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Sat Jun 26 2021
By   Selena

James Harden is a world-famous NBA star with numerous accolades to his name, however, the athlete is notorious for avoiding questions when it comes to his personal life. 

Harden has been linked to numerous high-profile dates in the past throughout his career which has seen him rise to the top of the ranks in the NBA. In fact, he has been linked with models, TV personalities, movie stars, etc. Read more below to find out more about the star's romantic life. 

Who Is James Harden's Wife? Is He Married?  

Harden is not married as of June 2021, the star has never been married. However, sources claim he has a girlfriend named Ashanti, the R&B singer. They have been spotted together numerous times in public. 

Photo: Ashanti and James Harden
Source: Ebony Magazine

These rumours were yet to be confirmed or denied. But another rumour has already started about Harden and Gail Golden saying they are an item after sitting courtside during numerous home games at the Toyota Center.

James Harden and Gail Golden Are Reported To Be Dating
Photo: James Harden and Gail Golden Are Reported To Be Dating
Source: Heavy

Heavy claim that Golden has been dating James and has attended a number of his games when he played for the Houston Rockets. 

Harden's Former Relationships 

The basketball player has dated various women over the years. Among his past relationships, the most popular one was with Khloe Kardashian. This was before she dated Tristan Thompson and had his baby. They were together for around a year in 2016. 

James Harden and His Ex-Khloe Kardashian
Picture: James Harden and His Ex-Khloe Kardashian
Source: Pinterest

Olla Naber is another one of his former lovers, he dated her in 2019. And te relationship came out in the open after he sent flowers to her on Valentine's Day.  He also dated Jessyka Janshel in the past. The pair were spotted together after James broke up with Khloe in 2017. 

Amber Rose and James dated very publicly, which was different from his other relationships. They were open about their romance in the media. In fact, Amber gave some really frank interviews about their dating life. 

James Harden and Amber Rose
Snap: James Harden and Amber Rose
Source: TMZ

Other than this, Tahiry Jose was seen with Harden in a club and fans started to speculate that they were dating. Trina is another name in James' rumoured list of girlfriends, however, it was later cleared up that they were just friends. 

Sarah Bellew is another one of the high-profile relationships the NBA star was in. They started dating in 2013, a year after Harden started playing for Houston Rockets. Bellew was engaged to Lil Wayne after dating him for years, but they never got married. 

James Harden and Kyra Chaos
Image: James Harden and Kyra Chaos
Source: Pinterest

Before Bellew, Harden was with Kyra Chaos. She was reportedly earning $50,000 a month for her work in the star athlete's camp. 

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