Jamal Zook

Being Born to a reputed family always gives oneself a lot of more opportunities ahead in life. Jamal Zook was born to a reputed, well-known family. 

Jamal Zook is better known as the niece of famous British singer, songwriter, record producer, and the lead vocalist of the rock band Queen, Freddie Mercury. Zook is living a happy and blissful life with his parents. 

Relationship Status of Jamal Zook

Social Media has become a beneficial source of information in today's world. Unlike other celebrities' family, Jamal is not much active on social media. He is very much private about his personal life. 

Jamal Zook mother
Image: Jamal along with his mother, Kashmira 
Source: Zimbio

Jamal must be living a happy life along with his family and his mother. However, Jamal could be living a single happy life. 

Freddie Mercury's Love Life

Freddie Mercury is known for his successful career, but he shares a complicated love life. Mercury's love life started as early as his career. He was involved in a romantic relationship with Mary Austin in the 1970s. 

Freddie Mercury wife
Image: Freddie Mercury along with his wife, Mary Austin
Source: Pinterest

However, This happy looking relationship had many ups and downs. This happy love life ended in the 1980s after Mercury started an affair with Austrian Actress Barbara Valentin. Like that of his first relationship, this also ended in no time. 

In 1985, Freddie started dating Irish hairdresser Jim Hutton. By this time, Freddi was open about his sexual orientation. Freddie referred himself to a gay, but several media's mentioned him to be bisexual. 

Parents Married Life

Jamal's parents, Kashmira and Roger Cook, were married in the late 1970s. The exact date of their wedding is still under investigation. The love birds had been dating for several years before tying their wedding knot. 

Kashmira Bulsara.
Image: Kashmira along with her husband, Roger
Source: Zimbio

Roger and Kashmira were introduced to each other by her brother, Freddie. Soon after their wedding, The love birds welcomed two beautiful children, Jamal and Nathalie Cook

This happy looking relationship never remained the same after the birth of their children. Roger and Kashmira eventually divorced and moved on. After the divorce, Both of their children remained with Kashmira. 

Net Worth and Income

Jamal Zook is a celebrity child. He must be living a happy life through his parent's successful career. Zook's exact net worth is a mystery to the public. Suri Cruise and Phinnaeus Moder are two Freddieother celebrity children living a lavish life. 

Freddie Mercury net worth
Image: Freddie had an estimated net worth of more than $50 Million. 
Source: History

Jamal's uncle, Freddie, had a net worth of more than $50 Million. Most of Freddie's money was invested in real estate and liquors. His real estate worthed more than $40 Million and had close to $13 Million worth of Liquid assets. 

Freddie had accumulated most of his net worth through his successful career in the Music Industry. He was ranked among the top 100 greatest singers of all time. He passed away in 1991 due to AIDS complications. 

Jamal Zook: Bio

Jamal Zook's exact birth date is still under investigation. Jamal was born in the 1980s. He is among the two children born to his parents. He has a sister named Nathalie. 

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