Inside Kathy Griffin's Messy Love Life

Mon Jun 12 2023
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Inside Kathy Griffin's controversial personal life: The comedian has been married two times!  

Kathy Griffin is a polarising figure in the industry. While many have condemned the star for her blunt sense of humor, she is equally loved for her stellar job in the business. Griffin is a comedian-turned-actress, who won two Emmy awards for her reality show Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List.  

Born Kathleen Mary Griffin on born November 4, 1960, in Oak Park, Illinois, her career as a comedian started in the 90s with an improv comedy troupe. Kathy's gradual rise to stardom, or infamy started after her several acting roles and standup acts. Throughout her career, the comedian has courted many controversies, which span her personal life as well. 

Kathy Griffin's First Marriage!  

The Emmy-winning comedian's first marriage experience isn't the worst thing a celebrity has ever experienced but it was bad. The Oak Park-born comedian married computer administrator Matt Moline in 2001. The pair met through Matt's sister, television producer Rebecca Moline.   

Kathy Griffin was married to Matthew Moline.
Kathy Griffin accused her first husband of stealing from her. Photo Source: Instagram

During their five years as spouses, the couple went through several ups and downs. An excerpt of the larger picture was even covered in Griffin's Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, which not only documented Griffin's journey from being a D-list star to becoming an A-lister but also gave viewers insights into her uncomical personal life.  

The comedian filed for divorce from her then-husband, in September 2005, before making a failed attempt to rekindle their relationship. The pair's divorce was eventually finalized in May 2006. The comedian-turned-actress revealed that her trust in men was strained after Moline stole $72,000 from her over an 18-month period.   

Dive into Kathy Griffin's New Marriage!  

Kathy married marketing executive Randy Bick on January 1, 2020, in a small wedding ceremony officiated by comedian Lily Tomlin. The couple didn't have a smooth run until their nuptial. Griffin is not exactly the type to keep her fans in the dark regarding her love life and hence, no exception was made when she started dating Bick, in 2012.   

Kathy Griffin is married to Randy Bick.
Kathy and Randy's wedding was officiated by comedian Lily Tomlin. Photo Source: Instagram

Quipping about her meet-cute with the marketing executive, who is 18 years younger than her, the comedian said that she met her now-husband at a low-key food and wine festival, in 2011. And what Griffin thought would be a one-night thing turned into something worth holding onto.  

The pair started dating eventually and Griffin even called Bick a "very sweet and very mellow" guy, unlike those Hollywood snobs she dated in the past. The duo stood tall together through some tumultuous times, even during Kathy's firing from a CNN gig after she sparked controversy by posing with a fake decapitated Donald Trump.   

Kathy Griffin and Randy Bick started dating in 2012.
Griffin started dating Bick in 2012. Photo Source: Instagram

The actress spoke with surprise when she opened up about her romance with Randy, in 2016, saying that she didn't think it was last that long. The Hell of a Story star and her beau enjoyed a seven-year-long bliss and hit a bump in 2018. 

In a very Griffin-styles Tweet, the comedian announced her abrupt split from Bick. "Randy and I have decided to part ways. It's not acrimonious and I will always adore him," Kathy's tweet read. She added, "Now those jerks at TMZ won't get the story first."    

Kathy Griffin is an Emmy-winning comedian.
The Emmy winner was diagnosed with cancer in 2021. Photo Source: Instagram

The couple reconciled in 2019 and made a comeback with their engagement announcement. The smitten couple even shared their New Year's Eve 2019's wedding ceremony, which they reportedly wrapped up in 14 minutes. Since their humble 2020 nuptial, the pair have been hit by more setbacks, and are navigating the tough time with courage.    

The comedian underwent vocal cord surgery as a part of her cancer journey! 

The Emmy winner announced that she had lung cancer despite "never smoking in her life." The comedian followed the tragic announcement with the information that she is undergoing surgery to "remove half of her left lung." Griffin recently underwent vocal cord surgery as a part of her cancer journey. The 62-year-old is now cancer free and in recovery.  

Kathy Griffin's Lesser-Known Romances!  

Apart from her one failed marriage and the ongoing nuptial, which is very much thriving, Griffin has had a few relatively lesser-known romances. The Muppets actress was a year into her split from Moline in 2007 when she sparked dating rumors with Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak.   

Kathy Griffin was diagnosed with cancer in 2021.
Griffin dated Steve Wozniak for a year. Photo Source: Instagram

A few months after the unconfirmed status of the swirling rumor, Griffin and Wozniak seemingly gave the speculation a green light as they attended the 59th Emmys together, in September 2007. But the romance fizzled out after a year. "He's an awesome guy, but I have to say he is in the friends' category now," said the stand-up comedian. 

Griffin's billionaire ex, Wozniak, 72, married his now-wife, Janet Hill, shortly after his split from Kathy. The comedian-turned-actress infamously alluded to a romantic involvement with NFL practice-squad player, Isaiah Mustafa, in 2012, a claim that Mustafa later refuted.   

Griffin's trove of exes also includes names like actor Jack Black, comedian Fred Stoller, singer Leif Garrett, record producer Andrew W.K., and the Oscar-winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino.

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