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Entrepreneur (1993)
Tue Mar 28 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Aylin Ercel

Ex-husband : Kaya Ercel
Aylin Ercel married Kaya Ercel and divorced in 2019.

Aylin Ercel was the mother of a famous Turkish actress and model, Handle Ercel, who was born on 24 November 1993 in Bandirma, Turkey.

By profession, she was an Entrepreneur. She got divorced from Kaya Ercel in her early married life. She had two daughters from her marriage life and both of her daughters are famous among the people as an actress and models. 

On top of that, Ercel fought through a serious disease but, she could not survive and died at the age of forty-eight. 

Was A Mother Of Two Children

The celebrity mother Aylin had two children and both of them are daughters. Gamze Ercel is the eldest child in her family who was born on January 18, 1992.

Aylin Ercel posing for a photo shoot by wearing a black outfit.
Aylin Ercel with her younger daughter, Handle Ercel in the same outfit. source; social [email protected] handemiyy

Similarly, her younger daughter Handle Ercel was born on November 24, 1993. There was a very close relationship between mother and daughter.

Moving towards her daughter's educational qualifications, Handle graduated in Arts from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Universities.

Net Worth

Aylin Ercel was an entrepreneur before her divorce, but because of her illness, she had to leave the job. She has not relatively disclosed her net worth, but she was okay with her divorce settlement. After her divorce, she started living with her daughters.

Her younger daughter Handle Ercel predominately works in the Turkish television series and has a net worth is $8 million. She earns $3000 per episode. 

Having all of it, her source of wealth also comes from multiple TV advertisements, commercials, and paid promotions as well. Her annual income is also over $500 thousand.

On the other hand, Aylin's elder sister Gamze Ercel's net worth is $1.5 million (approx). As she is also a Turkish actress, fashion model, and television personality she is making a good amount of money for her.

Other than this, Gamze also runs a self-titled youtube channel where she uploads her vlog and videos and earns as a source of wealth. In addition to that, she also earns through modeling advertisements, commercials, and many more.

Was Married To A Businessman

Aylin Ercel was married to a businessman Kaya Ercel but was divorced because of their personal problem from her life at an early age. She has not disclosed the exact reason for her divorce to any media.

Aylin Ercels last photo before her death with her daughter Gamze Ercel and Handle Ercel.
Aylin Ercels last photo before her death with her daughter, Gamze Ercel and Handle Ercel. Image Source: www.gossiphunter.com

 After her divorce, she started living with her daughters because she had a lot of health issues. She was fighting against cancer, and there was nobody there to take care of her. So she took the support of her daughter in her time of need.

Cancer - The Reason Behind Her Death

Aylin Ercel passed away at the age of forty-eight on January 10, 2019, at the Acibadem Maslak hospital in Turkey. She died because of cancer, just like Martha Ludden's mother. 

In December 2018, her younger daughter Handle said in an interview that she was on her mother's side while the illness lasted.

Unfortunately, besides doing a lot of treatment, Aylin could not fight against the disease and took her last breath. It was a very difficult time for both Ercl's sister to lose their mother because they were very close to their mother.

Since then, they have not stopped sharing their mother's photos on social media in her sweet remembrance.

Social Media

Aylin Ercel was not so active on social media, but we can see her photos on her daughter's social media account. Her younger daughter Handle is very active on social media. She is followed by more than 23 million people on her Instagram handle, @handemiyy.

Moreover, she also launched her Twitter account in March 2012, and today she is followed by nearly 600K people. Another journalist, Graham Bensinger has more than 630k subscribers.

Picture of Aylin Ercel's daughter Handle Ercel and Gamze Ercel.
Picture of Aylin Ercel's daughter Handle Ercel and Gamze Ercel. Source: Instagram @gamze_ercel

Handle Ercel is also quite active on TikTok, just like Lyna Perez. She is followed by more than 10K people.

Likewise, Aylin's elder daughter Gamze Ercel also has around 4.2 million followers on Instagram. She also has a lot of fan pages where fans post about her social life. Moreover, she also shares her personal interest and hobbies on her social media account.

On top of that, both of Aylin's daughters have shared every memorable movement of her life with her friends, fans, and relatives. 

Aylin's Grandchildren

Aylin Mavi Yildirim was the only grandchildren of Mrs. Aylin who was born on 18 December 2019. She is the only daughter of Gamze Ercel and Cancer.

Aylin Mavi Ercel, granddaughter of Aylin Ercel enjoying with her mom Gamze Ercel
Aylin Mavi Ercel, granddaughter of Aylin Ercel enjoying herself with her mom Gamze Ercel. Source: Instagram @ gamze_ercel.

However, there are not any pictures of Aylin with her granddaughter on any media.

Relationship With Her Daughters

Being divorced at an early age, Mrs. Ercels had a very good relationship with both of her daughters. She always wanted them to grow up with their dreams. 

As Mrs. Ercels was fighting through a serious illness, cancer she always wanted her daughters to become independent and self-reliant. Indeed both of them became very successful people in their future.

They had a great bonding with their mother as well, because she used to guide them in every single movement of their life.

Unfortunately, it was a very difficult time for them when they lost their mother, and they were broken. Though their mother has left them, they still share lots of memorable movements with their mother on their social media website.

Daughter's Married Life

Both Aylin Ercel's daughters were married, but her younger daughter Handle Ercel got engaged at the beginning of 2020 and got divorced after five months of their marriage. 

We still can hear the rumors that she is dating her co-star, Kerem Burslem. The romantic couple has also shared many images and pictures with each other on their social media platforms. So the rumors may be true about their relationship.

Gamze Ercel with her husband Cancer Yildirim and daughter Aylin Mavi Ercel
Gamze Ercel with her husband Cancer Yildirim and daughter Aylin Mavi Ercel. Source: ayishathousif.com

Likewise, Aylin's elder daughter, Gamze Ercel, got married to her lover Caner Yildirim in the year 2019. It was a private wedding ceremony only her close friends, family, and relative was invited to the marriage ceremony. 

After some years of marriage, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Aylin Mavi on 17 December 2019. She lives a happy life with her family in Turkey now. 

As per the source, she took a break from the entertainment industry after giving birth to her beautiful daughter Mavi to take care of her. 

However, she is still active on her YouTube channel where she uploads her vlogs, videos, and different skincare routine on her official youtube channel.


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