Is Jessica Lowndes in Love? Navigating Her Relationship Status and Journey

Sun Feb 11 2024
By   Will Grey

Jessica Lowndes is a well-known Canadian singing sensation and actress. Best known for her portrayal of Adrianna Tate-Duncan in The CW's teen drama series "90210", has also released some hit songs including, Falling in Love, Paradise, and so on. When Lowndes is gracing on the screen, she keeps us hooked with her off-screen things, for instance, her personal life.

Lowndes's romantic life is equally intriguing as her star-studded professional life. Although not married to date, her numerous high-profile relationships are a matter of public interest. So, in this article, let's navigate through her relationship status and journey.

Is Jessica Lowndes in Love?

The Falling in Love singer Jessica looks like she is flying solo these days. Not a single hint and rumors of Lowndes's connection with someone special have been swirling around making her relationship status single.

Jessica Lowndes is enjoying her single life with her friends.
Jessica Lowndes is enjoying her single life with her friends.
Source: Instagram @jessicalowndes

Going through her social media, Jessica seems to be focusing more on her celebrity and professional life. So, it might be safe to assume that the 90210 actress isn't showing any love interest at the moment and is not married as well. Nonetheless, Lowndes posted a clip where she was in a wedding gown, which was for her new video shoot.

Just because Lowndes is not flaunting her love life does not mean she does not have a boyfriend for real. The singer-cum-actress is known to keep her romantic life extremely private and under the radar. She may be in a secret romance with her special one but might have chosen to keep it a secret.

Lowndes Engagement Drama With Jon Lovitz

The Canadian celeb Lowndes dropped a massive relationship update on March 25, 2016. She shared a close-up picture of her hand and her finger wrapped with what looked like an engagement ring. This made fans and paparazzi automatically think that Jessica got engaged to her rumored boyfriend and twin brother of Leslie Lovitz, Jon Lovitz

Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz took a selfie.
Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz took a selfie.
Source: People

Jessica has been leaving the breadcrumbs of her relationship with Lovitz for some months. She sparked curiosity among her fans by sharing a snap of her legs gripped by a man’s hand with the caption, “his hands are wise and tell a thousand stories #smitten #hatersgonnahate.”

Not only this but the 90210 actress followed up with hints of her secret romance. Lowndes rolled around in bed while Lovitz could be heard off-screen promising that he was not “videoing” her. While many criticized their 31-years-gap relationship, some supported them.

But later, all this dating and engagement drama was just a publicity stunt. The rumored lovers revealed it was a promotional stunt for Jessica's music video Deja Vu (Remix). Lowndes shared a clip saying, “Just because it’s still late March, is it too early to say ‘April Fools’?” and zoomed the camera to a computer screen featuring a paused clip of Lovitz in her new music video.

Jessica's Last-Known Serious Boyfriend Is Jeremy Bloom

Jeremy Bloom's name comes in the list of Jessica Lowndes's ex-boyfriends. The former pair had an on-and-off relationship that ended began in 2012. However, the love birds separated in 2013 due to the challenges of a bicoastal romance.

The break-up was made official on Page Six. Following this, Lowndes was briefly linked with Tyler Stanaland. However, their relationship is not documented well.

Jessica Lowndes and her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy Bloom.
Jessica Lowndes and her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy Bloom.
Source: Pinterest

Bloom, the co-founder of the tech firm Integrate, reportedly rekindled his romance with Lowndes sometime later. But, they could not continue their love anymore as Jessica and Jeremy saw no future together. While Jeremy is apparently single, his sister Molly Bloom is happily married to Devin Effinger.

Jessica Lowndes And Aaron Paul Short-Lived Romance

Lowndes's relationship with the Need for Speed actor Aaron Paul did not last long but is one of the documented ones. Their love story began in the Spring of 2009 probably after her breakup from 90210 co-star Adam Gregory.

Aaron proudly shared his love life on social media. The actor boasted about how much he cherished his romantic relationship with his girlfriend. Likewise, the Paradise singer shared a glimpse of their beautiful bonding.

Jessica Lowndes dated Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul.
Jessica Lowndes dated Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul.
Source: Pinterest

Alas, by April 2010, Jessica and Aaron had already parted ways. The reason for their parting is still not disclosed by the couple. Since then, the former pair have moved on. Paul is married to Lauren Parkensian and has two children named Annabelle Paul and Ryden Caspian Paul.

Other Names Linked With Lowndes 

In addition to her known relationships, Lowndes has been romantically linked to many other people. Some of them are Danny Cipriani and Kevin Navayne.

Cipriani has briefly dated the TV presenter Caroline Flack, the ex-girlfriend of Lottie Tomlinson's love partner, Lewis Burton. Similarly, Kevin was romantically tied to Odette Annable.


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