Is Willow Smith Polyamorous? Learn All About Will Smith's Daughter And Her Dating Life

Fri Apr 30 2021
By   Selena

American singer, Willow Smith, who is famous as the daughter of world-famous actor Will Smith, has revealed that she is polyamorous. That means she has more than one partner at a time. 

The revelation came in April 2021 and has created a lot of buzz in the entertainment world. She came out as polyamorous during an interview on ‘Red Table Talk’. 

The star singer gave the revelation and has received a lot of backlashes as well as support for her online. Learn more about Willow Smith and her relationship status. 

Willow Smith Is Polyamorous: What Does It Mean?

20, Smith came out as polyamorous, meaning she has more than one romantic partner at a time with the consent of all those involved. In polyamory, all the parties involved know about their partners’ romantic relationship with more than one people.

Willow said that she figured out that a normal monogamous relationship was not for her at age 17. She revealed her romantic preference in front of her mother Jada Pinkett-Smith on Red Table Talk. 

Willow Smith and Her Brother, Jaden Smith
Image: Willow Smith and Her Brother, Jaden Smith
Source: Insider

The episode has gone viral and Willow has said that she prefers polyamory because it helps someone mould their best relationship by experiencing different types of romances and relationships with different people. 

Smith also said that everyone focuses on the physical aspects of polyamory but it is more than that. In addition to this, she also said that while people call having multiple partners selfish but she has also said that healthy polyamory can be healthy for all those involved. 

Who Is Willow Smith’s Boyfriend?

As mentioned above, Smith has multiple partners but only one of the reported partners has been made public. Willow is reportedly dating Tyler Cole, 22. According to this source, she is dating Cole and their relationship is reportedly going strong. 

Willow Smith's Seen Kissing Her Boyfriend, Tyler Cole
Photo: Willow Smith's Seen Kissing Her Boyfriend, Tyler Cole
Source: Daily Mail

Tyler is a musician and actor who is said to have met Willow back in 2018. The pair have not confirmed their relationship in the public but they frequently give cute PDA to the public. 

Adding to this, Willow also dates multiple people at a time which means she has multiple boyfriends at a time. 

Who Is Willow Smith?

Willow Smith, as you may know, is the daughter of Will Smith, in addition to this, she is also a singer and actor with several credits and huge hits to her name. She first came into the limelight with her song, “Whip It”. 

She was born on October 31, 2000, and is 20 years old as of April 2021. 



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