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Wed Apr 26 2023
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Hunter Fieri is the son of American restauranteur Guy Fieri who is famous for his television appearances. The celebrity Chef is a massive deal in the states, and his fame and success are evident through his net worth of $50 Million.

Hunter is heavily influenced by his father, who is a massive fan of cooking. The same thing can't be said about his younger brother Ryder Fieri. It is because he is trying to make a career in Basketball. Celebrity kids aren't known for having the best behaviors, but Guy and his wife, Lori Fieri, have raised both of them well.

Hunter And Guy Fieri's Net Worth

Addie Lane holds equal fortune as Hunter, Hunter Fieri's net worth is estimated to be $6 Million. Following in his father's footsteps, he is also trying to make a career as a chef. His net worth may seem nothing compared to his father, but the thing to consider is that he just started in the industry and has many more years ahead of him.

Hunter used to own a small business called Kulinary Gangstas for more than two years. It was a mobile pizza trailer. Besides that, he works on television with shows like Shell Station Nation. These have been some of his income sources.

Guy Fieri and Hunter Fieri are sitting next to each other as both are looking at something.
Hunter Fieri and Guy Fieri on the sets of Grocery games (Source: Instagram @hunterfieri)

The net worth of Guy Fieri is $50 Million, making him one of the wealthiest celebrity chefs in the world. He has been associated with Food Network for many years. He is currently involved in six shows in the show and is currently running on an $80 Million contract. Besides television, he owns numerous restaurants and makes some revenue through clothing and merchandise sales.

Who Is Hunter Fieri Wife?

Hunter doesn't have a wife, nor is he involved with any woman. He is still young, ambitious, and occupied with a lot of work. So, getting married is probably the last thing he is focused on right now.

Hunter also hasn't revealed his previous relationship if he had been in one. He is focused on his work, making food, and improving his skills to become a better chef than his father.

Meet Hunter Fieri's Brother, Ryder Fieri

Hunter has a younger brother named Ryder Fieri. Unlike his father and brother, his interests are different. He wants to make a career in Basketball.

In this selfie taken in a car, both Hunter Fieri and Ryder Fieri can be seen wearing a cowboy hat.
Hunter Fieri with his brother Ryder Fieri (Source: Instagram @hunterfieri)

Ryder is already a bit of a celebrity, thanks to his father's fame. He and his brother Hunter have a fantastic relationship. Hunter loves to hang out with his brother Snocks (as Hunter calls his younger brother) and have a good time partying, watching NBA matches, and much more.

Hunter Is A Hospitality Management Student 

Hunter has a degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Nevada. His decision to become a Chef got him to study Hospitality Management. He is believed to have graduated in 2020.

But a degree alone doesn't give you culinary skills, and Hunter knew that. He started working in the industry, not during college but while still in high school. In his words:

Throughout my high school career, I worked in a family owned restaurant, where I started as a dishwasher and worked my way up to a line chef position. Along with that, I have great amount of experience in cooking and in the kitchen.

Hunter Fieri Parents Guy Fieri And Lori Fieri's Love Story

Hunter's parents, Guy Fieri and Lori Fieri are one of the most loved celebrity couples in the world. But their love story didn't start in the ideal of circumstances. In 1992, one of Lori's friends who worked in Guy's restaurant was fired. 

The entire Fieri family is posing for the picture with Guy, Hunter, and Ryder Fieri wearing shirts.
Hunter Fieri with his family. (Source: Instagram @hunterfieri)

Not long after being fired, Lori and her friend walked into his restaurants, and Guy didn't like that. He initially asked them to leave but couldn't as Lori defended herself and her friend. That was the best decision of his life as Guy fell in love after getting to know her. The two have been happily married now for more than two decades. 

Hated For Being A Product Of Nepotism

Hunter is disliked by many, as the son of Guy Fieri has been accused of being a talentless, nepotism product. The hate mostly comes from the fact that despite being fresh in the culinary world, he is already getting appearances in top cooking shows. He judges contestants' foods alongside his father, and many have questioned his credibility.

The main criticism of Hunter is that he didn't have to work hard in his life. He started during his high school days working in a family-owned restaurant. But his fathers, friends, and mentors are always there for him to deal with all the negativity. He is also trying to get out of his father's shadow, and his father is supportive of that. People reports on what Fieri said about the advice his father gave. He said:

Always listen, be smart, and apply what you've learned. And he always told me, 'You can't be just Guy Fieri's son. If you really want to take over this world, you got to be Hunter Fieri,' and that's just what I think about.

Has Inked His Body

Hunter loves tattoos and has more than one tattoo, but the tattoo on his calf is his most famous. The cryptic tattoo was done by a tattoo artist named Suluape Pili Mo'o.

The tattoo on Hunter Fieri's calf is shaped like a pencil with cryptic symbols.
Hunter Fieri calf tattoo (Source: Instagram @hunterfieri)

Hunter Fieri's father, Guy Fieri, is known for his signature spikey hair and tattoos. It would be safe to assume he must have been hugely influenced by his father to get a tattoo on his body himself.

Guy Fieri's Son Charity Works

Hunter has used his skills of cooking for a great cause as well. He has previously been involved with Best Buddies International. He worked with his father to serve food for the differently abled people; together, they touched many people's lives.

The event was organized in June 2016. In his words:

Father and I served food for Best Buddies at the Harvard stadium in Boston. All to show support for intellectually disabled children and adults. 

Loves Water Sports

Hunter's favorite pastime is doing water sports, and he is a massive fan of the seas and the oceans. His favorite place is Ruth Lake, where he loves to wake surfing. Not only him, but he has also helped his brother Ryder fall in love with it as they together love to do wake surfing.

Hunter Fieri is grabbing two hands of the giant crab as he smiles for the camera.
Hunter Fieri posing with the crab he caught (Source: Instagram @hunterfieri)

Other than surfing, Hunter is also a massive fan of scuba diving. He has scuba dived in the past in Hawaii. Besides that, the brave man has also done Shark diving in the Bahamas.

Hunter is also a massive fan of fishing. The things he has caught most people would probably be scared even to touch it. He has previously visited Pybus, Alaska, to go fishing with his father, and they have caught some scary fish together.

Hunter Fieri's Father Guy Fieri Is Disliked By Many For Being A Hothead

Guy has a lot of fans, one of them being his son Hunter. However, he also has a lot of haters as well. Many dislike him for being a bit of a hothead and getting involved in altercations and fights. Also, people like Alton Brown, Anthony Bourdain, David Chang, Mario Batali, and many more aren't fans of him. 

Guy controversies are not just limited to fights. He has previously been accused of being a homophobe in the past. Mashed reports that David Page accused him of leaving the restaurant after finding out a gay couple owned it.


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