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Thu Feb 16 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of jackie beems

Ex-husband : Ric Flair
Jackie beams married Ric Flair and later they divorced.

If you follow WWE and regularly update yourself on wrestling news, then Jackie Beems may ring the bell. She used to be the wife of WWE legend Ric Flair. You cannot call yourself a wrestling fan if you don't know who Ric Flair is. 

Many regard him as the greatest to ever step foot in the ring. His influence among wrestling fans is unmatched, translating well for Jackie, who people know as her husband. So, who is Jackie? Let's find out.

She Was The Fourth Wife of The Nature Boy

Ric Flair is a lady's man who has found himself in some controversy due to this as well. And he has been married to several women throughout his life. His marriage to Jackie Beems was his fourth one.

Ric Flair is posing on his red robe.
WWE Superstar Ric Flair (Source: WWE)

Ric and Jackie first laid eyes on each other in 2004. They started to date for a while before deciding to take their relationship to the next level. The two got married in 2009

If there's one thing Ric Flair is known for outside of his wrestling, then it's easily his love life. Man has fallen in love several times, which shows in the number of times he has been married. He has been married a total of five times in his life. 

How Has The Controversy Affected Jackie Beems Wealth?

Ric Flair is a celebrated man who is loved and adored by many. So, when Jackie Beems was married to him, they were one of the wealthiest wrestling couples. But since leaving the marriage and all the controversy surrounding her, she has lost her relevancy, directly impacting her wealth. There isn't any factual information to back it up, but some sources claim that her net worth is only $50 thousand.

But, her ex-husband, who has seen some controversy throughout his life, doesn't seem to be badly impacted regarding wealth. His estimated net worth is believed to be the same as actor and comedian Yannis Pappas at $500 thousand

Man wrestling days are long gone, so that is not his source of income (Although he does make appearances in WWE now and then and gets paid for it). He has his own business called Ric Flair Shop, where he sells clothes and merchandise, which must have contributed hugely to his wealth.

Jackie Threatened Ric Flair's Girlfriend: But Why?

It seems like Jackie didn't only have a problem with Flair but also with his girlfriend. Jackie, who has been arrested for physically attacking her ex-husband Ric Flair, landed in another controversy involving Flair's girlfriend, Wendy Barlow.

Wendy Barlow is wearing a hat and a grey dress while Ric Flair is wearing a suit in this pic.
Ric Flair with Wendy Barlow (Source: Twitter @wonderouswendy1)

Police arrested Jackie after reports were filed against her on threatening phone calls to his new girlfriend. WSOC-TV reported that she was harassed with not one but several phone calls.

Jackie Was A Domestic Violence Perpetrator

Jackie and Ric Flair's relationship brought a lot of drama for entertainment tabloids to cook. Some had a hard time keeping up with all of it. Their marriage may have only lasted for three years, but it is arguably The Master of the Figure-Four's most famous marriage, and not for a good reason.

The secret of Jackie came out and shocked many. Behind a smiling face was a disturbing secret. She had physically assaulted her man. In 2010, she was arrested for attacking her then-husband, Ric Flair. It didn't happen long after they got married, as per TMZ. Ric was in bad condition, so his representative addressed the media. He told TMZ:

Ric and his wife had an unfortunate disagreement late last night, which led to his wife being arrested and charged with assault. Ric has done nothing wrong

Not to anyone's surprise, the two are no longer in a relationship. The couple divorced in 2012, which wasn't finalized until February 1, 2014.

Who Is Ric Flair?

Richard Morgan Fliehr (the wrestling name Ric Flair) is arguably the most outstanding WWE wrestler. Tennessee-born Flair has left a legacy that anyone will least likely replicate. The Sixty-Minute Man had an illustrious career. 

Richard is the 16-time world champion. The record he shares with Elizabeth Huberdeau's ex-husband John Cena. His fantastic job saw him getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on two occasions. First, a solo one in 2008 and again in 2012 as a member of the Four Horsemen.

Brock Lesnar is holding Ric Flair as Ric is trying to get out.
Ric Flair in a match against Brock Lesnar (Source: YouTube @WWE)

The Original Party Animal, besides his wrestling achievements, is also respected by many for his longevity. His career spanned over three decades. Thirty-six years to be precise. Imagine having such a long career in the game where you are always in physical contact with your opponent and have a high probability of getting injured. No wonder many regard him as the greatest of all time.

Did Ric Flair Cheat On Jackie?

After Jackie Beems got arrested for attacking her husband Ric Flair, it was obvious she would speak something in her defence. The woman tried to justify her actions by blaming The Golden Stallion instead.

Defending herself, she said he cheated on her during their marriage. She claimed that he had slept with various women during their marriage. It also didn't help that Flair had famously said he had slept with more than 10 thousand women once.

The Death Of Her Ex-husband's Son

It's hard for kids to see their parents die, but it's even worse for parents to see their kids die. Unfortunately, Flair experienced the latter. He lost his son Richard Reid Fliehr.

Both Ric Flair and Richard Fliehr are getting emotional as they are hugging in the pic.
Ric Flair with his son Richard Fliehr (Source: Bleacher Report)

His death was a tragic one as he died of a drug overdose. He lost his life on March 29, 2013. He was following in his father's footsteps to become a professional wrestler. Fans can only wonder what could have been of his career.

About Jackie's Ex-Husband Ric Flair's Controversies

The famous lawsuit filed by Sportjet flight attendants is not the only controversy The Nature Boy has seen himself on. His controversial list is enormous. In 2005, he became the talk of the media for attacking a driver. Per the driver, he was physically assaulted by the man and damaged his SUV. 

Flair has fought against random people on the road and his daughter's boyfriend. The cops had to get involved, and it wasn't pretty. He was also arrested at Boston Airport for causing trouble and making everyone uncomfortable.

Jackie's Ex-husband Was Charged With A Sexual Assualt

Ric Flair is many things, but a nice guy, not so much. There is a reason why he is known as the dirtiest player in the game. Jackie may have been awful to him, but Flair is not that innocent if you look at his controversies. One time he made headlines for all the wrong reasons. A lawsuit was filed against him in charge with sexual harassment.

It happened on May 5, 2002. Although the incident is older, adults haven't forgotten about it. It happened on a Sportjet plane, where Ric Flair, alongside many, was partying. However, the problem was it involved drugs.

Ric Flair landed in trouble when Sportjet filed a lawsuit against him for his behavior towards two flight attendants, Taralyn Cappellano and Heidi Doyle. As per reports, Ric was naked and acted in a way that would make them uncomfortable.


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