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Relationship Timeline Of jarnette olsen

Ex-husband : David Olsen
Janette Olsen married David Olsen and divorced in 1996.

Jarnette Olsen is a ballet dancer hailing from California who is well-known as the mother of Elizabeth Olsen, the Scarlet Witch actor. She also gave birth to the famous Olsen twins, Marr-Kate Olsen and Ashely Olsen.

The celebrity mother, Jarnette, goes by other names, such as Johnette Olsen & Larnie J Olsen. She has a long history in the entertainment industry. It was she who showed the right path to her daughters to make their careers in this field.

What Is Jarnette Net Worth?

Many sources estimate the net worth of Jarnette Olsen to be $100 thousand. To support that, she earned that amount while working as a professional ballet dancer. Besides that, she has not revealed her other source of income.  

Jarnette Olsen carrying her two daughters
Jarnette Olsen carrying her two daughters.
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However, her child, the Olsen twins, reportedly have a combined net worth of a massive $550 million. Considering that they own a luxury brand and a massive company, it kind of makes sense. 

On the other hand, Jarnette's third daughter, Elizabeth Olsen, has a reported net worth of $11 million. She is doing quite well for herself as well.

She Is A Los Angeles Native

Standing at the height of 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm), Jarnette Olsen was born in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, California, on February 22, 1954. She spent her childhood in Toluca Lake with her parents. 

Regarding her family, she was born to her father, Daniel Dejarnett Jones, and mother, Mary Rose Jones. Her father used to work as a high school teacher, whereas he mother was an accountant. 

In addition, Rose Marie Sisto and Daniel De Jarnette Jones are her grandparents.  Unfortunately, they both passed away in the 20th century. 

Relationship Status: Who Is Her Husband?

Jarnette Olsen, popular among the people as a celebrity mother, once stayed in a married relationship with David Olsen. Her ex-husband is an actor and stuntman. They tied the knot on August 6th, 1977, in a private ceremony where they exchanged their vows in the presence of family members & close friends. 

Sources suggest that they dated for quite a while before deciding to get married. Being a private person, any nitty details on marriage were never made public. Since marriage, they have birthed four lovely children.

Jarnette Divorced David After 18 Years Of Long Marriage 

The ex-couple Jarnette and David Olsen got divorced after being together for more than eighteen years in 1996. The exact reason for the divorce is still a mystery since neither side has revealed it in any media. 

Jarnette Olsen and David Olsen along with all of their children
Jarnette Olsen and David Olsen, along with all of their children.
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The divorce happened when Mary-Kate and Ashley were still young. It deeply affected the twins because their parents were fighting with each other in a custody battle. However, they were mature for their age and understood things as the divorce happened.

Jarnette's Ex-Husband Remarried After Divorce

After divorcing his wife in 1996, David Olsen remarried McKenzie Olsen in the same year. She worked as a secretary for David before marrying him.

The Olsen twins had mixed feeling about their father's second marriage. As per Fanpop, one of the friends of the parents stated:

"That's horrible for the children. Mary Kate was always a daddy's girl and ashley, the shyer one, was a mama's girl. But the kids are a mess now. The bond between them that was so strong is being threatened."

Reports suggest that Mary-Kate attended David's second marriage, while Ashley skipped the marriage.

About Jarnette's Twins Daughter 

Jarnette Olsen gave birth to the Olsen twins on June 13, 1986, in Los Angeles. By profession, Mary-Kate and Ashely Fuller are both fashion designers and former actresses. The duo debuted in 1987 through Full House, an ABC sitcom, where they played the role of Michelle Tanner. At that time, they were just six months old. 

Jarnette Olsen's twin daughter Mary-Kate Olen and Ashely Olsen
Jarnette Olsen's twin daughter Mary-Kate Olen and Ashely Olsen.
(Image Source: Enstarz)

Since then, they have played in various series and movies. However, Ashley quit acting in 2004, while Mary-Kate continued acting until 2012.

The Twins Started Dualstar

The Olsen twins Ashely & Mary-Kate started the massive Dualstar Entertainment Group in 1993. With the revenue from the company, they became one of the wealthiest women at a young age.

The company partnered with Acclaim Entertainment & DIC Entertainment to establish Dualstar Interactive line and Dualstar Animation in 1999. Similarly, the company has established eight subsidiaries.

They Also Started A Luxury Fashion Brand

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashely Olsen established a luxury fashion brand, The Row, in 2006, similar to Nicole Tuck, who owns ABU apparel. It was initially just a personal project that Ashely started in 2005, but over time, it established itself as luxury wear. The Cut, a bi-monthly New Zealand Magazine, estimated that the brand had over $100 million per year in sales.

The brand has also won numerous awards for its fashion and designs. The awards that it has won include 'Womenswear Designer of the Year,' Innovator of the Year, and 'Fashion and Accessories Designer of the Year.'

They also created a brand website where one can buy clothing and accessories. Since it's a luxury brand, most of its products are highly priced.

Jarnette's Youngest Child Is An Award Winning Actress

Jarnette Olsen's youngest child, Elizabeth Chase Olsen, or simply Elizabeth Olden, was born on February 16, 1989, in California. She became an atheist when she was thirteen, believing:

"Religion should be about community and having a place to go in prayer, not something that should determine women's freedoms."

Elizabeth debuted in film in 2011 in Martha Marcy May Marlene, a thriller-drama movie. Her role in the film did give her recognition, but it was only after starring as Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron that she gained worldwide fame.

Jarnette Olsen's youngest child, Elizabeth Olsen
Jarnette Olsen's youngest child, Elizabeth Olsen. 
(Image Source: Yahoo)

Since her debut, she has won several awards and has been nominated for 'BAFTA Award' and the Critics Choice Movie Award. Her winning awards include Most Promising Performer, Best Actress In A Leading Role, and Holly Rising Star Award.

Who Is Her Jarnette's Son? 

While everyone knows that Jarnette is the mother of three famous daughters, not everyone knows that she also has a son. He is also the oldest child in the family and the only son of Jarnette. He is Trent Olsen, born on May 6, 1984, in Los Angeles.

Just like his sisters, Trent is also involved in the entertainment industry. He has starred in Mary-Kate & Ashley's Sleepover Party, Old School, Comedy Corner, and Stalker, but he didn't play any major role in any of them.


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