Is Jasmine Page Lawrence Dating Eric Murphy? Know Their Relationship Timeline

Thu Sep 15 2022
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Jasmine Page Lawrence and Eric Murphy are famous personalities who have set an example among those couples who believe in a genuine and long-lasting relationship. Their relationship is no joke, and many people have admitted it. 

In this article, we will be covering the relationship timeline of the romantic couple Jasmine and Eric. Stay tuned with us until the end of this article to know how they met to what their parents have to say about their love life. 

Is It True That Jasmine & Eric Love Angle Began Back In The '90s?

Yes, you heard it right that Jasmine Page Lawrence and Eric Murphy might have known each other since the '90s. There is a theory regarding this that seems somehow true. 

Jasmine Page Lawrence and Eric Murphy father's both are comedians.
Jasmine Page Lawrence and Eric Murphy father's both are comedians. Source: 247 News Around The World

As mentioned earlier, their parents are both comedians who have worked together on several projects. Before moving toward their hit films, let us make you familiar that Boomerang is their first movie where they worked together. After that, they again appeared in the Oscar-nominated film Life

As their parents were getting closer to each other by working in movies, their families may have called closer, which resulted in gathering. Many critics also express that this is how Jasmine and Eric got a chance to get close to each other, and later their friendship turned into a romantic relationship. 

Well, it may be true or just an assumption because the couple has not revealed it publicly. But isn't it romantic that the couple is doing great in their romantic life? 

A romantic picture of Jasmine Page Lawrence and Eric Murphy.
A romantic picture of Jasmine Page Lawrence and Eric Murphy. Image Source: @jasmin_lawrence

Unfortunately, this theory is false according to Jasmine because she said this wasn't the case. However, she has admitted that their love story is romantic, like in films. 

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How Do They Encounter With Each Other? 

Well, it is still a mystery about Jasmine Page Lawrence and Eric Murphy's first encounter because they have not disclosed it to the public. However, we do know that they made their relationship public in June 2021

(Fun Fact: According to People, in June 2021, Jasmine, in an interview with InTouch Weekly, revealed her dating history with Eric.)

Many of her fans guess that their fathers, Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence and Eddie Murphy, were the reason behind their first meeting. Since the romantic couple's fathers are comedians, they have good bonding. So, people guess that they may have encountered each other during gatherings. 

Eric Revealed His Relationship With Jasmine On June 24, 2021

If you did not know about how Eric Murphy and Jasmine Page Lawrence's relationship became public, then let us inform you that Eric was the one who first posted a selfie with his girlfriend on his Instagram on June 24, 2021

It is a beautiful picture with a romantic caption & it goes like this:

"Head over heels in LOVE with YOU @jasmin_lawrence ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #myotherhalf #equallyyoked #iloveyou," Eric captioned the post.

Jasmine Page Lawrence and Eric Murphy.
Jasmine Page Lawrence and Eric Murphy. Image Source: @ericmurphy777

Jasmin Lawrence Finally Revealed How She Met Eric Murphy 

On January 31, 2022, Jasmin finally ended the topic regarding how she and her boyfriend, Eric Murphy, met. Earlier, we mentioned that she revealed that secret during an Interview with InTouchWeekly.

Jasmine said that it was not their dads through whom they met. Instead, it was her uncle who introduced them. In addition, she has expressed:

"It wasn't even our dads, and they've done two movies together, they're friends," Jasmin said of her father Martin and Eric's dad Eddie.

"And over time, it just, you know, became more," she said, adding that their families are "absolutely" supportive of their relationship.

How Are The Fans Reacting To Jasmin & Eric's Post? 

Well, it would not be a good thing to say that Jasmine Page Lawrence and Eric Murphy are getting a medium response from their fans on their pictures because their fans have already set the fire on Twitter and Instagram with congratulatory wishes for them and their families. 

A Lovely Couple Jasmine Page Lawrence and Eric Murphy.
A Lovely Couple Jasmine Page Lawrence and Eric Murphy. Image Source: Twitter @KISS 104.1

In addition, the promising couple Jasmine and Eric's fans continuously drop congratulatory wishes for their marriage on every post where they come together. 

Interestingly, our research team has gathered numerous hilarious and romantic comments through Instagram and Twitter research. Out of all, here are some best of the best comments:

"This could turn into the funniest wedding ever," one of the Twitter users posted.

Another user of Twitter wrote, "The fact that Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence’s children are a couple makes me extremely happy." 

Among all of them, the hilarious comment is that: if they have a son, he will be the funniest person ever. 

How Jasmine & Eric Celebrated 2022 Valentine's Day? Let's Know:

It is not a new thing for a couple to celebrate Valentine's Day. Like every couple, Eric and Jasmine also celebrated 2022 Valentine's Day. On that day, Jasmin posted a picture of them on her Instagram and openly wished Valentine's Day to her love, Eric Murphy. She expressed: 

❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

Jasmine Page Lawrence and Eric Murphy during 2022 Valentine's Day.
Jasmine Page Lawrence and Eric Murphy during 2022 Valentine's Day. Image Source: @jasmin_lawrence

Are Jasmin & Eric Getting Married Soon?

As of now, the romantic couple Jasmin and Eric are enjoying their relationship to the fullest. They are often seen together in family gatherings since they, along with their family members, are emotionally attached. 

It will not be surprising if they marry each other since they have disclosed thier romantic relationship publicly. But the question arises when or where it be. So as of now, this is still a surprise since Jasmine and Eric have not given a single hint regarding them getting engaged or married. 

To conclude, the couple is not too desperate to get married because they might want to know each other even more before walking down the aisle. 


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