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Sun Apr 26 2020
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Jan Tarrant, an American acting coach, is one of the highlighted personalities. She has also come to mainframe after she dated Award-winning actor Al Pacino

Raised in Louisiana, Jan has worked under American director and theatre practitioner Lee Strasberg. Most of the time, she spends writing and hosting workshops and classes for newcomers in the industry. So let's know better about Al Pacino's ex-girlfriend Jan. 

Jan Tarrant is never Married 

American acting coach, Jan, is currently at her end of the 50s. And impressively, she has still left to exchange her wedding vows. Many sources have claimed that she has been in a relationship with numerous men. 

However, as of now, she is currently enjoying life as a single mom. Maybe lots of break up and misunderstanding in the past have led her to hate to date men. 

Failed Relationship with the Actor, Al Pacino 

It is a matter of the fact that Jan has been in a relationship with numerous of the person in her life. But one of the most highlighted relationships was with the great Al Pacino. 

Legendary Al pacino
Image: Jan Tarrant's former partner, Al Pacino on the frame 
Source: My age calculator

Pacino is an American actor and filmmaker who has received every award in the industry. At some point in New York City, she unexpectedly met Pacino. 

And started dating him and later moved together back in 1988. However, the sweet and innocent relationship lasted for less than two years, and they finally split. 

Mother of Al Pacino's Daughter, Julie Marie

In 1989, Jan and Al welcomed their daughter, Julie Marie, which led the whole world to amazed about their relationship. They both raised her in New York City, where they first met one another. 

Al Pacino eldest daughter with Jan Tarrant
Image: Al Pacino with her daughter, Julie Marie at the award show 
Source: Pinterest

Surprisingly, Jan still resides there and is working on her stuff. Currently, Julie is thirty years old and is living her dream. 

She has followed her parent's footsteps and is pursuing a career in Hollywood. As of now, she is a film and stage, and a producer.

Jan Ex-Boyfriend, Al Pacino is also never Married 

Like, Jan, Al Pacino is also never married in his lifetime till today. Although he is better known for dating many High profile ladies in the past. Diane Keaton, Marthe Keller, Lyndall Hobbs, Tuesday Weld, and Kathleen Quinlan are some of the names. 

Al Pacino and Beverly D' Angelo daughetr, Olivia Rose
Image: Al Pacino taking a walk with his daughter, Olivia Rose 
Source: Daily Mail Uk

Similarly, he had over ten years of relationship with Argentine actress Lucila Polak from 2008, which ended up in 2018. 

Furthermore, he also has twins, a daughter Olivia Rose and son Anton James who was born on 25th January 2001. With eight years-long relationships with actress Beverly D'Angelo.


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