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Sun Jun 06 2021
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Relationship Timeline Of Jade Castrinos

Ex-boyfriend : Alex Ebert
Jade Castrinos dated her former Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros lead singer, Alex Ebert in an on-and-off relationship from the mid-2000s to 2014.

Jade Castrinos is a famous American folk singer, guitarist, and songwriter, who co-founded the folk-rock musical band, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, with her former band partner, Alex Ebert. When their band became official back in 2007, Jade remained essentially a songwriter and vocalist and sang in various genres, including Indie folk, psychedelic folk, gospel, and many others.

More to that, Jade's musical journey began with the band, Edward Sharpe including the Magnetic Zeros, when Alex saw her sitting in an outdoor place. They then started writing, composing, and producing their music albums and transformed into a part of the art and music collective, The Masses. Surprisingly, late Academy Award-winning actor, Heath Ledger gave them some seed money at the time of the band's formation.

What is Jade Castrinos' Current Marital Status in 2021? Who Is Her Husband?

Former Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros singer-songwriter, Jade Castrinos mesmerized the world with her astonishing singing and melodious lyrics. Many of her fans are curious to know whether is she married, or she is single? When it comes to her personal life, she simply takes a step back and gave a silent answer to her fans. So, it appears like she is single up until now.

Jade Castrinos is performing with her Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros band member, Alex Ebert. Where is Jade now?
Jade Castrinos and her former band member, Alex Ebert performing on stage
Source: Bustle

Castrinos previously dated her former band member, Alex Ebert, whom she met in the mid-2000s. The duo had an on-and-off relationship throughout their musical band career. Until unless Jade decided to leave the band after her other bandmates decided not to work with her. Later, she spoke out on her Instagram post, saying;

 "For seven years I sang and wrote music with Edward Sharpe. They voted me off of tour week a week before they left, via email. Lol!!!"

In response, the lead vocalist of the band, Alex posted a statement on Facebook, stating;

"Jade has spoken out about not being on this tour. Her statement left a lot of things to the imagination. Out of respect for Jade, I will keep it that way."

After the incident happened, Jade left the band without any reasons to left behind in 2014. Furthermore, the band came out to the defense saying that they did not vote her out but requested her to take a rest for one week tour.

The band, further, posted a good wisher's message, saying Jade is doing good with her solo career after breaking up with the folk music group. Moreover, Jade said in an interview that, "Leaving the band was a tough decision, but there is always a gift when someone let go and trusts life." 

Jade Castrinos collaborated on a song, Echo In The Canyon with her fellow singer-songwriter, Jakob Dylan. How old is Castrinos as of 2021?
Jade Castrinos and her fellow singer-songwriter, Jakob Dylan on the backstage of Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show
Source: Twitter @JimmyKimmelLive

Jade also said, "She learned so much from that experience and she will always be very grateful for it. Making folk music has been her dream since childhood, and she plans to make music for the rest of her life on Earth, after life in hell or heaven." She is currently working on several music albums with her fellow singer-songwriter, Jakob Dylan.

Earnings of Jade Castrinos through Record Sales & Net Worth!

Echo In The Canyon star, Jade Castrinos made her debut as a solo folk music artist with her first single, Home. Furthermore, she collaborated on a solo album, Go Where You Wanna Go with the Wallflowers lead singer-songwriter, Jakob Dylan. Her popular singles are 40 DayDream, That's What's Up, Better Days, Man On Fire, and I Don't Wanna Pray.

During Jade's time with her former band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, they released their first folk music album, Up from below on 7th July 2009. Later, they published their second full-length album, Here on 29th May 2012. Their last third and fourth albums were Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and PersonA.

Jade Castrinos is performing her first solo song, Home live on the stage. How much is Castrinos' net worth as of 2021?
Jade Castrinos performing solo on stage after leaving her former band, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Source: Piper Ferguson

More to that, Jade might have earned a fruitful salary from her popular record albums as a band member or solo artist. Similarly, an American singer-songwriter earns annual earnings of $74,962. So, Castrinos' yearly income might be varying in the same percentile. Her total net worth in 2021 is $550,000, which is far lesser than Metamorphosis singer, Hilary Duff's fortune.

Jade Castrinos's Early life

Big Easy Express actress, Jade Castrinos was born in Los Angeles, California, USA into a musical family. During her childhood living in California, she faced and endured natural disasters like floods, wildfires, and earthquakes. Later, she resettled down in Las Flores Canyon, Malibu with her parents and siblings from their native place of residence. Likewise, Los Angeles Clippers small forward, Kawhi Leonard's hometown is also Los Angeles, California.

Jade Castrinos is looking cute in the brown dress while holding the guitar. Who is Jade's husband?
Jade Castrinos had a keen interest in folk music and instrument from an early age
Source: MusicHistoryCalender 

Jade started playing her father's guitar at the age of 6. She then began to compose folk songs on her own and collaborated as a child singer with her father’s folk music band when she was 11 years old. During an interview, she told the media that her parents are her inspiration to be a folk singer-songwriter, and their love and support always came throughout her musical career.



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