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TV Personality (1989)
Thu Feb 09 2023
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Jake Smollett is one of the most popular celebrity chefs in the United States. The famous cook is known for hosting TV shows and writing books. Outside of cooking, Jake has also worked in some TV series in the past. He is known for the role of Noser in the 2008 TV series The Middleman.

The famous TV personality Jake was born on July 29, 1989. He hails from New York City, New York, USA.

Owns A Restaurant

After years of working on TV cooking all sorts of food, Jake finally used his acquired cooking skills to open up a new business venture, Jake's Food Company.

The logo has the company name spelled out with blue background.
Jake Smollett with an announcement regarding his restaurant (Source: Instagram @jakesfoodcompany)

His restaurant is located in Corporation Food Hall in Los Angeles. He aims to make this restaurant the best place to eat and spend quality time with your whole family.

Smollett Eats star has revealed that the food served in the restaurant is heavily inspired by his mother. The food in the restaurant has the flavor from New Orleans, as that's where his mother was born.

All Jake's Siblings Are Famous

Having all of your siblings famous and successful is not something you see every day. Rebbie Jackson is not the only lucky one with all famous siblings. Jake's siblings are recognized, too, just like him. He has a lot of siblings, and all of them have made it big in Hollywood.

Jake is one of the six children of Justin and Janet Smollett. His siblings are Jussie, Jazz, Jojo, Jocqui, and Jurnee Smollett. Justin and Janet must be proud parents watching all their kids working as successful actors and actresses in films. 

It's common to hear stories of family feuding and not being on good terms with each other in a successful family like this, where the clashing egos mainly fuel the tension within the family. Still, it doesn't seem to be the case with The Smollett family, as they are all on good terms with each other.

Who Are Smollett's Parents?

Jake Smollett is the son of his father, Joel Smollett, and his mother, Janet Smollett. Both his parents have been encouraging towards Jake's choice of career. Both his parents are famous people, all thanks to their children's success.

A monochrome picture shows Jake resting his head on Janet's shoulder from behind.
Jake Smollett with his mother, Janet Smollett (Source: Instagram @jakesmollett)

Outside of her children's fame, Janet Smollett is known for being an activist. She fights for the injustice that happens in her society. She is from New Orleans and was born on November 27, 1952.

His father, Joel Smollett, was born in Russia on October 8, 1956, before he migrated and decided to settle in the USA.

The Death Of His Father In 2015

Joel and Janet Smollett were happily married until the tragedy occurred on January 7, 2015. The death of the patriarch of the Smollett Family left everyone else devastated.

Like Aylin Ercel, cancer was responsible for Joel's death. His battle with cancer is no secret. He had been diagnosed with the disease for a while before succumbing to it.

Body Physique

Jake Smollett is an attractive man. It is a common trope among movie actors and actresses to look physically attractive. But, people don't necessarily associate celebrity cooks with it, yet, Jake will surprise you with his looks and physique. 

Jake is wearing completely black. He is wearing black suit, black shirt, black pant.
Jake Smollett at an event (Source: Instagram @jakesmollett)

He is a tall man. His height stands at 6 feet (183 cm). His size is also helped by his well-built body, with a weight of 172 lbs (78 kg).

Social Media Presence

Jake loves social media. Maybe, not as much as cooking, but he still loves posting on social media. He uses Instagram under the username @jakesmollett. He posts on his Instagram regularly and loves to upload pictures of his friends and family, but you will find food-related posts more than anything on his Instagram, which shouldn't surprise you.

He uses Twitter(@JAKESMOLLETT) mainly as a platform to promote himself and his work. He primarily uses it to talk about the shows he is working on, as you will find a lot of retweets regarding his TV shows on his Twitter handle.

Facebook (@Jake Smollett) is probably his least used social media. Although he updates his Facebook with new posts, it's mostly just the repost from his Instagram.

Rumour To Have Dated Grace Gibson

Jake Smollett prefers to keep his relationship away from the cameras. He likes to live a private life and doesn't want the media interfering with his personal space. Hence, he has kept his relationship matters away from the media as much as possible.

But when you are as famous as Jake is, it's hard to avoid media rumors no matter how hard you try. Jake has made it to the entertainment tabloids regarding his rumored relationship with musician Grace Gibson.

Both are dressed black while Jake is holding her and pointing to the camera.
Jake Smollett and Grace Gibson at a photo shoot (Source: Married Wiki)

Grace Gibson is a professional musician who is also famous for her association with the movement "Rock Noire." The campaign focuses on making people aware of all the black artists who paved the way for the development of rock'n'roll.

Jake and Grace have known each other for a while. They both have even done a photoshoot together. The media started reporting that these two dated, but the host of Living by Design hasn't confirmed if they were in an actual relationship or if it was just a rumor. 

Smollett Has a YouTube Channel

Apart from doing his television shows, Jake is also a Youtuber. For those who can't find him on television, you can find him cooking on his YouTube Channel @Jake Smollett.

Celebrities tend to live hectic life with having to do many things every day. The celebrity chef probably has a lot of things to do every day, which would explain why he takes months to upload a new video.

Nevertheless, you could still learn to make some delicious dishes through his channel. That's the content of his medium. He cooks delicious foods while providing people with the recipe if they want to make it themselves at home.

He Has Written A Book

Jake's talents are not just limited to cooking but writing as well. He has written the book titled "The Family Table: Recipes and Moments from a Nomadic Life." He co-wrote the book with his sibling's Jazz, Jurnee and Jessie Smollett.

The cover shows Jake, Jazz, Jurnee and, Jessie out in the fields, having a good time.
The Front cover of the book "The Family Table: Recipes and Moments from a Nomadic Life" (Source: Amazon)

Jake is a talented cook, so it doesn't take a lot of effort to guess that the book he wrote was a recipe book. The book contains a wide range of accessible and complex recipes. Even the complex dishes have been explained with ease. The book also contains childhood stories about Jake, which makes for a fun read.

The book was largely well-received by the buyers. It is one of the highest-rated books on Amazon. Not just ratings, but the book did well in the market too. It's one of the best-selling cookbooks as well.

His Brother Jussie Smollett Was Jailed For Lying

Jake's brother Jussie Smollett is a successful actor whose famous works include the role of Jamal Lyon in the TV series Empire. But, Jussie has made a name for himself for all the wrong reasons.

Jussie lied to the cops about becoming a victim of a hate crime. The infamous incident happened during Trump and Clinton Presidential elections. He filed the report stating that he was attacked by two white men wearing the MAGA hat.

The news spread like wildfire, becoming the town's talk. People stood in solidarity with Jessie as they believed there was no place for racism in today's world. Jessie was turned into a hero, with even famous people supporting him.

However, it turned out that Jussie had lied, and he staged the attack. He had paid his brothers, Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo, a considerable sum of $3500 to coordinate the attack. The court found him guilty and charged him with 30 months probation with a fine of $145,000.

So How Rich Is Jake Smollett?

According to  Idol NetWorth, Jake has a net worth of $5 million. His net worth includes his assets and income from his social media.


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