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Tue May 30 2023
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There are many notable personalities in the journalism trade, and Jasmin Pettaway is one. She is an Emmy Winning journalist, casting producer, and former script coordinator.

In addition to Journalism works, Pettaway is an entrepreneur who founded Lemon-Love. It is a digital women's lifestyle brand that focuses on vulnerable and purposeful content.

Is Jasmin Pettaway Single Or Shares A Married Life With Someone? 

Jasmin Pettaway is not in a relationship but instead in a marriage. Additionally, Pettaway married David Solano in the last part of the 2010s. David and his wife have been together for over half a decade. 

Pettaway and Solano dated for a few years before their engagement. Jaashmin shared her engagement news through her social media handle in 2017. 

The wedding picture of Jasmin Pettaway and David Solano
The wedding picture of Jasmin Pettaway and David Solano. (Source: newsunzip) 

Jasmin and David completed their marriage after one year of engagement. They had their wedding ceremony among close friends and family members on May 26, 2019.

Pettaway dawned a sleeveless white gown while David looked dashing in a black tuxedo. After getting married, they lived a marital life void of conflicts or misunderstandings. 

Do Jasmin Pettaway And David Solano Share Kids? 

The loving duo Jasmin Pettaway And David Solano haven't experienced parenthood yet. Jasmin and her husband keep the news about having kids behind closed doors. 

Jasmin Pettaway posted a picture of herself on her Twitter in 2014.
Jasmin Pettaway posted a picture of herself on her Twitter in 2014. (Source: Twitter)

Jasmin and David may have been busy with their professional life. They may haven't planned on having kids. As of now, Jasmin and her husband remain focused on their professional careers for now. 

As per the question about children, Jasmin hasn't shared anything about kids on her social platform. She likes to keep some of her details away from public and online sites.

A Look At The Net Worth Of Pettaway

Jasmin Pettaway has been able to amass an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, just like Clara Lukasiak. She has generated this wealth through her career in journalism and other works. 

Pettaway founded Lemon-Love earns an admirable sum from there. In Lemon-Love, they promote and sell various beauty products and other items for women. 

Jasmine Pettaway has an approximate net worth of $1.5 million.
Jasmine Pettaway has an approximate net worth of $1.5 million. (Source: Facebook)

As of 2023, Jasmine serves as a casting producer for ITV America. While searching through, a casting producer makes $65 thousand or over it yearly based on their experience. 

According to newsunzip, Jasmin owns a real estate property in New Orleans. Also, Pettaway bought a luxurious car but has revealed details about it. 

The Relationship Between Jasmine Pettaway And T.J Holmes

Jasmin Pettaway had a sexual relationship with T.J. Holmes in 2015. And the kicker, Holmes was still married at the time! T.J. is an American journalist and national tv personality who worked with ABC News, HLN, and CNN. 

In 2015, Jasmin was new to the television world and looked for a mentor. She approached many people, but T.J. was the only person to respond, yet he blatantly misused his position.

The relationship between them soon turned sexual from platonic. It was reported that Holmes was a predator who took full advantage of his position and was reckless.

Also, Pettaway claimed she felt uncomfortable and used after the two became intimate. Holmes has also been accused of several extramarital affairs with ABC News employees.

The Social Media Presence Of Jasmin

Jasmin Pettaway is an active social media platform user. She loves to interact with people through the use of these platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

Pettaway does indeed use Instagram, but more so for her brand Lemon-Love. Jasmin was more active on her Facebook platform, giving a peek into her personal life. But the young entrepreneur deactivated most of her personal social media accounts.

Additionally, you can find her Twitter handle with the username @jasmin_arieee. Like most of her other social media accounts, it remains dormant for over a year. 

Know About Jasmin's Husband 

David Solano is professionally an architect and businessman. He is a private person who seeks to avoid the spotlight and keeps a low-key profile away from the media reach. 

Solano is not seen on social networking sites like his wife, Jasmin. As such, David's life remains speculation! His private life stays untouched by any form of media.

A Glimpse Into Jasmin's Family 

Jasmin Pettaway was born to her parents on January 6, 1991, under the zodiac sign Capricorn. She spent most of her childhood days in Cleveland, Ohio, America. 

Jasmin Pettaway's husband, David Solano, with his father and mother. (Source: newsunzip)

Pettaway hasn't shared the name of her parents. Likewise, no media sites have placed the information on her parent's professional and personal life. 

On the other hand, Pettaway's father-in-law is Louis Solano, while her mother-in-law is Sue Carroll Solano. Jasmin respects her parent's privacy by keeping details under wrap for now. 

Jasmin's Professional Life: An Overview

Jasmin first started her professional career at WOUB Public Media. She later joined Interview, Inc being an intern. But she left shortly after serving for almost a half year time. 

Furthermore, Jasmin transitioned to co-host working in AVW Productions for the show Straight Up. She worked there for only one year, from 2012 to 2013.

Jasmin Pettaway with the handbag from her brand Lemon-Love. (
Jasmin Pettaway with the handbag from her brand Lemon-Love. (Source: Gh Links)

Moving forward, the lady served as a Segment producer for Good Morning America for ABC News in 2014. Seeing her work, she was promoted to Script Coordinator but worked there till 2016. 

After leaving ABC News, Jasmine worked for WEWS-TV but left to join ITV America. She is currently working there in the position of casting producer.

Jasmin's Educational Qualifications

Jasmin Pettaway comes from a commendable educational background. Pettaway completed her primary education at the local school in Clevland, Ohio. 

Jasmin attended Lake Catholic High School finishing primary schooling. After high school graduation, she later joined Ohio University for a bachelor's degree. 

Pettaway completed her bachelor's degree majoring in English, from Ohio University. However, there is no information available regarding her further academic qualifications. 

A Brief On Pettaway's Company  Lemon -Love 

Lemon-Love is founded by Jasmin and is a multimedia lifestyle brand. It strives to provide purposeful content, inspirational interviews, and thoughtful products focusing on women. 

Jasmin Pettaway is the founder of the company Lemon Love.
Jasmin Pettaway is the founder of the company Lemon Love. (Source: WikiBioStars)

Here, you can pick up content relating to living, relationships, beauty, and many other topics. Also, people can search for products that are beneficial for them. 

Women can consume so much helpful content which is intended for them. Jasmin has created this space for women to provide access to knowledge, practices, and resources for a happy and fulfilled life. 

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