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Thu Feb 13 2020
By   Manish

Car Chix drag racer, Jackie Braasch and her partner, Justin Shearer's relationship aren't destined to be the last. It remains until the end since they choose to keep their relationship stronger even though there are some challenges. So, does the pair married in 2020 or still dating?

The Illinois-based sports racer, Jackie is trying to let people amaze with her talent. So, is the Motorsports Contest winner won her boyfriend's heart with her beautiful personality? Find more about Braasch's personal life below.

Is Jackie Committed to Justin in 2020?

2014 Car Chix Motorsports finalist, Braasch is romantically involved in a relationship with Street Outlaws reality star, Justin Shearer. The couple had their first interaction in 2017, and they then started dating.

For more than three years, the couple is living together while pursuing their racing career prominently. Besides that, their fans are curious to know whether their relationship is more to just dating or commitment to a successful marital bond?

Jackie Braasch and Justin Shearer are ready for the race. Does the couple married in 2020?
Photo: Jackie Braasch and Justin Shearer are successful in their racing careers as well as in their relationship 
Source: Beyond The Magazine 

Well, the pair aren't familiar to talk about their personal relationship when it comes to them. Nevertheless, the couple's adorers are eagerly waiting to see the beautiful couple in traditional wedding dresses, but it depends upon them whether they go further or not.

Was Jackie Behind the Reason of Shearer's Divorce with Allicia?

Justin was in a marital union with a respiratory therapist, Allicia Shearer, when Jackie talked about her romance with Justin. Following this, many of Justin's fans blamed Jackie to be the reason of Justin and Allicia's separation in 2017.

During the rumors spread publicly throughout the media tabloids, Justin put his steps to save Jackie from the accusation over his divorce with his former spouse, Allicia. He stated during his Street Outlaws podcast, where he said,

"Well, now what happened at past is something I don’t have control over. But now I’m looking at my future, I have plans and Jackie is my future."

Jackie Braasch's partner, Justin Shearer with his former wife, Allicia Shearer. Know more about Jackie's past married life and children?
Picture: Justin Shearer with his estranged wife, Allicia Shearer 
Source: Hollywood Daddy

After the tough talk, Justin proved that there were no hands of Braasch for his separation with Allicia. Since then, Justin and Jackie are of accusation related to their relationship and live a happy life.

Plays a Vital Role for Justin's Biological Children as a Step-Mother...

The former Car Chix Motorsports champion, Braasch is now parenting her two stepchildren, Cobin and Covil Shearer, who was born to Justin and Allicia. After the divorce of her partner with Allicia, Jackie is raising Cobin (born in 2014) and Covil (born in 2016).

It seems like Jackie's role as a mother gained the trust of her two stepsons with all of her love and care. Besides, Jackie's partner shared a picture via Instagram while enjoying quality time in a park on 21st November 2019.

Jackie Braasch is raising her partner, Justin Shearer's children as a caring mother. Know more about Jackie's relationship with Justin?
Photo: Jackie Braasch and her boyfriend, Justin Shearer with their children 
Source: Instagram @bigchiefokc

So, Jackie and her longtime boyfriend, Justin is happy to raise their two kids while traveling to new and exotic places. Likewise, Paulo Goude and Azella are also raising their adorable daughter as responsible parents.


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