Is Naomi Watts Engaged to Her Longtime Boyfriend, Billy Crudup? A Look Inside the Actress's Love Life

Tue May 02 2023
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Naomi Watts' love life and longstanding relationship with Billy Crudup: The actress sparks engagement rumors!  

Naomi Watts became famous for her stellar performances in 21 Grams, The Impossible, The Ring, St.Vincent, Adoration, and more! Watts is an Academy-nominated actress, and her love life taking over the headlines is often rare than not, but it is currently a trending topic.  

The actress has fueled engagement rumors after being spotted with a diamond ring. Watts, 54, made her debut in 1986 with For Love Alone. After over a decade of struggle and a bumpy ride, Watts gradually rose to fame after the 1999 thriller Mulholland Drive.  

Is Naomi Watts' Engaged?  

Watts sporting a massive sparkler has set off the rumor that the Brit is engaged. The Impossible actress was seen casually flaunting her big rock in recent pictures and public appearances, which seems to be a clear indication of her engaged status; the Academy nominee has been dating Billy Crudup for a while.  

Naomi Watts and Billy spark engagement rumors.

Naomi sports her diamond ring during her latest appearance on the Today Show. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Despite the swirling speculation about her relationship status with Crudup, Watts seems reluctant to set the record straight. During his latest appearance on the Today Show, Naomi faced host Hoda Kotb, who curiously alluded to her diamond ring.  

But instead of clearing host Kotb's curiosity, the English decided to play coy. Here's the exchange that took place between Watts and Hoda on the show. "It's like a big glint coming from some ring over here," Hoda said, adding, "It just struck me, but it's beautiful."   

The couple made their red-carpet debut after five years of dating last year! 

Even Hoda's co-host, Savannah Guthrie, chimed in to ask if the actress was indeed engaged, to which Watts replied, "Brain fog." Fans have since likened Watts' skittish attitude to meaning yes as many took her Instagram post to congratulate her.   

Inside Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup's Relationship Timeline!  

The Brit actress Naomi Watts and her beau, Billy Crudup, believe in treading latently. The pair, Watts and Crudup, started a fling in 2017! 

Interestingly, Naomi and Billy have been so low-key about their romance that it wasn't until last year that fans found out about the connection. They made their red carpet debut as a couple in 2022. Even after that, the twosome has mostly avoided unnecessary attention in their personal life.  

Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup starred in Netflix's Gypsy.
The Academy-nominated actress started dating Billy after they co-starred in 'Gypsy.' 
Photo Source: Instagram

Watts and Billy crossed paths years ago at a Broadway benefit event, but it was while filming the 2017 Netflix series Gypsy, where the duo played spouses, that the two started dating. As the co-stars started appearing friendly off the movie sets, rumor mills churned out the theory that they were dating. 

The rumored couple denied the claims as long as they could. Naomi, who was just out of a serious relationship and was co-parenting her two kids with her ex, vehemently insisted on her single status, and so did Crudup, who alleged that his demanding career doesn't allow him the time for romance.   

Naomi Watts started dating Billy Crudup in 2017.
Crudup shares a son with his ex, Mary-Louise Parker. Photo Source: Instagram

Less than a couple of months after their assertive statement, the pair's budding romance was out in the open as an insider confirmed that the former co-stars were happily dating. Throughout their years-long relationship, the couple has spoken about each other only a handful of times. 

Once dishing on their low-profile relationship, Crudup shared that they keep it so low was in the best interest of their careers. Like Naomi, Billy also had some serious relationships before. Moreover, Billy has a son with an ex-partner. 

Crudup, 54, is a Tony-winning actor. His most notable works are The Coast of Utopia, Without Limits, and Almost Famous.  

Naomi Watts' Boyfriends Throughout the Years!  

So far, in Naomi Watts' three-decade-long career, the Mulholland Drive actress has only been in a couple of relationships. The Kent-born actress evidently doesn't indulge in casual romances and is only interested in meaningful bonds.   

Naomi Watts shares two kids with her ex, Liev Schreiber.
Naomi famously dated the late actor Heath Ledger. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Watts' first celebrity boyfriend is no one other than the late legend Heath Ledger. The pair met on the sets of their 2003 film Ned Kelly

The Brit and the late Oscar-winning actor rose to become one of the most adored couples, and even after their split in 2004, citing their busy career, the two remained amicable.  

Naomi often reflected on her romance with Ledger after he died in 2008.

"We had a beautiful relationship, only a couple of years, but he was a man who was completely full of joy," Watts said after Heath's death at the tender age of 28. She added, "He was really a very special soul and made a great impact on my life."  

Naomi Watts dated Heath Ledger.
Watts shares two kids with her ex, Liev Schreiber. 
Photo Source: Instagram

A year after her break with Ledger, Naomi started dating actor Liev Schreiber. With Leiv, The Impossible actress welcomed her children, Alexander, in 2007 and Samuel, in 2008. In 2016, the low-profile couple-turned-parents announced their split after more than 11 years. 

In her statement, the Academy-nominated actress alleged that going their separate ways was the only way to move forward with their lives and co-parent their children. The estranged pair continues to show spontaneous support for one another.  

As for Watts' rumored fiance, Billy Crudup, 54, the actor holds an infamous dating history. The Tony winner was in a long-going relationship with actress Mary-Louise Parker from 1996 to 2003.

But Billy allegedly left his girlfriend, Mary, when she was seven months pregnant. Halsey recently faced a breakup of her own! Back to the topic at hand, Crudup later started dating actress Claire Danes, who he dated for almost two years. 

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