nightwatch?

Nightwatch is a reality television show that portrays life-saving events and focuses on the responsibilities of emergency responders such as police, Hospitals, ambulances, and firefighters to do their duty on time.

It includes almost all the paramedics who work in the city of New Orleans at midnight, showing thousands of responsibilities and the emerging calls they ensure. It is also a reality show depicting the life of emergency responders in New Orleans.

Leisure Activities 

Monteleone gets significantly less leisure time as she has to balance her professional and personal life. But most of the time, when she is free, she spends with her kids.

Holly Monteleone's son  Saint Sherman playing.
Holly Monteleone's son Saint Sherman is playing. (Source: Instagram@Holly Monteleone')

Is Monteleone A Social Media Freak?

Holly Monteleone looks very active on her social media. She interacts with her fan through social media. She is widely active on her Instagram as @Holly Monteleone, with more than 95.6k followers.

Monteleone's Instagram is full of her family photographs, including some professional ones. She has also posted about her weight loss journey on Instagram. 

Moreover, Monteleone is also present on Facebook and Twitter; however, she is not much active on those social media handles.  

Holly Is Also Famous By Her Nickname "Holly Sherman"

You might be confused about whether Holly's surname is Moneteleone or Sherman. This discussion started among Holly fans after she wore the uniform with the name tag Holly Sherman in the first episode of Nightwatch.

Whatsoever, Holly has not given any explanation for this fact. However, in the future, she might give a reasonable explanation regarding this discussion to satisfy her fans and followers.


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