Jack Wilkos

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Sun Nov 27 2022
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Jack Wilkos is a popular celebrity kid of American celebrity duo Steve John Wilkos and his wife, Rachelle Lynn Wilkos. Apart from being a celebrity kid, he has not been recognized for any other reason. 

Well, Wilkos is known for being the son of a famous TV shows host and producer, Steve. Also, his mother Rachelle is a TV producer and is associated with different TV shows like The Jerry Springer Show, The Steve Wilkos Show, and more. 

Is Jack Dating Anyone? 

The celebrity kid Jack Wilkos, 16, is at his school focusing on his education. He is not seen dating anyone. Also, he has a very personal life. Jack is a school kid who has a very disciplined life. He maintains a low profile and he along with his family is away from the media. 

Jack Wilkos wife
Image: Steve Wilkos with his wife, Rachelle Wilkos during their wedding. Source: Instagram@thestevewilkosshow

Talking about his parents, Steve and Rachelle began their sweet relationship in the late 1990s. After dating for almost five years they decided to take their relationship one step further. In 2000, they accepted one another as lifelong partners. 

Their wedding ceremony was secretly celebrated among close circles. Moreover, Steve was previously married to his ex-wife, Hannah Wilkos.

How is Jack's lifestyle? Know about his Net Worth

As we already mentioned, Jack is just a school kid, not involved in any money-generating activities. However, he is living a luxurious life with his parent's income. 

Steve Wilkos wife
Image: Steve Wilkos with his wife, Rachelle attending a late-night fight show. Instagram@thestevewilkosshow

Talking about his father's net worth, Steve is estimated to have around $6 Million. He was a former police officer who served as a police officer for seven years. Later he had a wonderful journey in the entertainment industry as a TV executive producer, host of different talk shows. 

Whereas the kid's mother, Rachelle is estimated to have around $300,000. She has earned major of her income from her different TV projects. As estimated, she makes around $80,000 per annum through her all of the involvements. Currently, she is the executive producer of The Steve Wilkos Show and is securing a hefty amount of remuneration.


The star kid Jack Wilkos was born on 19 June 2005 in Park Ridge, Illinois, US. He was born to a star duo. He is being raised with his sister, Ruby Wilkos who is currently, 18 years old and studying in high school. 

Jack Wilkos family
Image: Jack Wilkos with his family.
Source: Instagram@thestevewilkosshow

Jack has good bonding with his family. He shares amazing bonding with his elder sister. Also, he is blessed by his grandparents, Stanley Wilkos and Jeanette. In 2020, his grandfather, Stanley died due to Covid-19.

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