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Wed May 03 2023
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Ever since the Netflix TV Series Worst roommate ever got released. Moreover,  people have been wondering about Jamison Bachman. Who is Jamison Bachman, and What did he do? Let's find out all about him.

Bachman was a serial squatter who terrorized dozens of roommates before bringing out a shocking 2017 murder. There is a movie made about his character. Moreover, the movie's name is "worst roommate ever" The film is made accordingly to his character. He has dubbed it as he tended to create problems and refuse to pay rent or leave.

A Quick Look At Jamison Bachman's Relationship

Jamison Bachman is known to have an interest in women. Bachman was also romantically linked with Arleene Hairbaedian, one of his victims. But it is not yet confirmed by the serial squatters.

The serial killer Bachman has been secretive about his romantic life. Besides Arleene, there are not any clues about his past relationships. 

About Jamison's Early Life & Family

Jamison was born in 1957 in Elkins Park, Philadelphia, United States of America. Jamison's family has four members, his parents, a brother, and himself.

Bachman's father is Joan Bachman, with whom he was not close. He did not even attend his father's funeral due to his resentment towards him.

Jamison Bachman in his young days.
Jamison Bachman in his young days. Source: IMDb

Similarly, Jamison's mother is Jim Bachman, who raised him. Harry Bachman was his only brother, whom he murdered. Additionally, Bachman had competitive feelings with his brother as his father would show his favoritism to Harry.

For education, Jamison took classes at Georgetown University. In addition to that, he also went to the University of Miami. The irony is that just like Robert Barnett, the murderer pursued a law degree but failed to pass the bar test.

The Serial Squatter Jamison Bachman's Net Worth

Jamison Bachman's professional life and net worth are not revealed. Although he had a law degree, he never passed the bar test. So, he never worked as a lawyer.

Even though Bachman did not disclose his net worth, one can say that he was not financially well. He was a serial squatter and did not pay the rent.

Did You Know Bachman Murdered The Brother Who Bailed Him?

Bachman is a serial squatter who does not hesitate to show acts of violence if things do not go his way. He even killed his brother Harry with whom he grew up together.

Jamison had been to jail many times for his behavior. Moreover, It was his brother Harry who had bailed him out before his murder. Although his brother Harry stood like a supportive brother, Jamison didn't see Harry's love towards him.

On the day of the murder, Harry was going to meet his wife Caroline and had messaged her that he was coming. However, Jamison showed up at his Elkin Park house.

Harry messaged his wife about his brother's arrival:

you know who just showed up

Later, Jamison's brother texted that he was going to meet her. However, it worried Caroline when her husband did not arrive. She asked the authorities to check her safety of Harry.

The police found plenty of drops of blood. Moreover, blood marks were left behind while dragging on their Elkins Park house. Harry's dead body was found in the basement inside the locker.

The Police Caught Bachman Seven Miles Away From The Crime Scene

After murdering his brother, Jamison fled away in Caroline's car. He also took an American Express card with him. He rented a room in the hotel, which was located seven miles away from the crime scene.

The hotel charge message was displayed on Harry's iPhone 7. It revealed the location of the serial Squatter. Also, it was at Fairfield Inn and Suites in Philadelphia, Wil.

Upon reaching the spot, the Detective found Caroline's red Ford in the parking lot. The Montgomery County SWAT arrested Bachman in a hotel room listed under Harry Bachman's name.

Reasons Why Jamison Was The Worst Roommate Ever

Jamison was dubbed the worst roommate ever for a cause. It was because he was a serial Squatter. Who occupies others' rooms, spaces, and places breaking laws. 

Bachman used to threaten his roommates using his legal knowledge. He had an unusual habit of clogging the toilet with Cat litter. Moreover, the serial Squatter would refuse to pay the rent.

Alex Miller - Victim of Jamison Bachman

Bachman used a fake name, Jed Creek, to respond to Alex Miller's Craigslist ad for a room for rent in Philadelphia. He quickly moved in and claimed to be a lawyer.

The serial killer Jamison soon began to show strange and threatening behavior. He sneaked into Miller's personal space and failed to pay his share of the bills. 

Alex Miller, Victim of the serial squatter Jamison Bachman.
Alex Miller, Victim of the serial Squatter Jamison Bachman. Source: YouTube TheRighshoe

When Miller confronted Bachman, he threatened legal action and attacked her with a knife. Miller sought a restraining order against Bachman, but she still believed his name was Jed Creek.

Miller's mother investigated the situation and discovered the shocking fact. She found Bachman's real name and a history of similar behavior with other victims.

Some Other Victims Of Bachman 

Miller was not the only victim of Bachman. She was one of the many people he had assaulted. Arleen Hairbaedian and Sonia Acevedo also fall on the list of his victims. 

Jamison even drove one of Sonia's friends away with his antics. Sonia had to work extra to cover the mortgage that Bachman refused to pay.

Where Is Jamison Bachman Now?

According to Radio Times, Jamison is not alive now and is dead. He took his own life by hanging in the cell of Montgomery County prison. On the other hand, did Jamison attain suicide? Well, the prison cell and guards around there were quite strict. So, there's no chance that he was killed.

Bachman was charged with first and third-degree murder. Furthermore, he was guilty of violence and assault against Alex Miller, Arleen Hairbaedian, Sonia Acevedo, and others.

However, the serial Squatter Bachman never stood in court for his crime. In addition to that, he committed suicide on December 8, 2017.

Netflix Series - Worst Roommate Ever

Inspired by the life of Jamison, Netflix has made a TV Series showing his assaults and misdeeds of him. The series was released in March 2022.

The Worst Roommate Ever is based on the real-life event of Bachman and was viewed all across the globe. The documentary series also raised awareness for selecting a roommate wisely.

Jamison Witnessed Murder When He Was Young

The turning point for Bachman was when he witnessed the murder of his fraternity brother. He was a college student in Tulane when he caught his friend Ken Gutzeit decapitated.

Bachman had a bright future in his early days. Also, he looked to be intelligent, good-looking, and charming. However, this particular incident changed his behavior forever. He became the man that would later kill his brother.

Physical Appearance of the Serial Squatter

As revealed earlier, Jamison Bachman is no longer. However, let's discover how he was physically strong. Bachamn has to be alert as he used to reside illegally. Despite being a criminal, he was attractive by appearance.

Bachman was 5 feet and 9 inches tall with 75kg weight. His body measurement is not yet been revealed but he ad brown color of eyes with black hair. Lastly, the criminal died at 52.


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