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International Dog Trainer (1983)
Tue Feb 28 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of jas leverette

Wife : Nouhaila Leverette
jas leverette married to Nouhaila Leverette on 2017.

Jas Leverette is a well renowned international dog trainer as well as the founder of Cali K9. Cali K9 is an organization that provides training to dogs and courses for good behaviors. Further, Leverette also provides courses to people on how to train and control their dogs.

Leverette was born on 26th October 1983 in New York. His real name is Jasalah Rabanne Leverette. Leverette has a height of 6 feet (182 cm) and weighs 80 lbs (176 lbs). He has black hair and black eyes.

Who is Leverette?

Leverette is an American citizen who is currently based in Los Angeles. He is a dog trainer by profession. He is currently very popular all over Netflix.

Additionally, Leverette is a television personality too. He is seen in the TV shows like Canine Intervention, TMZ, and SacTown Underground.

Where Did Jas Graduate from?

Rabanne completed his high school education at Oakland High School. Later, he graduated from Sierra Academy of Aeronautics.

Jas used to participate in various recreational activities like football, wrestling, and other athletics. 

Leverette's Wife

Rabanne is a married man. He wedded Nouhaila Leverette in July 2017. Soon, they went on a honeymoon in the Maldives. 

Ja Leverette in a navy blue t-shirt with his wife in a blue hooks.
Photo of Jas Leverette with his wife (Source: celebsindepth.com)

Leverette's wife graduated in esthetics from the International College of Cosmetology. 

Leverette's Career as a Dog Trainer

Jas began training and communicating with his dogs and horses at a very tender age. In his childhood, he used to analyze their body language and try to understand their messages. As he turned adult, he made his childhood memories his profession.

Leverette began teaching people how to train their own dogs and control their awful behaviors. 

Who Are Jas's Parents? 

The professional dog coach has not revealed his father's name and profession yet and very least information is known about his family. However, his mother's name is Kat Khadija Leverette.

Leverette was raised by his parents in Oakland. He loves his parents greatly and often visits them.

Leverette's Siblings

Leverette has not shared any information about his siblings. His family details are somehow less exposed to the public.

Besides, his wife is the sister of two: Salah El Houbbaoui and Eline. Sadly, Houbbaoui passed away but the cause of his death has not been revealed.

Jas's Training Methods

Leverette's canine training methods include six different strategies to inculcate good manners in a dog. These are Obedience, Socialization, Agility, Behavior Management, and Problem-Solving.

His courses go step by step helping dogs to adapt to his teachings and finally reach the best in every step.

Net Worth of Jas Leverette

Leverette is paid well by his training career. He has a net worth of $400,000, like Ally Lotti. It is reported that his per hour charge for training a dog is $12.71.

Additionally, his wealth includes the income from his social media platforms.

Leverette's Children

The Leverette couple has a son born on 15th Feb 2020. His name is Jasir Leverette. Jas also has a newly born daughter.

Jasir Leverette in a red check shirt and blue jeans walking with a dog.
Photo of Jasir Leverette (Source: Instagram@calik9)

He loves his children a lot and even shares their photos on his Instagram account.

Breeds of Jas's Pet Dogs 

It is always hard to stay away from what you love and work with. This rule is inevitable for Jas too. Being a dog trainer, it is normal for him to have dogs at home.

Leverette has three dogs. One is a Belgian Malinois, next is a Bully, and another is a Dutch Shepherd.

Jas Leverette on Social Media

Leverette is followed by more than 243k adherents on his Instagram profile. He has nearly 400 posts and is following approximately 300 people. 

Moreover, he has an IMDb profile with a brief biography and film credits.


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