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Thu Sep 21 2023
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Ira Peskowitz is popularly known as the estranged father of the American rapper Bhad Bhabie. When she became an internet sensation with her phrase "Cash me outside, how bout dah", Ira also got sprung into the limelight.

Why did Ira abandon his daughter? Did he cheat on Bhad Bhabie's mother? Get all the exclusive details about it as we delve into Peskowitz's life.

Ira Peskowitz Rough Relationship With Barbara Bregoli

Bhad Bhabie's parents Ira Peskowitz and Barbara Bregoli had a rough relationship. It is reported that the former couple hardly dated for a year. Ira left Barbara after she got pregnant with their daughter Daniella.

Ira Peskowitz daughter Bhad Bhabie and former lover Barbara Bregoli.
Ira Peskowitz's daughter Bhad Bhabie and former lover Barbara Bregoli. Source: Life & Style

Peskowitz and Bregoli separated in 2003, but their legal battles are still going on. In 2017, Ira filed for a restraining order on Barbara alleging she bit their daughter. However, Bhad Bhabie denied all these accusations and put the restraining orders on him.

Who Is Ira Peskowitz Married To Now?

Following his separation from Barbara Bregoli in 2003, Ira Peskowitz is now married to Stephanie Peskowitz. Ira has kept his love life details with Stephanie behind the curtains. Thus, Bhad Bhabie's father's wedding date is not disclosed.

Ira Peskowitz with his wife Stephanie and two children.
Ira Peskowitz with his wife Stephanie and two children. Source: IQ Wiki

However, it is known that Peskowitz shares two children with Stephanie. Yes, Ira is blessed with a son and a daughter. The celebrity father has been a father figure to his son and daughter and he could not be for Bhad Bhabie.

Barbara accused Stephanie of having stolen her boyfriend. Bregoli had emailed Ira Peskowitz wife saying;

“I hope you had a nice July 4th weekend with my boyfriend, while I was taking care of our four-month-old daughter.

You can have him, you (expletive) because after I’m done with him, he will have nothing, bi**h.”

Did Ira Peskowitz Really Abandon Bhad Bhabie?

According to Bhad Bhabie's mother, Barbara, Ira abandoned the mother and daughter when they needed him the most. Brogeli also knew that she was going to be alone while raising her daughter. David Banda was also abandoned by his biological father.

Ira Peskowitz was not there at the time Bhad Bhabie needed her most.
Ira Peskowitz was not there at the time Bhad Bhabie needed her most. Source: Pop Buzz

Barbara also wished herself Father's Day mentioning she is the only one for her daughter. Ira was slammed by everyone on the Internet and was called the estranged father of Bhad Bhabie.

After getting lots of negative comments, Peskowitz showed some evidence that would prove that the only thing he wants is for Daniella to get a proper life. Ira also revealed the voicemail where Brogeli does not want him to meet the American rapper.

In the voicemail, Barbara said:

“You’re not in her life, you’ll never be in her life… you want her now because she’s making money ain’t gonna happen Ira… she’s mine.”

Custody Battle Between Ira Peskowitz & Barbara Bregoli

Well, it's not like Ira Peskowitz truly wanted to leave his daughter Daniella Bregoli. He did fight to get the custody. According to Ira, started a GoFundMe to raise money to fight a custody battle to get his daughter back in his life but the campaign failed.

Ira Peskowitz with infant Bhad Bhabie.
Ira Peskowitz with infant Bhad Bhabie. Source: The Sun

After a nasty legal battle for the rights of the daughter, the court ruled in Barbara's favor. She was given the sole parental decision-making responsibility when Bhad Bhabie was just 18 months old.

However, Ira was allowed to visit his daughter and had to pay child support. Over the time, he talked with Daniella on the phone.

Ira Peskowitz's Absence Caused Bhad Bhabie To Walk On Wrong Path

While Bhad Bhabie had no father figure to check on her, she walked down the wrong path. While growing up, the American rapper got into lots of legal troubles.

As Daniella used to live with her mother alone, she got herself involved in some criminal activities. Bhad Bhabie even stole Barbara's car to go to Miami. 

After a lot of consideration, Barbara took her daughter to Dr. Phil's show hoping to cure her. But, it did not work out and she became a Meme sensation with her phrase;

“Cash me ousside, how bow dah?”

Bhad Bhabie's Estranged Father Ira Peskowitz Says She Was Groomed To Be An Adult Star

Now, Cash Me outside rapper Bhad Bhabie is in Onlyfans just like Eva Savagiou. She has over 1.7M likes and the subscription fee is $23.99 per month. It is an absolute grief to see people treating one's daughter like a sex object.

Bhad Bhabie is on Onlyfans.
Bhad Bhabie is on Onlyfans. Source: Instagram @bhadbhabie

Ira Peskowitz has raised a concern about it. He said that Daniella focused more on creating content on Onlyfans rather than singing songs. Peskowitz mentioned that his daughter earned $50M in the year she started onlyfans.

Peskowitz also said that the 157 cm tall Bhad Bhabie was groomed to make money from only fans. In an interview with The Sun Ira said:

“Was she groomed? Absolutely. With the way she dressed and the way she acted, everything was sex-related and encouraged by people around her. Who in their right mind thinks ‘Ah she’s just turned 18 so now it’s time to make money on OnlyFans’, you don’t think of that in a few days there must have been some preparation when she was under 18.”

Ira Peskowitz Net Worth: Is He Still A Police Officer?

When Bhad Bhabie's estranged father was in a relationship with his mother, he was a Palm Beach sheriff's deputy officer. He began working in law enforcement in Feb 1994. However, Peskowitz is not a police officer anymore.

Bhad Bhabie has a net worth of $25 Million.
Bhad Bhabie has a net worth of $25 Million. Source: Instagram @bhadbhabie

Ira Peskowitz now trains tennis beginners at USTA. Yes, he is a tennis coach. Furthermore, Ira also partly worked as an advocate. With all his earnings, Peskowitz has a net worth of at least $1 Million.

Speaking of his famous daughter, Bhad Bhabie has a net worth of $25 Million. In 2021, she created a record by earning $1 Million in just six hours with Onlyfans. The American rapper paid $6 Million for the Boca Raton mansion.

Ira Peskowitz Bio/Wiki: Early Life, Education, & Parents

What is Ira Peskowitz's age? Well, Bhad Bhabie's father was born on February 6, 1968, in New York. As per his birthdate, Ira is in his mid-50s in terms of age. 

Ira Peskowitz in a police uniform.
Ira Peskowitz in a police uniform. Source: Everipedia

Peskowitz enrolled at the NYPD Police Academy in 1994. In addition to this, he took courses on Law enforcement, and criminal justice making him quite knowledgeable in this field. 

Ira was a student at Indian River State College before he attended classes at Palm Beach Atlantic University. He has a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership from this university.


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