Is Dwayne Johnson Married? Rock Wife

Fri Jul 21 2023
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Who does not know Dwyane Johnson? The man popular with the nickname Rock is the star of the showbiz industry. Whether it be wrestling or acting, Dwyane knows how to give his best.

But what about his personal life? Do Rock aces in his romantic life too? Fans have been wanting to know this for a long. So, let's explore the marital life of Dwyane Johnson.

Is Dwyane Johnson Married Now? Know Rock Wife

Dwyane Johnson, also known as the Rock has a wife now. He is married since 2019 to Lauren Hashian. How did the couple meet? Turns out the husband and wife duo initially crossed paths on the set of The Game Plan in 2006.

Dwyane Johnson married Lauren Hashian in 2019.
Dwyane Johnson married Lauren Hashian in 2019. Source: Pinterest

At that time, Rock was still hitched to his first wife. In 2007 Johnson divorced his wife and later on, announced his relationship with Lauren publicly.

Together, the married couple Lauren and Dwyane has made a family of two children. They welcomed two daughters; Jasmine Johnson in 2015, and Tiana Johnson in 2018. 

Dwyane Johnson & Lauren Hashain Tied Knot!

Dwyane and Hashain were full of love. Unlike other celebrities, Rock and Lauren never became shy flaunting their romance. In 2012, the actor and wrestler opened up about his second love.

"I was so fortunate to have fallen in love once," Johnson said. "To fall in love again? That's a hard thing to do twice in the position I'm in. I'm one lucky son of a b----."

Lauren Hashian and Dwyane Johnson at premiere of Red Notice.
Lauren Hashian and Dwyane Johnson at the premiere of Red Notice. Source: Instagram @laurenhashianofficial

After dating for over a decade, Lauren finally became Rock's wife. The couple shared some sneak peeks of their intimate marriage ceremony on August 18, 2019, all over Instagram. 

Rock captioned:

“We do. August 18th, 2019. Hawaii. Pōmaikaʻi (blessed) @laurenhashianofficial❤️@hhgarcia41📸,”

The actor-cum-wrestler Dwayne was all white for the wedding. He wore a white shirt and pants. While his bride, Lauren, opted for a long white Milla Zwillinger lace dress. 

Love Is In The Air For Rock & His Wife

It has been almost two decades and the love is still the same for Dwyane Johnson and his wife Lauren Hashain. The wedded pair enjoy their intimacy and their romantic life with the same energy.

Mutual understanding and trust between the couple is the key to their happiness. And so, Lauren and Dwayne have not made any headlines with their disputes.

Dwyane Johnson and his wife at Jumanji Premiere.
Dwyane Johnson and his wife at Jumanji Premiere. Source: Instagram @laurenhashianoffical

Hashain, the proud wife, wished and celebrated Dwyane's 50th birthday. Lauren showed her unwavering love for her husband via Instagram.  Such a warm wish and gesture from the special person surely tingled Johnson's heart.

It is already 2023, and Johnson's relationship with his wife is going strong. The pair recently appeared in the Grammys together on February 5, 2023.

Dwayne Johnson Still Has A Good Relationship With First Wife

Despite the separation from first wife, Johnson still shares a good relationship with her. Dwyane was married to his first wife Danny Garcia from 1997 to 2007. 

Garcia and Dwayne's love story began after they met at the University of Miami. They dated for a while and fast forward to 1997, Rock and his first wife decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Rock was married to Danny Garcia for a decade.
Rock was married to Danny Garcia for a decade. Source: Pinterest

During their decade-long nuptials, Dwyane and Danny became the parents of a beautiful daughter named Simone Johnson. Simone is a wrestler like her father. Even the birth of their daughter did not hold the marriage.

Why did Rock divorce his first wife? Well, Dwyane admitted he has not been a good husband. But, some people believe his extramarital affair with Lauren ended their relationship.

However, this does not seem to be the case as Garcia has said that, Johnson is a good family man. Additionally, the ex-couple not only has good friendships but also are business partners. Together they run Seven Bucks Productions.

Insight Rock Wife's Life

Rock's wife is a native of Lynnfield, Massachusetts. Lauren Hashain born on September 8, 1984, is currently in her late 30s in terms of age. She is 12 years younger than  Dwyane Johnson.

Dwyane Johnson's wife Lauren Hashian is a music artist. Source: Pinterest

Hashain, the daughter of the late drummer Sib Hashian, was always a music enthusiast. So, the celebrity wife pursued her career in music production, songwriting, and singing.

Today, Lauren has a successful career in the music industry. Some of her songs are Ride The Wave, Bout U, and so on. With all this, the 175 cm tall Hashain makes a good amount leading her net worth to be around $5 Million similar to Vernon Odom.




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