How is Dee Breuer Doing? Beautiful Woman Known As The Wife of Jim Breuer

Wed Oct 27 2021
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Dee Breuer is a well-known American woman who rose to notoriety as Jim Breuer's wife. Jim is a stand-up comedian, musician, and actor from the United States. 

Dee is well-known for her unwavering support for her family and husband despite her deteriorating health. Furthermore, she has also been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Dee Breuer Battled Cancer In 2012:

Celebrity Wife, Dee is diagnosed with cancer back in 2012. Like Stacey Frey, She was dealing with one breast cancer at the time, which was successfully treated. Later, in 2015, she was diagnosed with lymph node cancer and has been battling it ever since.

At that time, she stated, 

That was a heavy couple of months, trying to figure that out.the 

Dee Breuer husband
Image: Dee Breuer With her husband, Jim Breuer attending movies premiere. Source: Getty Images

Since then, she has been given a terminal diagnosis and medicine. Despite that, she hasn't been cured of cancer yet; however, she is fit at the moment. All the credit goes to her husband who is taking good care of Dee in every possible matter. Actress, Katee Sackhoff is also battling cancer.

Is Jim's Wife Still Fighting For Life?

Well, the answer is yes. As aforementioned, Breuer has not been cured of cancer yet; however, she is better than in 2012. According to doctors, she is in the fourth (last) stage, but she is optimistic that she can be cured. 

The same goes for her husband, who believes she can fight against cancer and live a happy life without worries. She, alongside her husband, is currently doing everything possible to cure cancer. Despite her motivation and treatment, her cancer is getting worse daily.

Dee Breuer's Sister in Law Died Due To Cancer

The word cancer is not new for Breuer's beloved husband, Jim, as his sister has already left the world due to cancer. Now, his wife and mother are battling the same dreadful disease. 

As a result, the American comedian always characterized his wife as a source of inspiration for all who work with her. He often takes cancer as a positive, and once in an interview, he stated that cancer is everywhere.

Jim Breuer
Image: American Comedian, Jim Breuer in the frame. 
Source: Vilarpac

Furthermore, Breuer revealed that his wife is battling cancer, which is why he chose to stay at home and raise their daughters rather than pursue a profession. As a result, he is now busy caring for his ill wife and young dependent children. 

Shares Three Beautiful Daughters with Husband, Jim Breuer

Mr. and Mrs. Breuer tied their wedding knot back in 1993. They are together for almost three decades and share special bonding. During this long journey of love, they are blessed with three daughters. However, they have secretly raised their children far from media attention. And among three children, Gabrielle Breuer name is only known.

Jim Breuer daughters
Image: Jim Breuer with his wife and three daughters. Source: Yahoo

Despite that, the pair are taking good care of their children in every possible manner. Currently, the family of five is living in Naples, Florida after selling their home in Chester Township, New Jersey.

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